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Void Stalker-class Hunter Killer

- - - - - Firemane

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Intent: To fill the role of a hunter-killer for the Firemane Fleet

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Primary Source: Tegaea Alcori provided large portions of the Description



ManufacturerFiremane Industries


Model: MK1




Classification: Hunter-Killer Corvette

Length: 150.05 Meters

Width: 95.45

Height: 92.85


  • Tandem-Fired Dual Heavy Missile Launchers (4)
  • Point Defense Lasers (4)


  • Deflector Shield
  • Flares

Hangar: None

Minimum Crew: 8

Optimum Crew: 24

Passenger Capacity: 20

Consumables: 3 Months

Maneuverability RatingAverage

Speed RatingModerate

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0



The Void Stalker-class possesses standard equipment and technology equal or comparable to other ships of its size produced by other companies and government entities, and is easily maintained to current technological standards and codes.



  • Stealth Suite: Featuring a Stygium Cloak, Magnetic signature mask, gravitic modulators, drive baffles, and other stealth technology, the Void Stalker is meant to slip unnoticed into position.
  • Tandem Missile Launchers: The Void Stalker’s main weaponry consists of eight heavy missile launchers, configured in a tandem one-two punch fire set up. Normally, it fires a Plasma Torpedo, followed closely by a Baradium Missile, using the plasma torpedo to weaken or open a small hole in the shields of an enemy vessel so that the Baradium missile is able to slip through the opening just before it closes and directly damage the enemy vessel to great effect.
  • Microjump Capable NaviComputer: Once delivering its payload, the Void Stalker is capable of darting away with a rapid microjump out of weapon’s ranges to avoid the inevitable deadly counterattack.


  • Cloaked: The ship possess a full range of stealth systems used with a stygium cloak to allow it to pass undetected through occupied systems.
  • Hammer: Powerful anti-ship warhead launchers make up the primary armament of the Void Stalker, in an ideal configuration for hammering holes into the shields of enemy ships to deliver baradium payloads into the hard points of a vessel.


  • Small Craft: With very few point defense weapons, and large warhead weapons, the Void Stalker isn’t meant for dealing with Starfighters and enemy corvettes, which are able to outmaneuver it and avoid its missile barrages.
  • Cloak or Shields: With its stygium cloak active, the Void Stalker cannot use its deflector shield system and must decloak in order to activate it.




Eldorai myth and legend is a key source for all manner of weapons and technology. The straight and clean between good and evil in their culture allows for some great imagery. One such myth is the Void Stalker, one of Illyria's minions which feasts on the spirits of the impure and unrighteous who are sent to hell. Thus, applying this name to a powerful stealthy warship made a lot of sense.


Firemane has already produced a baradium corvette, the Fulminatus, but that ship is designed for mass use. What could be even more devastating was a ship which could get close to an enemy with stealth and then unleash a devastating surprise attack. Therefore the Void Stalker was designed like the old Eldorai surface warships of the past even using solar sails stretched across the rear masts for both aesthetics and function, giving the vessel the feel of a sailing ship and providing it with a means of propulsion without using its drive units, thus it is able to travel without any emissions. Given a top grade Stygium cloak system along with gravitic, sensor, and magnetic field masks, and armed a powerful battery of missile launchers turrets. As this technology is rare and expensive, there could be less than a dozen of the Void Stalkers made, so they had to be carefully preserved and then used at the best moment.


Its missile batteries are designed in a tandem formation, with the initial launcher usually firing a powerful shield bursting plasma projectile followed closely by a baradium warhead. The intention is that the plasma warhead would open a small hole in the shielding of the enemy vessel, allowing the baradium missile to damage the vessel directly.


The Void Stalker's primary weakness is its lack of heavy armour or redundant shields, as well as an inability to use the shields it has whilst cloaked. Once it has fired its missile it will have to rapidly depart or risk being destroyed by vengeful enemies. However, the potential value of landing a critical volley into an enemy's weakest spot makes this a worthwhile risk.


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