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Home on the Range

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Lucius Vinticus

Lucius Vinticus


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From one of the portside hangar viewport of the Supremacy Class Star Destroyer Judicator the red ball that was Rilfor looked almost as angry as if the trooper was planetside. On approach it was clear that the atmosphere was trashed, swirls of maroon black that gave the rock the appearance of a large marble floating in the starry void. The surface delivered on the promise advertised by the sky, volcanoes dotted the landscape, occasionally erupting and forcing natives to shift across the planet like the ash floating around the stratosphere. Lucius took a breath as he viewed his homeworld from behind his helmet's permanent scowl for the first time since his family had left for Dosuun a few years prior. Probably the only human alive that could claim that unremarkable distinction, raised in a specialized bunker commissioned for his egghead parents by their benevolent benefactors. Now he was headed back to the surface with a contingent of his fellows on the most noble of armed marauding spacefaring pursuits, pirate hunting. 


Klaxons pulled him back to the task at hand, washing any thoughts of his family and pulling him fully into the present as his platoon rushed onto the waiting assault craft. The Star Destroyer had pretty much assured that this would be a trooper job when they'd only damaged the corvette class vessel that they claimed was responsible for the sacking and premature scuttling of several civilian craft unlucky enough to stop off in sector alone. Riflor was remote but it was still FO Space, and the Naval Brass diverted Judicator from SSD Battlegroup Epsilon shortly after confirming the initial report with a pair of long range scout craft, who observed the corvette skulking around Riflor's moons and occasionally trying to chase smaller vessels.


A pop hiss reverberated throughout the gunship's cold interior as the metallic ramp that served as a gangway between them and everything else closed. Lucius adjusted his hand on his G-11 as the clamps holding the gunship to the deck gave way and the pilot announced their new state of motion over the coms before launching them into the void.