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A Summit of Governments

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Premier William Harris I

Premier William Harris I

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Harris walked up and grabbed Kalic Daws shoulder.


Kalic stopped wablling. Harris grabbed his shoulder and pulled out a small canister. He lifted it and placed it into Kalic's hand.


"Inside is a pair Ysalamir. They should dull your connection to the force, blinding you, but reducing the impact of all the force users on you."


Harris pulled the canister away slowly and attached it to a string before lowering it onto his neck. He grabbed him and lead him towards the stairs.


"Now friend, this way. We have someone important to meet."

Harris, still leading Kalic, began to walk up a large staircase followed by a squad of guards. The group finally passed through the massive doorway into the main hall. Harris looked down and seen a woman down the coridor and adjusted his cloak. 


"Well then, lets not keep our new friend waiting."


Harris discretely smiled as he began to walk up to the woman.


"Hello, I'm William Harris, And you are?"


Alexandra Feanor



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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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(just a filler post for now)


Power had been transferred to the engines of the Ablution as it headed at full speed through the system - it was minutes away from exiting hyperspace at the fringe of Alderaan's gravity well. Vanessa's presence, while manifested into the illusion she currently used as her direct eyes and ears, was still prominent everywhere within the area, with the exception of the distance around Yasha Cadera's bubble of anti-Force. She knew what was currently going on and intended to appropriately respond to it.


Less effort was focused on interacting with John Locke, but her form still remained intact, intending to converse with him. Once the Ablution jumped in range, it would begin utilizing all sensors to search for whatever transport it was that Ayra would attempt to use to leave the area, whether cloaked or uncloaked. All the while Vanessa tried to recall what equipment remained at the disposal of Ella Nova ...



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Voph was stopped just shy of carving through the Sith's torso by the shockwave of energy. But his own barrier was nothing to scoff at, and it merely halted his advance. He allowed himself a moment of quiet, then sprinted forward and lept off the ledge after the fleeing Sith. His comlink chirped twice as he fell, lightsaber still fully active. He smiled quietly. The cavalry was here. The Aquila-class ship had eyes on everything. And the moment the larger vessel had been set in motion on a direct course for the temple, the Aquila had sounded the alarm. Within moments, the battlegroup had arrived. Two Demon-class Destroyers, and two Covenant-class Carriers, taking positions over the planet to block the Sith's escape. In unison, the Carriers unleashed their payload. 


Four squadrons of Octarch Fighters and four squadrons of Mynock Interceptors streamed from each carrier, all now screaming towards the planet's surface, hellbent on obliterating the attacking force. The Aquila was calling targets, and the Annihilator was priority number one. Voph smiled to himself as he felt the familiar presence of his old friend lingering on the edge of the system, before appearing overhead. The Arbitration. His flagship took a position between the carriers and destroyers, arming guns and preparing to unleash its own payload of fighters. But Ella Nova would be able to worry about that soon enough. For the time being she had more pressing concerns...


As the two fell towards the ground, Voph pulled a pair of objects from his belt, and hurled them with all his might. They flew past Ella Nova, and impacted the ground moments before she would. Grenades. The Flashbang detonated first, in an attempt to disorient the Sithling, then the Frag grenade. Voph, meanwhile, hurled a stream of lightning directly at Ella Nova. Her barrier was weakening. It wouldn't be long before it was breached...

Josh Dragonsflame

Josh Dragonsflame

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Ella Nova would turn to glare at him when she seemed to realize who was fooling with the schmantics of the battle, and the Master of the Order couldn't help but shoot 'ol Sithy a big, cheeky, goofy grin as he looked her dead in the eyes. He knew he'd pissed her off. And he reveled in that fact.


