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Celiana's Sabers

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  • Intent: Create a pair of sabers for Celiana.

Image Source: 



  • Manufacturer: Celiana
  • Affiliation: Celiana
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Yes (Saber components and crystals can be switched out)
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Beskar saber casing, Terantatek leather hilts, saber crystals,lightsaber components.


  • Classification: Lightsabers 
  • Size: Average 35.5 centimeters (curved hilt) 
  • 30 centimeters (single hilt)
  • Weight: Light


  • Terantatek leather
  • Ornate hilt design
  • Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse 
  • The crystal is the heart of the saber (These sabers are completely unusable by anyone other than Celiana due to imbuing her spirit within the crystals)


Celiana constructed these sabers following a defeat at the hands of Connor Harrison. During a duel her sabers had been rendered completely unusable aside from the crystals inside. One aqua and one a cyan, Celiana following her defeat imbued the crystals of her sabers with bits of herself. Making these sabers completely unusable to anyone other than her. The hiltswere individually put together. One a curved hilt geared towards the Makashi saber form. The other saber a plain saber hilt. A phrik charm of a panther head lays under the leather of the straight hilted saber. Saber crystals dangle from strands of leather on both hilts. A soft tinkling sound reminding Celiana of the shores of lakes on her homeworld of Eshan. The added touch of a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse is one of the special features allowing the lightsabers to operate when underwater. These sabers are a reminder to stay humble and remember the past without becoming enslaved to it.  


  • Can cut through many materials with relative ease.
  • Operates under water.
  • Versatility with both a curved hilt and straight hilt it allows for a variety of options.
  • Inoperable by anyone but Celiana


  • Cortosis will short the blade if in contact.
  • Hilts are designed for a variety of styles but are restricted by each type of hilt.
  • Dangerous to wield together due to the difference in styles each saber is meant for.
  • Can't cut through saber resistant materials (Phrik, Beskar, etc)

Edited by Celiana, 13 January 2019 - 01:10 AM.

Kao Xusros

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Just FYI, if you have more than one item, then it should be labeled as SEMI-UNIQUE and not as UNIQUE... also, i recommend adding a weakness saying that the lightsaber cannot cut through lightsaber-resistant materials.


Otherwise looks great (THE CURVED HILT IS THE SAME AS KAO'S) , and i really like the idea of imbuing the crystals with part of oneself to make them inoperable to others, but idk how this would play-out in rp...





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The first image you have will have to have some source other than just the Imgur. Anyone can post anything on Imgur without the source. I ask so the site can cover their rear end. 


Otherwise looks good. 


Kao Xusros, Thank you for chipping in. 


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Auberon I fixed? The credit for the first image is what needed fixed yes? That should take care of it 

Edited by Celiana, 13 January 2019 - 01:12 AM.


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