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Hellspear Frigate

- - - - - CIS Dauntless Commandos

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Name: Hellspear Frigate, MK1.

Intent: To create a mobile command hub for the Dauntless Commando units to recover, train, and plan for operations as they move forward crusading the CIS mission.

Image Source: https://www.artstati...-class-corvette

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A



Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems

Affiliation: Dauntless Legion, Confederacy of Independent Systems

Model: N/A

Production: Semi-Unique (Only 4 of these Frigates are being made)

Material: Typical starship components, durosteel.



Classification: Transport Frigate

Length: 300 meters

Width: 250 meters

Height: 80 meters

Armament: Moderate

Defenses: Moderate

Hangar: Average

Maneuverability Rating: Average

Speed Rating: Average

Hyperdrive Class: Average; 2.0





  • Simulation room
    • Augmented Reality room used to train the Dauntless in various combat situations while they are in flight. This allows the group to be constantly at the ready for whenever they are called into action, as well as practice new maneuvers and to simulate environments for wherever they may find themselves.
  • Advanced Sick Bay stocked with GenTech products
    • Dauntless are tasked with some of the most dangerous, most daunting missions that the Confederacy of Independent Systems can hand out. Because of this, they need a sick bay on board that can offer the group the best recovery opptertunity possible. An advanced sick bay will let that happen. GenTech also has put out some amazing medical products, and the Dauntless Commando’s need the best of the best medical technology.
  • Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustianer
    • ​The Hellspears can't be having themselves shoved off course by inderdiction fields, and the HIMS system will make sure that happens. Although the system doesn't mean the frigates can enter hyperspace if it is already stuck in a interdiction field, it does mean that the ship can pass through one while still in hyperspace. 



  • All perks included: Everything the Dauntless Commando’s could need, including a state of the art training facility, sick bay, and dropships are included on these frigates. The consumables on this vessel can last for over a year. These positives give the Dauntless Commando’s the means to live on their own without having to meet up with any large fleets for a long time.
  • Punch back: Most carrier vessels don’t have the best armament or means to defend themselves by. The Hellspear is different. With a number of duel turbolaser batteries and missile launchers for both small craft and larger vessels, these ships can defend themselves in a fight.


  • No air cover: The hanger space needs to be taken up by shuttles for the troops to get down to their world in, meaning with room for only one squadron of smaller ships, the Hellspear has no air cover to speak of. The gunners on the Turbolasers are the only things keeping the ship from being completely destroyed by bomber runs, and that might easily not be enough.
  • Power hog: The Hellspear takes a lot of power to run, meaning it has to take full advantage of it’s two large power generators onboard. If they were to be knocked out, the Hellspear would have to run on emergency power alone, barely enough to power the engines at half speed and life support at the same time.



Elite commando units need a way to get around the galaxy that isn’t going to bother them with standard naval units. They need a place to eat, sleep, live, and heal when they aren’t in the front line. The 4 Hellspear Frigates were created for just this purpose. The Confederate Naval Vessel Paramount, Invictus, Vulture, and Rebellious Hawk are the 4 Hellspear Frigates tasked with ferrying around the 660 Dauntless Commando Units. Commander Luna Terrik, leader of the Rapid Response Unit usually spends her time aboard the Rebellious Hawk.

Each vessel has the means to defend, fight, and care for itself in a way many frigates cannot, while also giving the commandos a place to recover and train for upcoming battles. With a state of the art simulation room and medical bay, the Hellspear Frigates are on the cutting edge of CIS carrier technology. They are not meant to be mass produced whatsoever, as they are only for the Dauntless Commandos to use. 


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