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Rekr-Class Heavy Cruiser

- - - - - MandalMotors Retcon Refit Cruiser Starship Warship

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  • Intent: To diversify MandalMotors product line and better mold created ships into a more believable sense of scale
  • Image Source: All art and animations by LordDoomhammer
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: Retcon of this ship


  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Affiliation:
    • Mandalorian Empire
    •  Closed-Market
  • Model: Rekr-Class Heavy Cruiser

  • ProductionMinor 
  • Material: 
    • Durasteel
    • Mandalorian Steel
    • Various Starship Parts


  • Classification: Heavy Cruiser
  • Length: 900 Meters 
  • Width: 200 Meters
  • Height: 350 Meters
  • Armament: High
    • 3x Super Heavy Quad Turbolasers
    • Turbolaser Turrets
    • Point-Defense Quad Laser Cannons
    • Forward Facing Heavy Ion Cannon
    • Flex-Tube Missile Launcher
    • Tractor Beams
  • Defenses: Average
    • Deflector Sheilds
    • Dampner Aerosol Missiles
    • Armor Platting
  • HangarVery Low: 1 
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating:  High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2 


  • Targeting Systems
  • Encryption Module
  • Hyperwave Transciever 
  • Combat Radar Suite 
  • Escape Pods
  • Life Support
  • Deflector Shields
  • Barracks
  • Med Bay
  • Standard Starship Safety Systems
  • Aural Sensor


  • Advanced Encryption Network
  • Emergency Catapult-based Rear Hangar
  • Holonet Trasciever 
  • Military Target Tracking Systems
  • Advanced Military Firewall
  • Slave Rig [Unified Fleet Hyperspace Jumps, various other non-combat related systems]
  • Long Range Communcation System
  • Compartmentalized Power and Build Structure


  • Compartmentalized Build: Split into several sections throughout the ship, each section has the ability to function on its own should the ship come under a slicing attack or should some areas become destroyed, allowing for a longer fight in bloody space brawls. The ship was able to survive full perforations to the hull even and keep on fighting.
  • Rear Hangar: The rear of the Rekr-class Heavy Cruiser acts as a run way for friendly fighters during combat which greatly increased the efficiency of refueling, rearming, and repair. 
  • ​Point Defense: Both sides of the Rekr were littered with point defense quad laser cannons, which made a nearly impassiblescreen of fire and kept the ship safe from all but the best of pilots. 


  • Ion Weaponry: With slave rigged systems in place, heavy ion weapons could cause cataclysmic system shutdowns in enough parts of the ship. 
  • Heavy Turbolaser Batteries: While on paper the Rekr-Class Dreadnought may have around the same amount of firepower as many ships of its class and some beyond, with most of its punching power stacked behind three powerful turbolasers that can't fire simultaneously, coordinating combat and getting the right shots off at the right time leaves it vulnerable to smaller, faster targets like frigates and corvettes. 


Taking design cues from other Mandalorian ships like the Alor-Class of Mandal Hypernautics and the Ordo-Class Frigate of MandalMotors, the Rekr boasts an internal bridge located near the prow of the ship. Similarly to the Alor-class it is connected to the outside world via a complicated network of sensors and cameras as well as the (comparably) small viewport at the front of the hangar. Tangible holo displays projected from the captain's chair allow the captain to always be aware of the battle outside. It also prevents direct, targeted shots from obliterating the bridge mid-battle. Like most of the ship, the bridge is also compartmentalized and offers its own life support system should the ship come under electronic attack or other parts of the ship become inoperable, allowing for the ship to stay in fights longer.
The Rekr also boasts incredible firepower with its main gun, three triple barreled heavy turbolaser batteries. Powerful and destructive, they took the place of the several dozen turbolasers ships of its size tend to carry. Despite holding such power, each cannon can only be fired one at a time and must fully be at rest before the next can fire. While this creates a slower firing rate than most other Turbolasers it also allows for pinpoint accuracy as while one is firing the other batteries are able to be targeted and ready as soon as the okay comes through the system to fire again.  
The first "Star Destroyer" class ship created by MandalMotors since before the Omega War, the Rekr-Class Dreadnought brings both power and versatility to the Mandalorian company's fleet of battle ready ships. Originally planned to release, its unveiling was delayed due to the destruction of Mandalore and then pushed even further back after MandalMotors tower and their orbital shipyards were damaged during the Civil War. However, now with Zeke Farthen running the factories and financial day to day of the company, the plans were revitalized and modified slightly to reduce cost and pump out a small Star Destroyer-class vessel ready for mass production by the company to drive sales and increase the flow of credits in the company. The Rekr-Class Mandalorian Dreadnought is a ship made to be marketed towards privateers and small to medium sized companies that wish to protect their goods. Able to be staffed with a minimum crew the ship fits well alongside some of MandalMotors other smaller ships, providing a solid core to any small Task-Force. 

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