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The Cerulean Navy

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The Cerulean Navy





  • Organization Name: Imperial Cerulean Navy
  • Classification: Military
  • Loyalties: Azure Imperium
  • Description: The Azure Imperium's primary space force.


  • Headquarters: Zernia
  • Realm: Azure Imperium and surrounding territory.


Hierarchy: The Cerulean Navy operates with a tiered ranking system that successfully integrates the old legionary ranking system with a more modern, conventional one. The old ranks have since been reclassified as tiers. Each tier for the most part has their own pay grade, accommodations, and unique uniforms, with variation then depending on rank. The lowest rank of a tier still outranks the highest rank of a lower tier. The ranks are as follows:

  • Praefecti: The Praefecti are the supreme naval command of the Cerulean Navy. Praefecti are unique in that they are not trained, but rather selected from the most distinguished senior Procuratores.
    • Grand High Admiral: The Grand High Admiral is the supreme commander of the entire Cerulean Navy.
    • High Admiral: High Admirals make up naval command. Each High Admiral is in charge of an Imperial Sector's fleets.
  • Procuratores: Procuratores are the commanders of various-sized groups of ships, and are trained in giving orders to formations and fleets alike.
    • Admiral: Admirals command entire fleets.
    • Vice Admiral: Vice Admirals are second-in-command to the Admiral, and command the front section of a fleet.
    • Rear Admiral: Rear Admirals are third-in-command to the Admiral and Vice Admiral, and command the rear section of a fleet.
    • Commodore: Commodores are the lowest of the Procuratores, and usually only command task forces as assigned by an admiral.
  • Trierarchs: Trierachs are senior ship officers, and usually command the day-to-day functions of an individual ship. It is not uncommon for senior and distinguished Celustae to be promoted to Treiarch.
    • Captain: Captains are usually the supreme commander of a ship.
    • Commander: Commanders function as the Captain's second-in-command and oversee all ship staff.
    • Lieutenant Commander:Lieutenant Commanders are subordinates of the Commander, and govern various sections of a ship, sometimes taking command of smaller vessels.
  • Celeustae: The Celustae are typically the junior officers, and handle the grunt work of running ships.
    • Lieutenant: Lieutenants are senior officers who oversee specific ship functions as subordinates to a Lieutenant Commander. If a Lieutenant Commander controls the ship's weapons, Lieutenants control the various weapon groups.
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade: Lieutenant Junior Grades are secondary commanders and subordinates of the Lieutenants.
    • Ensign: Ensigns are the most junior of officers, who oversee and command the Remiges. If Lieutenants command weapon groups, Ensigns oversee the individual guns.
  • Remiges: Remiges are the rank-and-file crewmen of the navy, the most common of soldiers. Remiges are often generalists who gradually develop into specialists in whatever task they are assigned.

Membership: The Cerulean Navy recruits much like the Imperial Legions do. Recruits are assigned a tier depending on a general assessment of their skill (non-citizens are usually automatically marked as Remiges) and given basic training before being put out in the field as the lowest rank of their tier. The general belief is that the battlefield is the best mentor, and so training continues well into service, with senior officers mentoring junior ones.

Climate: The climate of the Cerulean Navy is notably lax, almost scandalously so. A general feeling of leisure and informality extends throughout the entire organization. This general casual atmosphere is widely considered to have come from the Navy's origins as an auxiliary force to the Imperial Legions, and Grand High Admiral Drakon's leadership has only encouraged a more loose and open culture. At the same time though, the Navy is incredibly disciplined: for all their laid-back social conventions, Cerulean Sailors are widely considered to be tough as nails, willing to see any fight through to the bitter and bloody end.

Doctrines: The fundamental doctrine of the Cerulean Navy is "peace through superior firepower". Every single ship is loaded with powerful lasers, missiles, bombs, and even plasma weaponry. They also possess considerable shield and armor strength, so they can last long enough to fire off a few extra rounds if needed. All of this generally comes at the expense of speed: Cerulean ships are not particularly fast, and will usually be better off tanking blows than evading them.



For the majority of its existence, the Cerulean Navy was originally just an extension of the Imperial Legions, simply being support for the Legio Astro, the spaceborne legions. The vessels themselves were primarily troop transports and escort frigates for the Imperial logistic ships, fending off pirate raids on Imperial ships. As the size of the fleet expanded and the pirate menace became stronger, the firepower of the Legio Astro increased. As the logistical and administrative demands increased, eventually the Cerulean Navy was founded.

For the majority of its existence, the Cerulean Navy's firepower was still comparatively limited due to resource concerns. The heaviest ship was labeled an "Assault Cruiser" and, while considerably powerful for a ship of its weight class, still lacked the firepower needed to stand up to a Star Destroyer. Yet the limited size and space was more than sufficient in terms of countering the pirate threat, and so the upper echelons of the Imperial military saw no need to improve upon it. Any additional firepower could be brought in via mercenaries and privateers.

This all came to a head with Cyrus Drakon's return to the navy. Initially, Drakon was a middling Procurator. But his brilliant leadership, especially with the defeat and integration of the Crimson Tear pirate band, cemented his role as Praefectus Classis. And with that rise to power came a massive push for modernization. While some of Drakon's reforms and innovations were acceptable, like introducing actual Star Destroyers and greater integration of plasma weaponry, his announced plan to re-write the ranking system was deemed unacceptable. There was a great deal of strife and debate, and ultimately a grand conference was called, with the Emperor himself agreeing to serve as arbitrator. Ultimately, a compromise was reached, and Drakon, now preferring to call himself Grand High Admiral, began to implement his reforms.

Presently, the modernized Navy stands ready and on guard, prepared to do whatever is necessary in the greater will of the Empire.

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