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Project 71855, First Order Heavy Frigate

- - - - - First Order Frigate Heavy Frigate Fleeting

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Cyrus Tregessar

Cyrus Tregessar

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Intent: To create a new heavy Frigate for the First Order.

Image Credit: Ansel Hsiao
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: First Order Naval Engineering
Model: Project 71855 Heavy Frigate, "Planet-class"
Affiliation: The First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Alusteel Hull with Turadium Internal Reinforcement, Carbon-Nanofilamint Armor Plating, Glassteel and Transparisteel where appropriate. Internal AR-03 Damage Reduction Component plating.


Classification: Heavy Frigate
Role: Line Frigate/Assault Ship
Length: 460m
Width: 240m
Height: 85m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: IV-7 (V) Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.0, 10.0 backup
Minimum Crew: 220
Optimal Crew: 716
Passenger Capacity: 1,600 troops standard complement. Approximately another 150 passengers can be housed.
Consumables: Approximately 2 years
Speed Rating: Low
Maneuverability Rating: Low


Armaments: Moderate

Defenses: Very High

  • Redundant Overlapping Combustion Shielding
  • Redundant Overlapping Particle Shielding
  • Standard Encrypted Communications and C4I Suite

  • Integrated Fleet Command Data Exchange Network

  • Bastion Combat System Integrated Weapons

HANGAR: Average

  • 2 x Squadrons of Strike Craft

  • Standard complement of shuttles, launches, and small boats.

  • Large number of landers and assault shuttles.




  • Pocket Supremacy: The Foundation-class features layered Combustion Shielding on top of very heavy armor and durable structure. It is an exceptionally tough ship for its size, able to go toe-to-toe with destroyers and withstand punishment that would sink most ships its size several times over.
  • Excellent CIWS Suite: The 71855's sport an abnormally large number of combo Ion-Cannon/LTL turrets, giving it excellent defense against strike craft and missiles.
  • Assault Ship: The 71855 Frigate is deliberately designed to play a part in planetary invasions, and features a large number of troops, associated hangers, Command and Control suites, and all the other panoply of war necessary to land and support troops on a planet.


  • Poor Escort: The Dosuun-class defensive armament lacks Bastion integration and doesn't feature any emplacements with any real reach to them, making it a poor escort vessel for larger vulnerable ships.
  • Combustion: The Combustion Shield Arrays can be overloaded if they are engaged for an extended period of time, destroying the array and effectively dropping the ship's defense rating to 'low.'
  • Knife Tang: Resembling a star destroyer in shape if not in size, the Project 71855 is a decidedly forward-oriented ship, with a fairly large aft section with only limited defensive armament covering it.


Designed in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War, the Project 71855 Frigate represents a major departure in the philosophy of First Order shipbuilding and a significant shift in military doctrine. A multi-role ship in frigate size, the Project 71855 Heavy Frigate has no formal class name, but a variety of colloquialisms have sprung up in the wake of its launch and increasing ubiquity. Notable ones include the Dosuun-class (after the first in class, and indeed most of the ships are named after planets or cities from the core of the First Order space) the Foundation-class (as the ship represents the bedrock of the philosophical shift of First Order policy) or simply the Planet-class (in the alarmingly uninspired manner of the Royal Navy).


The Project 71855 is a Heavy Frigate designed to present an impenetrable bulwark to pirates and raiders, participate in fleet formations as a valuable defensive element, and supports a dedicated secondary role and support vessel for planetary invasions and control. To meet these goals it features an adequate, though not exceptional offensive armament, and extremely heavy defenses. It also supports a significantly larger number of troops relative to its size than normal. This is a factor accounted for in the manning design documents of the class as well, with significant support for gunnery and menial tasks delegated to the embarked troops. The end result is that the naval crew requirement for the Dosuun-class is technically fairly low for its size. As usual, the ships features a complex labyrinthine design for its internal corridors to confuse and slow any would-be boarding parties, with the ships company largely getting by thanks to the assistance of mouse droids.


Despite it's moniker as a 'pocket supremacy' the 71855 ships make a number of concessions in order to keep production up and cost down. Though they do feature heavy armor and layered combustion shielding, they lack the Anti-concussion field and other advanced features that give the Full Barrier Defense it's incredible resiliency. Nevertheless the frigates are very durable beyond their size, able to engage cruisers and destroyers in extended fights, though they will likely mostly be on the receiving end of things.


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