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S-13 'Grabacr'

- - - - - Unique fighter

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Kurayami Bloodborn

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Intent:Bring an Old Republic design to modern times

Image Source: http://dulfy.net/wp-...ing-scout-3.jpg

Canon Link: http://starwars.wiki...wiki/S-13_Sting

Primary Source: http://starwars.wiki...wiki/S-13_Sting


Manufacturer: Kurayami Bloodborn

Affiliation: Kurayami Bloodborn

Model: S-13 "Grabacr"

Production: Unique

Material: Crystadurium/neutronium reinforced duraplast hull(thin layer of phrik plating over top)


Classification: Unique Starfighter

Length: 12 meters

Width: 4.5 meters

Height: 3 meters(at tips of wings)

Armament: High
2 Quad laser cannnons
4 advanced homing cluster missile launchers(6 tubes per launcher)
2 Gyrhil 72x twin autoblasters
2 modular bays in the wings( each can mount weapons equal to 2 laser cannons)

Defenses: Low

Squadron Count: None: 1

Maneuverability Rating: Extreme

Speed Rating: Extreme

Hyperdrive Class: Very low: x4

-Standard Hyperdrive
-Standard Life Support Systems
- LpM-549 Navigational Systems
-Repulsorlift Engines
- ANs-9e Sensor Array
-T-S9a Targeting Systems
-Can Enter Atmosphere and Land

-360 degree sensor systems
-Advanced starfighter weaponry: Quad laser cannons, Advanced homing cluster missiles, 2 twin autoblasters, 2 modular bays
-Encrypted comms array
-Encrypted holonet transceiver
-Customized St2x Targeting Computer with experimental laser targeting system
-Customized P-sz9.7 twin ion engines and P-w702 ion maneuvering jets(2)
-4x Phantom short range sensor jammer

+Extreme speed and maeuverability
+Heavy hitting payload
+Fully enclosed cockpit
+Active full spectrum sensor jammer

-Very slow hyperdrive for its class
-Limited warhead count
-No shielding
-Pilot is flying blind if visual sensors are knocked offline
-No chaff/flares
-Modular bays cannot mount any sort of defensive measures

The S-13 'Grabacr' was inspired by the ancient S-13 'Sting' scout fighters of the Old Republic era Galactic Empire. It was redesigned with speed, maneuverability, and quick strike capability in mind. Due to it's rather heavy payload it presents a serious threat to fighters that decide to take on what at first glance seems a small and unassuming target. The craft has been modified to incorporate the latest in targeting and avionics systems allowing for complex aerial maneuvers to be utilized while still maintaining targeting information on multiple targets at once, as well as tracking other objects of interest. The small size means it can get into areas other fighters would struggle in and coupled with the speed and maneuverability this makes it a rather hard target to hit, even for experienced pilots.
The speed and maneuverability do not come without downsides though. Controlling the fighter is a rather demanding job in and of itself, and any mistakes can be costly. As well the cockpit is fully enclosed, sensor data being projected onto a panoramic 360 degreee display within, leading to the issue that if the sensors are scrambled for any length of time, the pilot is blind. Needless to say that is a rather dangerous situation for the pilot to be in. Two modular bays in the wings complement the already impressive armament present on the fighter, but are unable to be utilized for any sort of defensive countermeasures. The paint scheme is the same as Kurayami's other fighters, a dark/light grey camo pattern with sand yellow trim and a very visible '013' on the outside of both wing panels on either side in the same yellow coloration.

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