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Hercules class Assault Frigate

- - - - - Ship Creation

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Richard Von

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Intent: To create an Assault Frigate for the Uiscephlean Alliance.
Image Source: N/A
Canon Link: N/A
Manufacturer: DCC Industries
Model: Pi-9
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel hull, Durasteel Armor plates, Deflector shields and emitters, and starship parts
Classification: Assault
Length: 300 Meters
Width: 55 Meters
Height: 75 Meters
Armament: High
Defenses: Moderate
Hangar:  Average
Maneuverability Rating:  Very Low
Speed Rating: Low
Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow
18 Turbo laser cannons
20 SW-5 Ion Cannons
4 Ion Engines
Deflector shields
Deflector Emitters
MG2 Warhead launcher
8 Advanced concussion missiles
A squadron of Demon class Superiority Fighter
* This Frigate has a high amount of firepower onboard for a Frigate of its size making it very formidable in ship on ship combat.
The deflector shields and deflector emitters are also very solid allowing the ship to tank some damage before her systems go out and she gets destroyed.
The ships long design makes it very difficult to turn or maneuver this requires the ship to make long wide turns.
The ship is very vulnerable to attack from behind because it cannot shoot or target anything behind itself.
This ship was designed to be a large Assault Frigate capable of dishing out a lot of damage but also being able to tank and withstand it. It also had a squadron of fighters onboard that could be launched to help screen enemy fighters or deal damage to enemy ships. The ship is very slow and heavy, the maneuverability is even worst it cannot outrun enemy ships it either takes them down or it will die trying. It also has some physical design flaws, not the middle of the ship the hull is heavily armored and shielded, but it is vulnerable to damage from behind it has no way to target ships behind itself.

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