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Iora Rua

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Iora Rua




(Credit to Matthew Bruce's amazing artwork on Deviant Art)



NAME: Iora Rua
FACTION: Galactic Empire


RANK: Fleet Admiral




AGE: Unrecorded, estimated 45 - 65


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6'2"


WEIGHT: 170 lbs


EYES: Dark brown contacts, Colour-Changing natural colours (Depending on mood)


HAIR: Dyed Dark Brown, Ginger by heritage (Hence the name 'Iora Rua', 'Red Squirrel' in Irish, a rare but smart squirrel species almost made extinct by the Grey Squirrel population)


SKIN: Tanned Caucasian


FORCE SENSITIVE: Not force sensitive




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :









High Ego





Iora has a prominent and pointed nose, this then draws attention to his slitted eyes which dart across a room, seemingly scanning it, the eyebrows seem to have their own consciences, moving depending on mood and how dangerous or weak he suspects someone is. Iora's cheeks are rather sunken, however there seems to be some scarring, suspecting that this was a deliberate procedure to look menacing (and to look similar of that to Grand Moff Tarkin). Iora's cheeks are prominent and jaw is rigid and well-defined.


Iora chooses to dress uniquely to other High-Ranking Naval personnel, he does so under permission granted by Emperor Palpatine himself and often stands out at all meeting or photos with other members of the Admiralty. This uniform is based off naval uniforms of Admirals on his home planet. He designed and created it himself using templates of Irish and British Navy Admiral uniforms. Deconstruction of the uniform by cleaning crew revealed a metal skeleton inside, seemingly to improve posture or aid in walking. The uniform itself is a dark black with red hems on the lapels, epaulets and beside the buttons. The buttons are gold-plated brass, the belt is a cotton-kevlar mix with a 90% gold buckle, pressed with the Imperial logo. The three medals above his breast pocket are those of the Irish military awards and are unknown, these were the only controversial pieces of the uniform to the Emperor who understood the lack of significance of his these medals. Theepaulets are permanently blank to conform with the Emperor's requirements and the Code cylinders are embedded in a hidden pocket on the collar. The Officer's Disk is similar to that of a human Admiral, not being cylindrical but bulging at the top with a brass Imperial Pin embedded. The uniform also comes with white silk gloves. His trousers are unique to him and his uniform, not bulging or sagging, but remaining perfectly cylindrical with prominent creasing at the front and back. His shoes are black-leather steel-toed Low Quarter shoes, used by the Irish Military which are polished to 90% reflection. They have cedar heels with metal implants to produce a unique and interesting click as he marches throughout a ship, bridge or any other area. When in uniform, Iora never opens his coat but instead activates some hidden cooling system, in frigid climates, Iora places on the overcoat photographed above and dons thicker, black-leather gloves.


Iora has a toned and generally attractive body structure, similar to that of a swimmer. The uniform aids in drawing eyes to the shoulders, waist and the straightness of his back. When he is exercising (Normally laps of the ship or in a training room) he is usually shirtless in a modified version of his uniform trousers which are more baggy and loose than normal with civilian activity footwear


Iora Rua was born in Galway, Ireland, to Aoife and RuraĆ­ O'Moore. He was born with the name Iarla O'Moore but nicknamed Iora Rua by his school peers and his parents for his hair colour and intelligence.

At the age of 15, Iora's parents were murdered by Imperial Stormtroopers during a routine protest against the regime. He was taken into Imperial education programmes and noted highly for his intelligence and ability at planning and plotting. At 23, he joined the Imperial Navy and was regularly commended and promoted for his skill in naval warfare, seeming to know where and how the attacking fleet was heading to or arriving from.

Iora Rua has refused releasing more details about his life after 25, where it is suspected he suffered his first loss of a battle.


Iora Rua owns a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000. It is modified to be 65 meters in length, travel 1,000km/h in atmosphere, using three Ion engines and two hyperdrives, one as the main, Class 4.0 and the redundancy as 2.8. The shield classification remains the same at 36 SBD with an improved hull of 36 RU. The ship has an advanced Navigation computer allowing the ship to fly completely automatically if required but could hold the standard crew of One Pilot and One Co-Pilot. 2 small Single-Barrel Turbolasers adorn the center top and bottom of the ship allowing complete 360 degree coverage. The extra 15 meters to the ship is used for hydroponics to allow the yacht to be fully self sufficient. The yacht has only three living quarters for Iora and his visitors and four compact bunks for crew.


Iora's kill count is in the upper thousands.


Iora has not completed any bounties.




None at the present moment.

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