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BCC BC-11 Comlink

- - - - - BCC Resistance

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Intent: To create a neat Communicator

Image Source: Not Applicable

Canon Link: Comlink | Oggzil | Villip

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: Bothawui Communications Conglomerate | The Resistance

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: BioCommunicator-11

Modularity: Yes

  • Aesthetics

Production: Minor


  • Villip Cerebral Tissue
  • Comlink Components


  • Villip Based Communication: The BC-11 works like the reverse of an Oggzil, using technology based input translated into the cerebral tissue of a villip based biot which then transmits the information to its siblings telepathically. The Sibling units can then translate the telepathic communication back to appear as a standard comlink or holocomm unit.


  • Telepathic Communion: BC-11 Comlinks work off Villip based telepathic connections with one another, allowing them to communicate.


  • Paired: Normally BC-11’s made in the same pod, usually enough for a team or squadron, are able to cross communicate. Other BC-11 models aren’t able to communicate with other pods.


Primed with the desire for Spynet Operatives to communicate without emitting comm signals, and unimpressed with the delay of the Ghostwave system, the Bothan Combined Clans commissioned its own Bothan Communications Conglomerate to produce an untraceable, uninterruptible communication system. The BCC set about research and development into several technologies, including Quantum Entanglement which proved far too costly. With limited access to Yuuzhan Vong Technology, provided by Spynet, the BCC developed a BioComm system.


The BioCommunicator-11 is the eleventh variation of the BioComm system first dreamt of by the BCC, using information on an outdated First Order system and a more faithful way of producing Villip tissue. The BC-11 is effectively the reverse of the ancient Oggzil used by the Yuuzhan Vong to avoid using machinery to communicate with the Peace Brigade or the citizens of the Galaxy during their invasion. Instead of translating Villip signals into holocom transmissions, the BC-11 does the reverse, using villip telepathic transmissions that are translated by the end points into standard communication systems like Comlinks and Holocomms.


By taking Villip cerebral tissue from the same pod, and merging it with technology derived from electroencephaloscan machines and basic commlink components for input, the device can be spoken into, use text messages, send pictures, raw data, or holograms the same as any other comlink of holocom system. This input is then translated into the Villip cerebral tissue in order to stimulate the telepathic communion with the other sibling villips of the group. With a few refined process, the BC-11 is able to send transmissions to any number of its sibling units, even just one can be the recipient of a message without messaging the entire group. This has several benefits as the telepathic communication used by the tissue is untraceable, even by Force-Sensitives as the messages aren’t broadcasted by the Force, nor is it known to be able to be jammed or intercepted without possessing one of the dedicated end points.


Unfortunately, the BC-11 is not capable of mass communication. It can’t message outside of its sibling units, which means that if two people have BC-11’s from different batches they won’t be able to communicate with one another which means keeping up with the paired units is imperative or they will be rendered useless.


BCC usually produces them in batches of thirteen, squadron plus central command, but can make as few as two and as many as fifty, though only does so upon request from contractor. As each batch is purpose made, there are no replacement units. New units must be purchased in a new batch.


For Sensor purposes, the BCC paired with Spynet once more in order to make the object appear as nothing more than a simple comlink to scanning equipment, sheathing the additional technology and biological materials in sensor-proofed materials which are able to fool scanning equipment and sensors into accepting the device as a simple Comlink.

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Under Review.



Adron Malvern

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