The big man's feet kept firmly planted on the ground, though his concentration wavered for a moment to keep his footing. But it wasn't long before his Battle Meditation was back on board. Josh had been expecting an attack like that to try and deal with a large group of people around her, though he hadn't expected her to somehow be able to cause that damage to Vulps' kid in the process. But it was the ships that caused things to truly go to hell in a handbasket. After what she did, he wanted to tear Nova in half. But he kept his calm, kept his cool... With so many boiling over heads right now, someone here had to keep theirs and ensure that matters went smoothly. Josh was a warrior, a combatant, it was true... But there were so many bodies throwing themselves at Ayra that Josh would only risk hurting allies if he struck head on with so many people there.


He also wanted to keep Battle Meditation up to it's full potential. Actively attacking full force meant his focus would weaken. He was better suited right now to keeping it up and waiting for his opportunity...


As the ships attacked though, Josh had already pulled out a comlink around the same time Vulpesen would signal for Riamah to call for the Dark Hand. The truth was that anything with "Republic" on the name was going to trigger the paranoid anxiety of the former Republic Jedi Grandmaster. He was not coming to a "Republic Summit" without a platoon of Rangers waiting on the Maekrix, and any Jedi that wished to be in the vicinity for backup in case things went wrong... As they usually did when it came to pretty much any new Republic that reared it's ugly head.


"All Rangers, begin mitigating any damage from the ships and escorting civilians. If anyone lands from them, take them out. You will feel the effects of Battle Meditation shortly... It should aid you. May the Force be with you all."


But Josh wasn't content to just call in help and keep up the support end... Oh no, at his core, he was a fighter. And even if he knew what needed to be done, and knew where his focus needed to be... He was intent on striking at Ayra in some way, even if small.


Another grin, one of unrestrained mischief, would begin to crawl across his face as Josh would hold out a hand, waiting for the right moment... Fire would begin to dance in his hands as he watched the battle. 


And with that, he began to launch small fireballs at Ayra. Nothing that took too much energy, or too much focus... He wasn't aiming to damage her.


... He was aiming to set her hair on fire.




Kalic Daws

Kalic Daws

    I'll show you what a blind pilot can do!

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Kalic stood by Harris, with Tuulu helping the blinded Miraluka keep from hitting anything. When Harris gave him the canister, moaning a bit. "Harris. Those sap suckers'll only blind me more." He could hear Harris talk to someone, but before he had time to ask what was going on, he heard something else. Something he was way too familiar with. A starship crashing. He could also hear the roar of engines. They sounded Nabooian to him. The pilot tried to look at everyone nearby, and quickly asked "Why does it sound like a ship just crashed into us?" Tuula just looked up at Kalic.


"That's because one just did. We may need to move." Kalic nodded, quickly tapping his comm.


"Jee, can you see anything?" The pilot then heard his droid whistle over the comms. The pilots jaw practically dropped. "Wait? Did you just say a Star Destroy sized vessel!? Poodoo! Can the temple hold up against that kind of debris impacting it?"


(Tuulu used with Yasha's permission.)


Premier William Harris I Alexandra Feanor Yasha Cadera

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Harley Fenstermacher

Harley Fenstermacher

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"Sociopth... that is an understatement, but I will see you again My Blue, you can count on it". Was his reply noticed? probably not but he always made good on a promise. Somthing was fishy about those 'three' who had entered, the way they acted, talked moved, even more so with how this 'merchant man seemed to be a good fighter. As an Echani Harley could note hi movements, it was of a trained individual, one used to combat, but it wasn't you average self defense. No his style was much different, such only raising more question to an already bizarre night.


As this got more hectic Harley just continued to watch the mess from the side lines, the man smile going away slowly, replaced with a blank glare, himself slowly backing away from the current events playing out in front of him. Was he wary of theproblem in front? no not really, though it did serve as a nice distraction, long enough for him to slowly slip away and out of site, merging with the shadows and making way to a more secluded area. Once away from prying eyes. He would let the trained Jedi and other take care of this mess, on the other hand he needed to make a few phone calls, while there was one big problem right in front of them Harley had a sneaking feeling there was a just as deadly one working they way under the scene.


(Harley had more or less left the thread at this point, lest someone have reason to talk with him)