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Dragons Fang

- - - - - Bladed weapon

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Jade Solus Skirae

Jade Solus Skirae

    The Golden Dragon/The Executioner

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  • Classification: Katana/Sword

  • Size:  Average

  • Weight: Light


  • Comes with a set of belts

  • Very resilient to most forms of energy and kinetic weaponry.

  • Void Stone "On" and "Off" Switch

  • Cannot be taken from wielder through the Force.


  • A Jacket to Keep you Warm: Created using two alloys, Songsteel was formed into what is known as a "Jacket" over the top of a core made of Chromuranium. Making a fairly light blade that is very resilient to most forms of energy based damage such as Lightsabers, and blasters, while also being able to sustain fairly hefty impacts due to the "bounce" produced by the core of the blade.

  • Lets Even the Field: Inside the grip of the sword is a voidstone. Wrapped with Terentatek leather to prevent the stone from affecting anyone. However, at the pommel of the sword, the cloth can be yanked on and removing a plug that will open the void stone to the elements, and thus create a field of Force nullification around the user. The stone is large enough to give about a 2 meter radius around the user. This "cap" acts as a on and off button to allow Jade to remove the ability of force users near her, and even dampen force effects should they enter the nullification field.



  • Lightning to the Core: Due to the core of the sword being highly conductive, uses of force lighting while the Void Stone is "Off" will be attracted towards the sword much more than anywhere else. The same goes for your standard electrical currents, or even ion weaponry can be attracted to the sword.

  • Deflecting on all the Haters: Due to the swords style, A direct blocking against other melee weapons is possible but more dangerous compared to that of an arming sword, or a longsword with a guard. This Katana had no real guard on the hands. The tsuba is there to defend the hand should a weapon slide down the length of the blade, but it does little else to defend. The wielder of the sword will have to be conscious of the usage for this tool, and deflect, or parry strikes rather than rely on the weapon with a pure defense.

  • What about my powers?: Due to Jade Isara being force sensitive, and in the process of learning how to use the force, using the void stone means that any edge she may have over another fighter can be removed should she choose to pull the cap and "turn on" the void stone. She would then have to face the force user in a more toe to toe fight and rely on her own physical skills over that of her combatant.


Jade needed a blade of her own and a strong and powerful weapon as well so she contacted the appropriate people for the job, She spent the needed money to fund the project and the materials needed to create her personal blade and combat accordingly. She chose songsteel for its lightweight and durability and forged her own piece of void stone to fit into the pommel of the sword to act as a inhibitor to those wielding the force while it may weaken her as well it'll even the playing field if she needs it to be evened, It was a painstaking process setting up the ''cap'' for the void stone pommel so that the field it generates wont be on all the time but only if she removes the cap from the blade will it ever be activated.


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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