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Big Meds

Medical Small Business

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  • Corporation Name: Big Meds
  • Headquarters: Patitite Pattuna
  • Locations: None
  • Operations: Production and design of medical supplies


The company is loyal to the people of Patitite Pattuna and the boss Cay-Yo. Big Meds is ecologically sensitive and will use as little non-renewable materials as possible in creating their products. Although whenever materials they need would require mining or mass deforestation the company will instead import the resources from abroad. The company, much like its people, is small and cannot supply more than a thousand orders of any product in a week. Big Meds will deal with anyone who pays.



Cay-Yo has a desire to be the dominant personality on Patitite Pattuna and to lead his people into a new era. He figures that by creating the planet's first interstellar company that this will put him above the competition, aside from his activities off world. Cay-Yo convinced a few dozen ambitious and intelligent Patitite to work for him for position, notoriety, and credits. Without the major facilities to manufacture arms, vehicles, or ships the only lucrative industry Cay-Yo saw for his first business venture on the planet was pharmaceuticals. Perhaps some may say that Cay-Yo is taking advantage of his excitable peers but in Cay-Yo's mind this is the first step towards the future for Patitite Pattuna; a future of prosperity and respect.


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