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Bryn'adûl | The Paleopteran Husks

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Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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The Paleopteran Husks


​[Source: Lana by Milan Nikolic - Arstation]





  • Intent: To create a catalyst/host species for the parasite species known as the Extant.
  • ​Image Credit: X
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links:

​- The Extant

- The Bryn'adûl



  • Name: The Paleopteran's

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Edemar

  • Language: N/A

  • Average Lifespan: Thirty Weeks

  • Estimated Population: Planetary

  • Description:


  • Breathes: Type I

  • Average height of adults: 2.7

  • Average length of adults:

  • Skin color: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Burgundy, White,

  • Hair color: N/A

  • Distinctions: The Paleopteran's are a sub-sentient clone race of genetically engineered near-humanoid ​creatures that have high calcium bone like flesh with thick leathery flesh that often resembles muscle tissue. They have stark and vibrant colours in their skin or often dull coloured skin.

  • Races:


​- Proto-Mascas: The Mascas, are the basic masculine humanoid variants of the

Paleopterans, standing roughly at 2.4 to 2.6 metres in height, they are naturally broad shouldered

with more prominent muscle tissue throughout their bodies and larger but more curbed and blunt

edged bone like placements throughout their skin. They have a wider frame, and duller colours on

their skin.


​- Proto-Frelis: The Frelis are the opposite of the Mascas, being the baseline feminine variant of the

Paleopterans. having more lithe and small frames standing around 2.1 to 2.7 metres in height typically.

​The Frelis have more pronounced and angular or spike-like bone growths, but still retain very similarly

conservatively tightly wound musculature throughout their bodies. They have narrower frames and more

​stronger bones, allowing for increased flexibility. The Frelis are also distinctly fewer in number.


  • Strengths:


​- Sturdy Frame: The Paleopteran's have naturally forming armour made of bone, however this armour's

​sporadic placement over the body leaves the other parts more vulnerable.

​- Expansive: The Paleopteran's have a heavily varied body type, which means that to know one is not to

know all.

​- Large Numbers: The Paleopterans, as a clone race are very large in number. This is due to the fact that

their creation serves the purpose of a collection of cattle for use by a parasite that uses a sentient as a host.

​- Education: All Paleopterans are given a standard level of education hard-wired into their minds through several months of intensive study and a crash course of Galactic history.


  • Weaknesses:

​- Atrophy: The Paleopteran's are kept like cattle, waiting in induced catatonic states to be utilized by the Extant.

- Dependent: In their current state, the Paleopterans are highly dependent on the Bryn'adûl for food and housing. This in turn makes them subservient and would likely go extinct in their currently enslaved existence.



  • Diet: Basic food, meat, vegetables, water

  • Communication: ​Verbal

  • Technology level: Primitive

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: The Paleopterans general behaviour is catatonic, vegetable-like. They are herded into blue-hued dull dome shaped rooms and put into small cylinders like pods, fed through soft food and fluids being fed through the pipe.​

The Paleopterans are only ever removed from this stasis artificially to have daily basic education through audio and visuals being delivered directly to their senses through a virtual reality simulation. Otherwise they are kept in this state until being removed for use.




​The Paleopterans are aesthetically insect-like humanoid with similar anatomy to standard humans. When the Bryn'adûl and Extant met, their views of the world strangely aligned. Allies were incredibly rare for either side, and thus to avoid their own extinction at the hands of the Bryn'adûl - the Extant aligned with the Bryn'adûl and allowed their moderation of progression. Thusly, in turn of their assistance; the Bryn'adûl began with the creation of an ideal host species - built to the specifications of the Hive themselves.


The first member of the species, was a female known as Mithrual. This was gifted to the first Hive they made contact with, from that point on the being that came from that gift - was known as Mother and closely worked with the Bryn'adûl Chieftain himself to create the species to their precise specifications.

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Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Tathra Khaeus


Interesting concept and I don't see an issue with balance here. One thing that I need you to tweak for me.




Homeworld: Edemar


Please hyperlink to the planet here.


Tag me once this is done and I will take another look.



Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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  • 6,183 posts

Jairus Starvald


Linked Edemar


Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


  • Character
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  • 2,873 posts

Tathra Khaeus


Looks more than fine now. Interested to see what you guys do with these spoopy stuff.