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Trident-Class Dreadnought

- - - - - Retcon Edit Mandalorian MandalMotors Dreadnought Battlecruiser War Ship

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Gilamar Skirata

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  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Model: Trident-Class Dreadnought
  • Affiliation: Various Mandalorian Major Factions, Closed-Market {Stolen} 
  • ProductionSemi-Unique
  • Material: 
    • ​Mandalorian Steel
    • Durasteel
    • Transparisteel
    • Starship Components


  • Classification: Battlecruiser
  • Length: 4500 Meters
  • Width: 1.5 Km
  • Height: 850 Meters
  • Armament Very High
    • Kyber Focused Turbolasers {The two large forward facing canons}
    • Standard Turbolaser Batteries
    • Turbolaser Turrets
    • Missile Cannons
  • Defenses Very High
  • Hangar Moderate: 16 
  • Maneuverability RatingVery Low
  • Speed Rating Very Low
  • Hyperdrive Class Average: 2 


  • Military Sensory Package
  • Long distance Coms
  • HoloNet Receivers
  • Med Bay
  • Artificial Gravity Control
  • Life Support
  • Anti-Slicing Package
  • Various Standard Ship features


  • Drop Pod Hangar
  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Basilisk Drop Chamber
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Advanced Communication Array
  • Gravity Storage
  • Advanced Hyperspace Warning Arrays
  • Kyber Focused Turbolasers
  • Interdiction Field Generator


  • Kyber Focused Turbolasers: Two large "main gun" type cannons, the triple barreled turbolasers are focused through kyber crystals stolen from Utapau or purchased from the people of Zanj. They hit much, much harder than standard turbolaser batteries making combat with the Trident-class truly terrifying. They are forward facing however and cannot be changed in position meaning the target needs to be straight ahead to be hit.
  • Compartmentalized Design: Makes it difficult to make the entire ship useless all at once, allowing it to continue fighting even in circumstances where most ships would be completely dead in the water


  • Slightly Exposed Bridge: When not in combat the bridge is slightly exposed. When entering combat the bridge recedes but during that time it cannot fire weapons making sneak attacks incredibly effective on this ship.
  • Communication Antennae: All across and along the ship are radio dishes and large rods that relay sensory data to a fully recessed bridge and provide video, audio and other sensory data to the commanders. Destroying these limits their communication and ability to fully see what is going on around their ship in combat. 
  • Turn Radius: Despite its average speed it does not make large moves well and is relatively easy to hit in combat. 
  • Interdiction Field Projectors: Lumped in one tower-like structure near the rear of the ship, the projectors when compromised could cause catastrophic damage and intense gravitational malfunctions.
  • No Point Defense: Its only defense against starfighters and other small craft are its turbolaser turrets and missile cannons which are much slower to track than standard point defense weapons forcing it to rely on its own fighter support to deter enemy small craft.

Description: Constucted before the Mandalorian Resource Wars for long campaigns against the Core Worlds, the Trident-Class battlecruiser was a massive four and a half kilometer behemoth designed to wrench worlds and outposts from the Republic and other smaller governments. Well armed and well armored the Trident could take on all but the largest of warships with its powerful turbolasers and ion cannons. Its powerful interdiction technology made it an outlier. Despite its strategic importance many Mandalorian admirals utilized the ship for its force projection potential and often lead the charge in these vessels. Modern military doctrine within the Mandalorians meant that the few surviving vessels of the class were well defended by supporting fleets. 


​Slow and with maneuvering the Trident was an unwieldy yet sharp tool when utilized by experienced officers, much like its namesake. Most of these ancient vessels were destroyed during the Resource Wars and various wars before then. The few that survived should be in a museum, however have managed to continue to see use in the Mandalorian fleet as training vessels and as powerful hyperlane monitoring and policing tools. With its powerful interdiction field generators and powerful sensors it could stop pirates in their tracks with little effort and could effectively blockade a planet with limited support. An increasingly rare sight in Mandalorian Space,the Trident-class dreadnought could most often be seen drifting through open space, patrolling the locations of potential secret hyperlanes for pirates and hidden enemy factions. The Trident-Class would go on to inspire designs such as the Mythosaur-class supper carrier and the Alor-class Battlecruiser and would inform Mandalorian naval doctrine for generations. 

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Gir Quee

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