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Lawyer Suit

- - - - - Armor Vera

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Vera Mina

Vera Mina

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Intent: To make Vera's primary form of protection while in her civilian guise.

Image Source:https://www.google.c...e-pictures/amp/

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: http://starwars.wiki...rative_underlay




Manufacturer: Castle Morpheus R&D Lab

Affiliation: Vera Mina

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Leather, specialized electronics, ballistic fiber, armorweave, vong materials, special chemicals


Classification: Multipurpose protective civilian wear

Weight: Light


- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Low

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: None

- Ion: Extreme

-Sonic: High

-Microwave: Extreme

Vibro: None

Blunt: None


Anti-Vong: None


Prototype Bio-Restorative Underlay geared towards rapidly repairing damaged biot tissue than that of standard organics.

Prototype energy shield geared to defending against Ion, Sonic, and Microwaves.

Chemicals installed in suit layers release upon exposure to Vera's "blood", making it look red instead of white

Ballistic fibers and armorweave provide brief protection from blasters and bullets.


The Masquerade: In the event Vera is shot or stabbed in the midsection, special chemicals in the suit release in the damaged area, making Vera's white blood appear red, helping to maintain her human cover.

Microwave Safe: The suit provides the highest protection possible against some of the things to which Vera is uniquely vulnerable, Such as Ion, Sonic, and most importantly, Microwaves, reducing even the most severe directed exposure from hand held microwave weapons in strength that it will only cause momentary glitches in her masquer sheath and programming, while weak, unshielded microwaves from other sources will be eliminated in strength entirely. Ion attacks will also only cause momentary glitches, but nothing more severe than that. Even sonic attacks are heavily reduced in strength.

Headturner: Vera was deliberately crafted as a beauty no matter her guise, to get past others defenses mentally speaking. Her primary form is greatly aided in this task by a dress that "accentuates" her voluptuous features, and may make it slightly easier for her to persuade both men and women while wearing it.

Minor conventional protection: The armorweave and ballistic fibers provide minor protection, stopping pistol strength rounds for blasters, and average rifle rounds of intermediate caliber for slugthrowers.

Discrete aid: The prototype underlay it has been equipped with is for repairing biot tissue, and is capable of repairing severe tissue damage and broken bones within fifteen minutes, including burns and cuts and piercing attacks.


Not for fighting: The dress is for protection from the unexpected, not war, and if Vera finds herself in a fight while wearing this, something has already gone terribly wrong as its not meant to stand up to more than one or two conventional attacks, and even its unconventional protections will fail after three to four solid hits.

Masquerade breaker: Its ability to fool people into helping her believe she is human only goes so far, if suffering damage on any part other than what the dress covers, Vera will still bleed white, giving away her inhuman nature.

Still vulnerable to Vong tech: Its protype underlay uses certain time released vong mutagens to treat her, making it just as vulnerable to anti-vong measures such as baffer pollen as she is. If exposed, the underlay would shut down and be rendered useless as long as it remained on the dress.


A smart looking suit for a gorgeous, blood sucking lawyer, this outfit was created as her primary form of wear and the one she does business in the most. Provided with multiple protections against the types of energy discharge Vera is threatened the most by, keeping her safe and letting her able to work in a more extended fashion, while letting her be more persuasive (Particularly to men) without worry that an errant microwave source or ion exposure will give it all away.

Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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