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A1 Animal Droid

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  • Sophisticated Personality Matrix and Programming: 'Absolute Loyalty'
    • ​The A1 Animal Droid almost never fails to correctly identify its owner and will protect its owner at all costs. It also has an incredibly rich and lifelike personality matrix that surpasses normal canines.
  • Acrobatic Agility and Speed
    • ​The powerful quadrupedal servomotors allow it to bolt at incredible speeds that surpass a normal canine animal, and comes equipped with maneuvering jets and even a repulsorlift engine. The repulorlift can only be activated for a short few seconds before needing to be cooled for a few seconds, allowing the droid to "sprint" forward at incredible speeds and occasionally, being used as an emergency speeder bike.
  • 'Undying' Armor and Build
    • ​Built with bi-layer Phrik plating and numerous failsafes, the A1 Animal Droid can take an incredible amount of punishment before being destroyed. Like the BX-series Droid Commando, it can be bisected or have its limbs destroyed and continue to function. Only a precise shot to its "heart" which is the fused component of its hypermatter annihilator and droidbrain will effectively decommission the droid permanently. Alternatively, chopping off all its limbs will render is a fully functional, but non-combatant droid.
  • Search and Destroy (or Rescue)
    • With advanced sensors and its quick mobility, the A1 Animal Droid serves as an effective hunter-seeker droid that can quickly track targets and eliminate them. On the flip side, however, the A1 Animal Droid comes equipped with various emergency medical and survival equipment as well as enough strength to carry an incapacitated individual on its back and flee. The droid is able to use its fine-control grasper jaws to carry or lift the individual on its back.



  • Expensive and Rare
    • ​Made from Phrik, A1 Animal Droids are expensive to make and their complex and sophisticated design make it impossible to mass-produce them (even if the quality of the materials were to be reduced). Instead, they serve a more niche role, being used by diplomats and government officials as protective guardians and by other high-ranking officers and officials as elite pets. 
  • Close Combatant
    • ​The A1 Animal Droid is only equipped with its jaw and its claws as its weapons, and thus, can only fight in close-quarters combat. Although its speed and agility makeup for this weakness, it can easily be destroyed by a group simultaneously targeting it.
  • Weak to Force Abilities
    • It has no counters to force abilities, and a Force User could use the Force to crush the droid or just immobilize it in the air. A long duration of Force Lightning could also overwhelm the droid's circuitry--even with its redundant power wells and backup generator--and disable it as well. 


The A1 Animal Droid, also referred to by its research pseudonym 'Footguard', was designed by Tithon Designs and produced by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to provide a compact and entertaining pet that not only provided a level of discrete protection but also as an immortal companion to its members. Thus, intensive research, development and resources were poured into creating a top-tier personality matrix for the A1 Animal Droid, that adaptively mutates and changes to be closer and closer to its owner's own personality. For aggressive owners, the droid will adopt these characteristics and become more war-like while for more peaceful owners, the droid will adopt more docile characteristics. All in all, the A1 Animal has a dynamic and lifelike personality matrix that would easily pass off as an extremely well-trained pet if not only for its steely, mechanical exterior. While its vocabulator is set to expressing its thoughts through standard canine noises such as barks, quiet pants, howls, and the occasional whining, it can also be set to speak in any variety of languages, such as Galactic Basic.


A1 Animal Droids are only activated by imprinting the droid with one's DNA, and the A1 Animal Droid has a sophisticated analytical system based on olfactory, genetic, visual and auditory data that will allow it to distinguish its owner even being able to distinguish its owner from a group of near identical Human Replica Droids and even clones. It is incredibly hard to fool the A1 Animal Droid, and it will identify most disguises with a single glance. That being said, this has been untested when it comes to Force-based abilities due to the limitations of Tithon Design's research facilities, so it is unknown whether the A1 Animal Droid would be able to detect or differentiate Force-based disguises and mimicry.


