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MC60/B Defiance-type Cruiser

- - - - - Mon Calamari Shipyards Resistance

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Intent: A Ship-of-the-Line for the Resistance

Image Source: [x]

Canon Link: Assault Frigate Mark II

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards | The Resistance

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: MC60/B

Modularity: Yes

  • Aesthetics

Production: Minor



Classification: Cruiser | Ship-of-the-Line

Length: 500 Meters

Width: 435 Meters

Height: 250 Meters

Armament: Average

[Moderate Full Power to Weapons]

Defenses: High

[Very High Full Power to Shields]

  • Military Deflector Shields
  • Charged Armor Plating
  • Flares

Hangar: Very Low

  • Docking Bays for Drop Ships, Light Freighters, Shuttles, and Transports

Minimum Crew: 645

Optimum Crew: 1,890

Passenger Capacity: 250

Cargo Capacity: 5,000 Metric Tons

Consumables: 1 Year

Maneuverability Rating: Average

Speed Rating: Average

[Moderate Full Power to Engines]

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Backup Hyperdrive Class: 8.0



The MC60/B Cruiser contains standard features and technology comparable to other cruisers and battleships in the modern era. Its computers, sensors, and other systems are of similar codes and specifications, with comparable analogs of other ships from other galactic governments.



  • Charged Armor Plating: Like the MC120 Resolute, the Defiance-Type features a charged armor plating coursing around the ship, which absorbs roughly half the energy that strikes the hull, dispersing it in a manner that reduces the damage done to the vessel. It has the benefit of not overloading or fail like conventional ones, consistently providing a defensive measure to the vessel.
  • Power Converter


  • Durability: The MC60/B combines the durability provided by its deflector shields with its charged armor plating, a honeycomb like hull design to reduce damage spread, and a resilient turadium frame.
  • Power Converter: The new models now include Power Converters and a small reserve Power Generator, which allows them to boost one of their combat systems in battle, or assist with a rapid startup sequence.


  • Hangarless: The MC60/B has no complement of starfighters carried within it, having been purpose built as a toughen battleship of the line.
  • Unassigned Energy: In combat, the reserve power must be assigned by the crew or droid or it is not utilized or directed. This means when ambushed by enemy craft, the vessel is not able to perform at its full potential for a time.
  • One System at a Time: The corvette’s power converter can only direct its reserve power to a single combat system at a time, taking several moments to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect it, and begin the flow of energy to the next system.


The MC60/B Defiance-type Cruiser, manufactured by Mon Calamari Shipyards, has been designed as a work horse derived from the Mark II Assault Frigates cobbled together by the ancient Rebel Alliance. Rather than built from pieces of damaged or impounded Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruisers the Defiance was purpose built as a Ship-of-the-Line for naval service, with only slightly modifiable interior configurations.


Like its predecessor, the MC60/B is built around a central bulbous body with two smaller modules to either side, four rear fins protruding from the engine housings, and a ventral tower containing non-essential personnel and systems. The majority of its weaponry is placed in turrets along a ridge within the central body and modules, and along the ventral ridge to the spire. Contrary to most vessels, the MC60/B has a ventral bridge, nestled at the base of the spire. Offensively, the MC60/B matches its predecessor with fifteen turbolaser batteries fifteen heavy turbolaser cannons, and fifteen laser cannons which can pull double duty as powerful point defense weapons or light capital ship weapons. ACS Witch Fire CIWS and Ra Missile Turrets operate as dedicated point defense weapons, situated to provide overlapping fields of fire around the entire vessel.


The armor of the Defiance is heavy, constructed around a honeycomb hull configuration. The hull, consisting of damage reduction armor and energy charged hull plating is designed to reduce the force of turbolasers, ion cannons, and kinetic strikes to the hull, pulsing with energy to redirect a portion of the strike away from the hull granting the vessel its remarkable resilience. This defensive matrix is layered beneath military grade deflector shields as is found on most vessels.


MC60/B has been fitted with a Power Converter which it uses to modulate the flow of energy from its primary reactor to amplify its combat systems. Using this system it is able to boost either its weapons, shields, or engines while in combat. It takes the system a few short moments to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect the powerflow, and re-enable the system once more, but provides the vessel with much more versatility than it would otherwise possess.

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