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Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System

- - - - - Aurora Industries Primo Victorian Targeting and Tracking Tech

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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  • Intent: To develop a next-generation shipboard combat system
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: TAT Tri-Tracker
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Primo Victorian, Closed-Market
  • Model: Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System
  • Modularity: While the individual systems cannot be modified, the weapons and sensors they are attached to can be different
  • ProductionMinor-production

  • Material: Circuitry, Data Processors, Virtual Intelligences, Crystal


  • Virtual Intelligences, similar to those found within certain holocrons like the Noetikons
  • Advanced data processors, designed by Anomid scientists


  • Making use of a ship's sensors suite, the MATT will greatly increase the efficiency of a vessel's weapons by analyzing and extrapolating enemy forces that enter those sensors ranges, making calculations in fifty milliseconds
  • If certain key orders are given by a ship's commander, the MATT can control all defensive emplacements such as flak guns, point defense laser, and such on a ship
  • Using her knowledge of holocrons and datacrons, the Lady of Secrets and the Anomid scientists under her developed a specialized crystal matrix to act as a data core for the virtual intelligences of the system


  • The MATT is heavily reliant on a ship's sensors, and if those get knocked offline, they can only guess what an enemy will do, greatly reducing their efficiency until sensors are restored
  • The crystal matrix that acts as the heart of the system, if damaged, will immediately kill the system and it will be unusable until a new one is installed
  • The MATT is vulnerable to EMPs, requiring several long minutes to reboot and recalculate if taken offline


The Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System, known by Aurora engineers as MATTs, began when Fiolette Raaf mentioned to Taeli a system that had been prevalent on First Order ships when she served in their navy. Not having access to one for study, but going off what Fiolette said it had done, Taeli tasked several of the Anomids that worked in her company the task of designing something similar to the system. They began their work by studying the old Tri-Tracker system, making notes on what could be improved from it.


While droid brains had been the original thinking of her scientists for the analyzing components, Taeli decided that those were simply not good enough. She visited the scientists and gave them information on the creation of holocrons and datacrons, requesting they create something much like the virtual intelligences that one could find in certain types of those rare artifacts. Using crystal provided by the Lady of Secrets, and brain and personality scans from veterans of the Sith military, the Aurora engineers created several virtual intelligences for the new system. These new intelligences, unlike artificial intelligences, could not grow or learn beyond their specific programmed routes. They were designed solely to compute, analyze, and otherwise increase the efficiency of starships equipped with them for combat purposes.


The new system relies heavily on a ship's existing sensors, with the MATT system using that data input and filtering it to the weapon systems. Gunners are granted access to optimal firing solutions in milliseconds, with the system even able to automatically fire defensive weaponry if the ship's commander gives the order. 



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