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Heavy Pattern Beskar'gam

- - - - - Armor

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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  • Manufacturer: Valdus Bral
  • Affiliation: Valdus Bral, Closed Market
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Beskar & Durasteel


  • Classification: Anti-Blaster, Anti-Ballistic, multipurpose
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Resistances (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: High

- Other: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?

Sonic: Average
EMP: Very Low
ION: Very Low
Elemental: Low





- Metal: Beskar - Infrared Night-vision (IR/NV)

- Macrobinoculars [External] {Can Be toggled between normal & IR/NV}

- Small Infrared headlamp [External] {Left-side}

- Small Visible headlamp [External] {Right-side}

- Oxygen Respirator with microparticle filter [Internal/External] {Draws oxygen from outside with an hour reserve supply}

- DH107 Personal Comlink [Internal]

- Air-tight Armorweave Neck Seal [External/Internal] {Fastens to Armorweave Body Suit}

- Power Unit Connector [Internal/External]

- Self Contained Micrel power supply [Internal] {2 hours reserve}

- Eye-tracking / targeting HUD [Internal]

- Microphone [Internal]

- Mouth Speaker [External]



- Metal: Beskar

- High-powered durasteel servomotor-assisted joints [Internal] {Allows for seamless movement and average speeds even in the heavy armor}

- Integrated Power Unit Wiring [Internal/External] {The cabling and boards needed to power the servomotors and helmet utilities as well as life support}

- High Density Multi Micrel Array (HD-MMA) [External/Internal] {A power unit that powers the entire armor}


Combat Kama:

- Standard Armorweave

- Anti-blast weave backing (like a flak jacket for the lower body)

- Slightly past knee length 



- Material: Standard Armorweave {Airtight} 

- Packets filled of kinetic energy dissipating gel packs: thighs, shins, forearms, shoulders, full back, stomach, chest, sternum, and collar bone.




  • Extremely durable armor that protects the wearer from many forms of damage to a high degree
  • Can take several strikes from a lightsaber, however a prolonged plunging motion will break through the armor within a few seconds
  • The wearer has increased strength due to servomotor assisted joints
  • Due to servomotor assisted joints the wearer is capable of carrying what could be arbitarily classified as "super heavy" weapons on foot
  • Complete life-support capable in the vacuum of space up to an hour


  • Extremely heavy in its own right, the exoskeleton does not provide enough support for weaker wearers to be able to utilize this armor effectively
  • The entire armor runs off of a consolidated power supply, damage to this power supply will render the armor extremely inflexible and nearly useless
  • The armor is self-recharging given enough time, the active duration is 72 hours with a recharge of 72 hours.
  • The armor provides little to no protection against cold and heat, while the vacuum of space will not kill the wearer immediatly, the armor will not keep the person heated for more than a few minutes


Valdus' most prized possession is his Beskar'gam, his armor. Valdus' armor is a symbol of his war philosophy: he must lead from the front. Taking a large amount of inspiration from the armor pattern from the Clone Trooper's Blaze Trooper armor, Valdus made his own. Albeit with Mandalorian accents and Mandalorian Iron. This armor is meant for the massive body of Valdus and others of comparable stature to be the wall and the spearhead to break enemy lines. What this armor lacks in agility and speed it makes up in durability, augmented strength, and the ability to be a mobile heavy weapons platform.

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