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Ruislip-type Short Range Velocity Cannon

- - - - - Aurora Industries Primo Victorian SRVC

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  • Intent:  To create a short range anti-air weapon.

  • Image Source: Martin Lawrence Agleron // Artstation (x)

  • Canon Link:  N/A

  • Primary Source: Sianium, Oerlikon 20mm,


  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian (x)

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian, Aurora Industries | Closed-Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Model: VVC SRHV “Ruislip”

  • Modularity: Can be placed in various turret types.

  • Production: Minor.

  • Material:

    • Duraplast Reinforced Thermal Liner

    • Durasteel Reinforced Alusteel

    • Quadanium Steel (Where Appropriate)

    • Agrinum, Dallorian Alloy (Critical Areas)


  • Classification: Hypervelocity Cannon

  • Size: Very Large

  • Weight: Heavy

  • Ammunition Type:

    • 20mm Depleted-Baradium Casing, Plasma Filling [Default]

    • 20mm Depleted-Baradium Casing, Incendiary Filling

    • 20mm Depleted-Baradium Casing, High Explosive Filling

    • 20mm Depleted-Baradium Casing, Electromagnetic Filling

    • 20mm Depleted-Baradium Solid Slugs

  • Ammunition Capacity: Effectively Unlimited

  • Reload Speed: Fast - Very Fast

  • Effective Range: Close - Standard

  • Rate of Fire: Average - High

  • Stopping Power: High - Very High

  • Recoil: Average - High


  • A short range velocity cannon designed to take on starfighters, combat shuttles and the like.

  • A quad cannon design with turreted mountings that can be placed in a variety of turret settings.

  • Makes use of sianium power generators from Aurora Industries.

  • Comes with a variety of ammunition to aid with mission specific objectives.

  • Can only hold one type of ammunition, ammunition types must be chosen prior to mission launch. Cannot change between ammunition types in the middle of an engagement.

  • Includes heuristic data processing allowing for improved tracking and targeting systems over time. Increases overall gun crew effectiveness, giving them data from each previous engagement to learn from.

  • Includes range sensors, targeting systems and tracking suite includes an automated target lead program. An automated reload mechanism with internal reload sensors and ammunition scanner, and an internal temperature check.

  • Firing sessions run in either three to five, five to seven, or seven to nine bursts. Cooldowns are five to seven, seven to nine, and nine to eleven seconds between firing sessions.

  • Fast track mounting and fire link capable, 270-degree firing radius with a 90-degree firing arc.

  • Range, rate of fire, reload speed, recoil and stopping power are dependent on the type of shell being fired.

    • Plasma fillings maintain a high rate of fire, with a very high stopping power, with an average recoil and is most effective at standard range. This also applies to solid slug rounds as well.

    • High explosive will have an average rate of fire, with a high stopping power, high recoil, and a fast reload time working in close range. This is the same for incendiary rounds as well.

    • Electromagnetic work at standard range, with a high stopping power, average recoil and an average rate of fire while maintaining a fast reload rate.


  • Range: While most hypervelocity cannons are in the long range game, the Ruislip works at standard and close range. Taking aim at starfighters, combat shuttles and the like as they attempt to make a run on the capital ship/base/station.

  • Ammunition:  Comes with a variety of ammunition types to help complete mission specific objectives.

  • Sianium: Utilizes sianium power generators to maintain a high stopping power.


  • Sianium: Prone to broken crystal and overheating issues that are typical for the power generator. Overheating, broken crystals and/or misfires may be caused by the following.

  • Vulnerabilities: Ion/EMP and other kinetic weapons may have an easier time taking down the Ruislip. Getting hit by those may cause the cannon to misfire, or overheat any of which may have catastrophic results.

  • Firing Pattern/Arc: A predictive firing pattern and noticeable arc may tempt pilots to make a strafing run. Allowing them to get close enough to hit the Ruislip.


Developed in line with the revamped Mogh and the Thunderbolt, the Ruislip was designed to hit in standard and close range. Automated lock-on and target lead systems enable gun crews to be more effective in the field. Like the Mogh, the Ruislip is able to utilize a variety of ammunition types designed specifically for it. Range, recoil, rate of fire, reload speed and stopping power depend on the type of ammunition loaded. Ammunition cannot be changed in the middle of a battle, so once a type is loaded in - it remains until the battle has ended.

The Ruislip utilizes a sianium power generator to maintain a high stopping power, although prone to overheating issues and possibly a broken crystal. Fast track mounting and fire link capable, the cannon is able fire in a 270-degree radius with a 90-degree firing arc. It also maintains a firing pattern, firing in bursts along with a cooldown in between firing sessions. This firing pattern may become noticeable to opposing pilots who then may decide to take the risk and go in during cooldown periods.

Vulnerable to other kinetic, and electromagnetic/ion weaponry which may cause overheating and misfires, which in turn could lead to fatal results.

The short range velocity cannon includes a number of automated features to aid gun crews in the field. These features include internal temperature checks, tracking and targeting systems along with an ammunition scanner. Heuristic data processing is also included to help train gun crews and assist them in becoming more effective against their opponents.



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