The droids are programmed to be incredibly loyal to its owner, as seen through the aforementioned effort that was put in to prevent owner misidentification errors and issues. The droids will leap in front of their owners to deflect blaster fire and attacks, even if it to its own destruction. Life preservation protocols are all removed when it comes to neutralizing threats to its owner, and it will continue to protect its owner until it is completely destroyed. This also includes a comprehensive medical and survival repertoire, allowing it administer emergency treatment and help its owner through any survival situations, including but not limited to extreme cold, extreme hot, and even, for a few hours, the vacuum of space. The A1 Animal Droid's storage has a six-hour supply of compressed oxygen with a breathing mask, a moisture vaporator, a compact survival suit, and a fully stocked emergency medikit and survival kit.


The A1 Animal Droid also comes equipped with four extremely powerful servomotors and even an internal repulsorlift engine. Both of these combined allow the A1 Animal Droid to be incredibly fast, being able to travel up to 100 kph for a few short seconds, and allowing it to accomplish incredulous feats of agility and maneuverability both on the ground and in the air: the A1 Animal Droid is able to leap in the air and quickly maneuver its entire body with a number of maneuvering jets around its body, accomplishing incredible acrobatic feats. This allows the A1 Animal Droid to quickly body-block shots for its owner, as well as carry its owner and flee if necessary.


While the framework of the A1 Animal Droid is built with durasteel, the droid has a bi-layer hull plating of Phrik that allows it to take on an incredible amount of punishment. The internal components are all built with an immortality protocol, allowing the A1 Animal Droid to still function despite being suffering up to 90% of hull damage and will continue to function even after being bisected or decapitated. In addition, the hull is built to be ion and EMP resistant, with backup power generators and redundant energy wells to allow it to quickly be rebooted after being depowered. While this allows the A1 Animal Droid to be endure a heavy beating from kinetic and energy-based weaponry, the droid will still be destroyed with concentrated fire, a well-aimed heavy laser shot, or through Force abilities.


The only armament the A1 Animal Droid has is its jaw: equipped with a grasper jaw that allows it to pick up incapacitated individuals, it can easily pick up a humanoid figure with ease. This allows it to manhandle most individual targets with ease, although it suffers when swarmed or grouped on by more than one individual. Its jaw is equipped with Mandalorian crushgaunt technology, allowing it to crush and brutally maim anyone who dares to get too close. Some Tithon Design scientists mused that it would effectively pop a head in less than a second, and thus have also referred to this feature as the "head-popper." For further added measure of brutality, it comes equipped with retractable monomolecular blade incisors, allowing it to shred through organic flesh with ease and having decent armor penetration. Although these monomolecular blade incisors easily snap and break under pressure and force, they come up an internal replacement system that "ejects" a broken incisor and puts a brand-new one in its place, storing up to 224 blade incisors within its skull. The A1 Animal Droid also has retractable durasteel claws, although they are lackluster in comparison to its jaws and are rarely used in combat. The combat efficacy of the droid is limited to single targets, due to the small size of the A1 Animal Droid and its limited close combat armaments, and thus, it has seen limited combat use. Instead, it is a prized hunting companion, occasional assassination tool, and mostly, an instrument of inflicting brutality and fear in its enemies. 


Finally, the A1 Animal Droid comes equipped with a sophisticated kit of powerful sensors that allow it to be an effective scout and furthermore, allows it to scan a variety of entities including food. The sensors allow it to quickly identify threats of any sort, including poisons and assassins. It can taste food to detect poisons as well, although it has the habit of voraciously eating food--poisonous or not--unless explicitly instructed by its master otherwise. The food is processed internally, being broken by its internal bioreactor to serve as a small increase in power, but the power produced is minimal in comparison to its power demands. The A1 Animal Droid does not produce any waste, however, which took a surprisingly large amount R&D. The droid's micro hypermatter annihilator allows it have an incredibly long service time and big power supply, and it can be easily fueled at any station or starport.

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