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T-90BR X-Wing Starfighter

- - - - - Incom Corporation Resistance

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Intent: A Recon/Detector Fighter for the Resistance

Image Source: [x]

Canon Link: T-65BR X-Wing Reconnaissance Starfighter

Primary Source: T-90 X-Wing Starfighter



Manufacturer: Incom Corporation | The Resistance

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: B-Reconnaissance

Production: Semi-Unique



Classification: Reconnaissance Fighter

Length: 12.7 Meters

Width: 10.1 Meters

Height: 3.2 Meters

Armament: Low

[Average Full Power to Weapons]

  • Laser Cannons (4)
  • Ground-Buzzer Light Blaster Cannon (1)

Defenses: Average

[Moderate Full Power to Shields]

Squadron Count: Very High

Minimum Crew: Astromech Droid

Optimum Crew: 1 + Astromech Droid

Passenger Capacity: None

Cargo Capacity: 100 Kilograms

Consumables: 5 Days

Maneuverability Rating: Average

Speed Rating: Average

[Moderate Full Power to Engines]

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0



The T90BR X-Wing features targeting computers, avionics and other technology comparable to other Elite Starfighters produced throughout the galaxy by other manufacturers. They can be regularly updated with new software and replacement units to keep it in line with evolving technological standards.



  • Sensor Suite: The key component of the T-90BR is its massive external Sensor unit, featuring a full spectrum unit designed for long range precision scans and close-range stealth detection.

    Its first purpose is Recon performed at extreme range while the vessel runs quiet, using its sensor suite in a low profile sweep which does not alert vessels in a system to a sensor ping. With this it can gather information from a planet with solid accuracy, locating population centers, ships in orbit, power spikes from the surface, as well as geological data like weather patterns, tectonic movements, and oceanic data.

    Its second mission profile is as Detector, in which its sensors can be turned to close-range, high-gain active sensor pings which allow the suite to make use of magnetic sensors, gravitic sensors, and trace, usually dampened, emissions given off by drive baffles. With this it can usually detect cloaked ships at a close ranges and non-cloaked stealth vessels at standard rangers.

Hyperdrive System

Stealth Systems


  • I, Detect: The T-90 is designed as a Recon/Detection Starfighter featuring powerful sensors, capable of accurate extreme range scans without setting off enemy sensors, and close range scans which can cut through stealth under the right conditions.
  • Power Converter: New Incom Models now include Power Converters and a small reserve Power Generator, which allows them to boost one of their combat systems in battle, or assist with a rapid startup sequence.
  • Passive Long Range Stealth: Energy Dampeners, Static Dampeners, and Emission dampeners allow the Recon-X model to fly under stealth conditions and hide from most sensors at long range. In order to do this it cannot use its power converters, fire weaponry, or have active shields.


  • Low Armament: The T-90BR has replaced its Warhead Launchers with its powerful Sensor Node on its prow, leaving it rather poorly armed compared to other superiority fighters.
  • Unassigned Energy: In combat, the reserve power must be assigned by the pilot or droid or it is not utilized or directed. This means when ambushed by enemy craft, the vessel is not able to perform at its full potential for a time.
  • One System at a Time: The fighter’s power converter can only direct its reserve power to a single combat system at a time, taking several seconds to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect it, and begin the flow of energy to the next system.
  • Limited Stealth: The New Incom Line has minor stealth capabilities, but the fighter must power down weapons and shields, and cannot boost engines in order to evade enemy sensors at long range. The system is ineffective at normal ranges.


The latest model of X-Wing, designed by Incom as a Reconnaissance fighter in the same vein as the venerable X-Wing starfighter’s evolution. The classic aesthetics and major design features all found a home in this streamlined vessel, fitted with the computer and sensor systems up to current technological standards.


Four powerful laser cannons form the primary weapons for the T-90BR, each resting at the wingtips of the ship. They feature gimbal mounts capable of resetting the Zero mark where all four laser blasts intersect with relative ease. As a final weapon, the new T-90BR has a light blaster cannon concealed in its chassis that can be lowered and rotated three hundred sixty degrees. While not overly powerful it is capable of firing backwards at pursuit craft and firing at ground attackers.


As an upgrade from the older models and based from the TR-20 design aspects, the T-90BR Model features a reduced sensor signature assisted by energy, static, and emission dampeners that allow the vessel to operate under stealth conditions. When doing so its weapons and shields must be powered down, and the ship’s power converter cannot be directed. In doing so, the passive stealth allows the ship to hide from most sensors and scanners while at long range, but is rendered ineffective at close range and engagement ranges.


This fighter’s primary purpose was as a sensor vessel, and so its warhead launchers were removed and replaced with a powerful long-range, high-gain advanced sensor suite in addition to a pair of sensor probes attached to tethers that could be released to trail behind the craft. Coordinated by the Astromech droid, the Recon-X was able to collect immense amounts of data for its computers to process. The sensor system and tethers feature powerful lifeform scanners, metallurgical composition detectors, standard sensor arrays, gravitic sensors akin to a Crystal Grav-Field Trap, and other advanced sensor technologies.


When used in its Recon mission profile the vessel is able to use its sensors to provide the vessel with accurate data on ships and their types and rough composition; planets tectonic, oceanic, climate, and other geological data; cities and other population centers with estimated populations, power spikes caused by reactors on the planet, and notable defensive emplacements without being noticed by enemy sensors at extreme ranges.


Its second profile, as a Detector, the starfighter’s trio of sensor clusters can be used to detect trace phenomena, such as those emitted by stealth and cloaked vessels. This is done by analyzing minute differences in data caused by sensor masks and energy receptor projectors, as well as detecting trace drive emissions from baffled engines.


The T-90BR Model features a Power Converter and Reserve Power Generator, a concept borrowed from Alderaan Engineering and miniaturized for starfighters. This Converter and reserve power allows the pilot of the T-90BR to amplify their combat abilities during flight, such as switching power to weapons when making an attack run, boosting shields while being pursued in a dogfight, or turbo-boosting engines in order to escape capture from a tractor beam.

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