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Tsuriai: Nagamaki of the White Queen

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Kimiko Taiyo

Kimiko Taiyo

    Empress of Akarui

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Intent: Kimiko's Lightsaber

Image Source: X

Canon Link: Lightsaber / Long-handled Lightsaber

Primary Source: N/A



Manufacturer/Affiliation: Kimiko

Model: Tsuriai

Modularity: None

Production: Unique


  • Standard lightsaber components
  • Custom Cortosis weave hilt
  • Personal crystal



Classification: Lightsaber

Size: Large

Weight: Light

Overall Length: 167.64

  • Hilt: 76.2 cm
  • Blade: 91.44 cm



  • Viridian Color Crystal
  • Cortosis weave hilt
  • Unique length of hilt allowing more grip options and increased flexibility in combat


  • Typical lightsaber advantages (i.e. cutting power, blaster deflection, etc.)
  • Cortosis weave hilt, allowing the hilt to survive light to moderate amounts of lightsaber strikes


  • Typical lightsaber weaknesses (i.e. not usable underwater, short out against saber resistant materials, etc.)
  • Bigger hilt means a bigger target, and even though built with a Cortosis weave, will still be able to be cut with sustained damage
  • Lack of skill with the unique size, practice in effectively utilizing this weapon is a daily occurrence




After countless hours of research and attempting to find inspiration and ideas, Kimiko saw potential in her people’s traditional long-handled swords. She exhaustingly searched for enough materials to construct a resilient and ornate hilt, along with a new crystal, and, with lots of help, her new saber was forged. The blade glows a brilliant viridian green and is matched with a green-hued Cortosis weave in the hilt.


The interesting design allows Kimiko more room to move her hands during combat, and to practice varying techniques for its use. This extended hilt also allows her to use it in a signature ‘spearing’ move with one hand thrusting the entire weapon at once. Though this move can catch opponents off-guard, it can also leave the weapon and her vulnerable to counter-attack.

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