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I.M.D. Noctule

- - - - - Drop ship

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Darth Banshee

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  • Intent: To make a stealth dropship, for future unique carrier
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: NA
  • Primary Source: NA


  • Manufacturer: Independent Military Developers  
  • Affiliation: Darth Banshee
  • Model: I.M.D. Noctule 
  • ProductionSemi-Unique to one unique carrier (to be subbed later)
  • Material:  Durasteel hull, Stygium Crystals, and trainsteel view port


  • Classification: Drop Ship
  • Length: 35 meters
  • Width: 30 meters
  • Height: 8 meters
  • ArmamentAverage
    • 2 Twin Repeating Laser Cannons Forward Facing
  • Defenses High
  • Squadron Count: 6
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed RatingAverage
  • Hyperdrive Class: NA


  • Standard Communications Array  
  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator  
  • Standard Ion Engines
  • Standard Life Support Systems  
  • Standard Navigational Systems  
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines
  • Standard Sensor Array  
  • Standard Starfighter Weapons: Laser CannonsConcussion Missile Launchers
  • Standard Targeting Systems  
  • Can Enter Atmosphere and Land


  • Gravity Modulator
  • Stygium Cloak
  • Magentic hull
  • Plasma Cutter on Air Lock doors
  • Carries 41 soliders


  • Cloaking device
  • Can modulator gravity, to get past gravity traps
  • Carries a full platoon of soldiers per ship
  • Can cut into ships hulls


  • Fixed Forward Facing guns
  • Shields inactive when cloaked
  • No Hyperdrive

Description: I.M.D. Noctule is designed to deliver troops below any radar, and to get into anywhere, with the plasma cutter. The ship by design had many downsides, due to power requirements it has. As such many thing where sacrificed, while cloaked shields could not operate, nor could it guns. Then even worse it took three seconds for both to come online, when decloaking, making them very vulnerable. Also to make guns come online faster, they forgo having turrets, and had them fixed in place, and used it relative high maneuverability, to aim them. Though they where better as a ground support than in actual dog fighting, as even a basic interceptors could out maneuver them, though other freighters it could out fly. The ship also had to forgo it's hyperdrive so it could have full platoon of forty one troops and equipment on board, as well as the crew. The other feature it did have, was a magnetised hull, so it could stick onto capital ships, and the air locks had a plasma cutter on them. This meant they could cut into ships hulls, and board them. The good thing about this, they would decloak on the ships hull, and the cutter did not need as much power, so it could start stright away. 




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