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Revenge-type, Star Destroyer

- - - - - The Sith Empire Primo Victorian Star Destroyer

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  • Intent: To create a variant of the Revanche-class, Star Destroyer for the Sith Empire.

  • Image Source: Jayson Duria // Artstation (x)

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Revanche-class, Star Destroyer


  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian (x)

  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Primo Victorian | Closed-Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Model: VSD R3K “Revenge”

  • Material:

    • Ablative Quandium Reinforced Durasteel Plating

    • AR-0B Damage Reduction Plating (over core/critical areas, primary)

    • Tunqstoid Blast Doors, Lamnium Coating

    • Alusteel/Quadanium Double-Layered Hull, Duraplast Reinforced Thermal Liner

    • Glasteel Viewports w/ Turadium Blast Shutters

    • Trilamnium, Agrinum, Dallorian Alloy (Where appropriate, over critical areas, secondary)


  • Classification: Star Destroyer - Escort

  • Length: 1703m

  • Width: 917m

  • Height: 501m

  • Armament: Moderate

    • 36x Rotary Point Defense Cannons [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 24x Anti-Missile Octets [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 12x Ovmar Defensive Missile Systems [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 16x Storis Hypervelocity Cannons [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 16x Nagata Plasma Hypervelocity Cannons [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 24x Scutum Flak Cannons [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 32x Mogh II Hypervelocity Cannons [Fast Track Mounting; Fire-Linked]

    • 8x Modular Warhead Launchers [Fixed, Starboard/Port]

      • Cluster Missiles

      • Proton Torpedoes

      • Concussion Missiles

      • Ion Torpedoes

      • Flechette Missiles

      • Plasma Torpedoes

      • Nano Missiles

  • Defenses: Moderate

  • Hangar: None [Misc. Non-Combat Shuttles]

  • Maneuverability Rating: High

  • Speed Rating: High

  • Hyperdrive Class: Fast - 1


  • Navigational Suite

  • Sensor Suite

  • Multi-Directional Long Range Sensor Suite

  • Communication Suite

  • Tactical, Computer Analysis Suite

  • Defensive Suite

  • Tractor / Pressor Beam

  • Life Support

  • Damage Control Systems

  • Electronic Countermeasure Systems

  • Targeting Systems

  • Flight Control and Hangar Response Systems

  • Munitions Control Systems, Anti-Sympathetic Detonation Mechanisms.


Advanced Weapon Systems:

  • Storis, a hypervelocity cannon made for standard range with the option of ionizing its ammunition. Utilizes seventy-six millimeter depleted-baradium rounds to fire, sutter fire capable. Is unable to hit at close range, and is prone to overheating issues.  

  • Nagata, a plasma hypervelocity cannon made for either long or standard range that delivers eighty-eight millimeter depleted-baradium shells, either with a tibanna gas filling or without as well as an option for solid slugs. Nagata is also stutter fire mode capable, while subject to rail degradation with vulnerabilities to ion/emp weapons.

  • Scutum, utilizing a very high rate of fire, compensated by recoil dampeners this flak cannon is able to produce a great amount of firepower. Designed for starfighters and missiles, the Scutum is unable to take out anything larger.

  • Mogh II, a second generation hypervelocity cannon is able to fire a variety of forty millimeter shells utilizing depleted-baradium. Much like many of the weapons aboard the Revenge, it is also subject to ion/emp vulnerabilities and suffers from the sianium power generator overheating issues.

Advanced Defensive Systems:

  • Brel, a light shield that allows the firing of kinetic weaponry at the expense of energy weapons. Energy weapons have an easier time penetrating/bleeding through the shield.

  • Ovmar, a defensive missile system that works best at long range. It can fire a variety of missiles but is loaded by default with nano missiles. Utilizes an automated reload mechanism, and comes equipped with a multi-target targeting and tracking system. May fall vulnerable to overheating, blowbacks and misfires along with degradation.

  • Reduction Plating, utilizes a damage reduction plating as a secondary defense against incoming damage. Primary defense being the trilamnium hull coating that helps keep the ship resistant to typical incoming turbolaser fire.

Advanced Targeting Systems:

  • Maelstrom, makes use of the ship’s sensor systems to increase weapon and possibly defensive armament systems. Uses a type of crystal as its data core, vulnerable to ion weaponry.


  • Kinetic: Exclusively makes use of kinetic weaponry, although at least one gun can ionize its ammunition - those without adequate defenses may find it difficult to escape the Revenge’s wrath.

  • Sensors: In combination with speed uses sensor and tactical jammers to keep enemies blind if they get too close.

  • Speed: Unlike typical star destroyers of her size the Revenge has a high speed and maneuverability rating.


  • Kinetic: Because it makes use of kinetic weaponry exclusively, the Revenge may find itself unable to fight properly when faced against opponents who have proper kinetic defenses.

  • Shield: Due to firing kinetic weaponry, lowers the particle field to fire - raises the Brel light particle to help, but the Brel does allow more energy weapons to bleed through to the hull.

  • Vulnerabilities: Ion and EMP weapons are still problematic for the weapon systems, as well as the advanced targeting and tracking system.


A sister ship to the Revanche, the Revenge was built on the same hull design. While she is a little longer than her sister, the Revenge bears a higher maneuverability and armament rating. Sacrificing any scout or fighter squadrons she may have had. Weapons on  the Revenge are exclusively kinetic, however; the Storis has the option of ionizing its ammunition. While the Nagata delivers plasma via hypervelocity rounds, so when faced against opponents without adequate protection the Revenge will take full advantage. On the other hand, those with proper kinetic defenses will have an easier go against the Revenge.

Built with Aurora Industries’ newest system, the Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking system. The Revenge’s weapon accuracy and penetrate rates are that much more effective. Especially considering her flak cannon systems which are made to make a battlefield even more hazardous for fighter pilots.  

Because she uses kinetic weaponry exclusively the Revenge was built with a few sensor jammers to help blind enemy sensors when/if they get too close. This allows her the option of escaping before too many people realize that she’s gone.

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