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SI-3 Longsword Interceptor

- - - - - Starbound Industries Starfighter Interceptor Fighter/Bomber Starship

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  • Classification: Interceptor
  • Length: 11 Meters
  • Width: 9 Meters
  • Height: 3 Meters
  • Armament: Average
    • Laser Cannons
    • Ion Cannons
    • Concussion Missile Launcher
    • Proton Torpedo Launcer
  • Defenses: Average
    • Dampner Aerosol Chaff
    • Anti-Ordinance Chaff
    • Deflector Shields
    • Light Armor Plating
  • Squadron Count Low: 8 
  • Maneuverability Rating High
  • Speed RatingHigh
  • Hyperdrive ClassNone


  • Standard Starship Safety Features
    • Life Support
    • Aural Sensors
    • Inertial Dampner
    • Ejector Seat
  • Combat Computer
  • Targeting Systems
  • Com Systems/Military Coms
  • Various Other Standard Starfighter Systems


  • Modularity: Aftermarket Hyperdrive
  • Collapsible 


  • Agile: As fast and maneuverable as most interceptors, the Longsword blured the lines between fighter/bomber and interceptor.
  • Collapsible: While the Longsword lacked S-Foils, the starfighter could collapse its wings and retract its engine housing to tightly pack into the same amount of space as two swoops or a skycar and could fit into the cargo bay of most light freighters.
  • Canopy View: With a nearly full bubble canopy, the Longsword had greater pilot visibility than most starfighters.


  • No Hyperdrive: The SI-3 Longsword was unable to jump to hyperspace and was required to be carried in hangars. 
  • No Astromech: Without an astromech or any way to modify the fighter to accept an astromech, the SI-3 Longsword lacked all the versatility that came with having an astromech co-pilot such as: lightin flight repair, advanced auto-pilot, and advanced systems control.

Description: The SI-3 Longsword fighter was a starfighter developed by Starbound Industries built to directly compete with the T-90 X-Wing starfighter in its use within the Corellian military. After poaching Quarth engineers from Coronet Hypernautics, Starbound utilized the engineers' talents and trade secrets, resulting in months of litigation and marring the development cycle with lawsuits and controversy. These setbacks couldn't take away from the impressive performance the vessel provided however. After the New Republic aided in the liberation of Corellia from a rogue Sith Imperial blockade, the fighter would be rolled out as part of Corellia's New Class Modernization Act, offering an adequate replacement to the unimpressive CH-5 Needler, a ship that was already being phased out after only one year of service. The starfighter would go on to be praised by CorSec and Corellian Defense Force pilots for its responsive controls and comfortable, familiar internal layout when compared to the Needler's small, cramped cockpit. 


At a length of 11 meters it was smaller than its competitor and highly maneuverable both in space and atmosphere. Its small profile made it difficult to hit in dogfights and its larger than usual canopy allowed for pilots to have a better understanding of their surroundings in flight. A pair of wingtip mounted laser cannons provided the necessary firepower for the bulk of the fighter's combat duties, however for heavily armored or ray-shielded targets the Longsword also had one concussion missile launcher and one proton torpedo launcher nestled beneath the cockpit. Twin nose mounted ion cannons also allowed the fighter to function in a law enforcement role. While its weapons lacked the versatility of the T-90, the weapons it did carry were more than sufficient for combat duty and made it a less expensive option than the T-90. 


Unlike many starfighters in use throughout the Galaxy, the SI-3 Longsword lacked a hyperdrive of any sort as standard. Though the fighter could be easily modified with aftermarket hyperdrives, the lack of an astromech socket and lacked any compatibility with aftermarket astromech socket modification which meant that a pilot would have to input all hyperspace routes manually, greatly increasing the time needed to plot any given jump. 


Painted in the aggressive black and orange of the CDF, the Longsword would see wide use alongside the T-90 X-Wing within the CDF. While the starfighter couldn't be launched before a fleet battle and jump to hyperspace with a fleet, they served well in small squadrons and flight groups as dogfighters and heavy interceptors. 



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