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Lancer II-class Air Defense Frigate

- - - - - Frigate First Order Fleeting CIWS

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Cyrus Tregessar

Cyrus Tregessar

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Intent: Because nobody revamps silly canon ship designs like fractalsponge.

Image Credit: Ansel Hsiao
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: First Order Naval Engineering
Model: Lancer II-class Air Defense Frigate
Affiliation: The First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Alusteel Hull with Turadium Internal Reinforcement, Carbon-Nanofilamint Armor Plating, Glassteel and Transparisteel where appropriate. Internal AR-03 Damage Reduction Component plating.


Classification: Frigate
Role: Escort/Anti-Starfighter
Length: 250m
Width: 54m
Height: 47m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: IID-3A Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1.0, 10.0 backup
Minimum Crew: 79
Optimal Crew: 187
Passenger Capacity: Approximately 70 passengers can be housed.
Consumables: Approximately 8 months.
Speed Rating: High
Maneuverability Rating: Average


Armaments: Average

  • 10 x Advanced Quad Laser CIWS

  • 10 x Combi Ion Cannon-Light Turbolaser Point Defense Turrets

Defenses: Moderate

  • Combat-Rated Ray Shielding
  • Combat-Rated Particle Shielding


  • Standard complement of shuttles, launches, and small boats.




  • Anti-Starfighter Specialist: Like its venerable ancestor, the Lancer II is a dedicated anti-starfighter ship. Though it has fewer individual weapon mounts than the old one, the ones it does are more precise and more powerful, and are wedded to a far more advanced targeting and fire control suite, and the frigate is just as capable of scything through squadrons of fighters.


  • One Trick Pony: The Lancer II does not really excel at any role besides the anti-starfighter one. It is an escort ship through and through.
  • Weak Punch: Among the most prominent weaknesses of hte ship is the complete lack of any sort of capital ship weaponry. While the combi-turrets enable it to be useful against


An unexpected revamp of a legacy design, the Lancer II is a no frills small frigate with a single dedicated role, designed to act as a fleet escort ship, anti-starfighter picket, and system patrol vessel. It is quick and armored with the new Carbon-Nanofilament armor which gives it remarkable durability for its size, and well armed with advanced quad laser turrets and dual-purpose Ion Cannon/LTL mounts, giving it both the legendary anti-starfighter capability of its predecessor, and also a reasonable combat capability against pirates, corvettes, and similarly sized vessels. A bare-bones and cheap design, the ship is not well suited for any special missions, it is cramped and focused, but quick to produce and with enough advanced and automated systems that it can be crewed effectively even with limited training.


With the other notable anti-starfighter frigates being more specialized, expensive designs, the Lancer II is slotted to quickly become the standard escort frigate for First Order battlegroups.


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