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VCP-01 "Hoplon" - Pattern Combat Powersuit

- - - - - TGC The Golden Company TTH The Thyrsian Hierarchy Sun Guard Powersuit

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Intent: To resubmit a standard powersuit for the Golden Company and by extension the Thyrsian Hierarchy.
Canon Link: Not Applicable.
Primary Source: AV-1s Scout Armour, Hydrostatic Impact Gel, Repurposed Canon Articles, Original Submission.
Manufacturer: The Golden Company - Armourer's Guild, The Thyrsian Hierarchy - Royal Armourer's Guild. (Select and Contracted Foundries.)
Model: VCP-01 "Hoplon" - Pattern Combat Powersuit.
Affiliation: The Golden Company, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, Closed-Market.
Modularity: Yes; Exterior Attachments, Mandible Cartridges and Visual Aesthetics (Helmet Crest Varies for Officers.)
Production: Minor-Scale Production.
Material: Reinforced Duraplast, Durasteel, Plasteel, Flexisteel, TYI Flex Armour, Hydrostatic Impact Gel, Haysian Smelt, Cellular Padding, Circuitry-Impregnated Glasteel, Various Insulating Materials, Reactive Fabric, Servomotors, Armourweave, Ablative Enamel Coating, Various Powersuit Components. 
Classification: Multipurpose Combat-Rated Powersuit. [Medium Grade.]
Protection Type: Full Body Coverage.
Weight: 110 Kg or 242 Lbs - High Rating.
Resistances: See List Below;
  • Plasmatic and Energy Weapons (Excluding Disruptors): High Rating.
  • Kinetic Projectile, Melee Weapons and Shrapnel: Very High Rating.
  • Sonic Weapons (Including Concussive and Hard Sound.): High Rating.
  • Electromagnetic and Ionic Weapons: Average Rating.
  • Elemental and Environmental Weapons: Average Rating.
  • Lightsaber and Other Plasmatic Weapons (Including Disruptors): Low Rating.


  • Helmet Features:
    • Integrated Annunciatior - Programmable Vocal Distortion.
    • Closed Circuit Rebreather, with Redundant Oxygen Supply.
    • Environmentally Controlled, Vacuum-rated and Hermetically-sealed.
    • Retractable Dataport(s) with Socketguards.
    • Holographic Heads-Up Display - Programmable, and Customizable Settings.
    • Encrypted Global Positioning System, with Blue Force Tracking.
    • Encrypted IFF Transponder - Basic Wearer's Biographical Readouts.
    • Emergency Liquid Induction Port - Retractable Helmet Straw.
    • Integrated Macrobinoculars - x8 Magnification.
    • Various Combat-rated Sensors - Internal and External Range(s).
    • Various Targeting Sensors, including Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System.
    • Various Vision Filters - Including Ultraviolet, Etc.
    • High-comfort Cellular Concussion Padding.
    • Integrated Floodlights, with Rechargeable Power Supply.
  • Body Armour Features:
    • Compact Fusion Reactor - Backplate Mounted.
    • Solar Ionization Conversion Modules, with Retractable Power Collection Array(s). 
    • Environmentally Controlled, Vacuum-rated and Hermetically-sealed.
    • Integrated Power Armour Liner with Hydrostatic Impact Gel.
    • Internal Life Support System, with Biorestorative Underlay and Redundant Oxygen Supply.
    • Automated Adrenal Injection System.
    • Integrated Defibrillator, or AED.
    • External Bacta and Kolto Injection Ports - Retractable Cowling.
    • Electro-Reactive Fibres, Electro-Stimulated Fibre Bundles and Micronized Servomotor(s).
    • Reinforced Knee-plate(s), Elbow-plate(s) and Boot Bracers; Mechanized Assistance.
    • Magnetized Weapon Plating and Storage Strips.
    • Integrated Clip(s) and Mounting(s) for Additional Storage Items.
    • External Forearm Weapon Mounting(s).
    • External Shield Generator Mounting.
    • High-comfort Cellular Concussion Padding.
    • Integrated Heat Sinks and Ion Dispersal Coils.
  • Integrated Repulsorlift Engine (Backplate Mounted, Limited Flight Capability - Ten Seconds.)
  • Integrated Combat Droid Brain, with Heuristic Processors and a Neural Uplink. 
  • Retractable Combat Gorget.
  • Retractable and Poly-chromatic Visor.
  • Mandible Flamecaster, with Twinned Projectors (Retractable Cheekplates.)[Replaceable Cartridges, One Metre Projection Cone.]
  • Biometric and Retinal Security System.
  • Ionic and EMP Hardened: With a multitude of insulating materials integrated into the overall design of the Hoplon Power suit, the mechanized armour was able to resist close-proximity electromagnetic detonations; depending entirely on the severity of their designed capabilities. This meant that the closer and more powerful the electromagnetic device would be, the more likely it would impair - or outright cripple the combat-rated Exoskeleton. In addition to these adverse side effects, the Operator ran the risk of termination should the device be powerful enough to sweep aside the suit's innate electronic defences; as the organic flesh was bound to the machine and was vulnerable to an electromagnetic discharge coursing through their brains. 
  • Combat Powersuit: Through the use of micronized servomotors, electro-motivated fibre bundles and reactive fabric, the Hoplon takes its rightful place as a Combat Exoskeleton; effectively enhancing the capabilities and prowess of the Operator by a factor of Three. The benefits of following through with the Power suit route extend to a considerable increase in the wearer's lifting capacity, to augmenting how fast they were able to traverse variable terrain. However, even with the additional bracing placed around several critical joints, it was inadvisable to exceed the lifting capacity of the Combat Power suit, as the Operator ran the risk of rupturing their musculature and crippling themselves for life.
  • Hydrostatic Impact Gel: Unlike the inferior variant of Thermal Gel, the Hydrostatic Impact Gel offers an excellent bulwark against kinetic projectiles, as the self-contained aqueous solution hardens on impact. This process safely dissipates the lethal energy from the object propelled through the air, rendering the Operator beneath safe from harm - or severely bruised depending on the projectile used. However, this addition to the Hoplon armour comes with a notable drawback; being the limited mobility temporarily brought about by the crystals hardening. 
  • Droid Brain with Neural Uplink: Eliminating the delay, commonly found in most modern Power suits, between the reaction time of the suit and the wearer; the Hoplon comes standard with an integrated Neural Uplink that directly ties the onboard combat droid with the Operator. This connection between man and machine allowed for near-instantaneous transmission of data between the twinned brains - meaning that the armour becomes comparable to a second skin rather than a bulky suit. Through this "thought-to-action" process, the Operator of the Hoplon becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, as the integrated Droid brain stores the information gleaned from previous encounters and suggests variable tactics to its organic host. The longer that the Suit is operational, and continues on active-duty, the more likely that it is to develop a personality that complements the Operator's - essentially creating an enslaved and entirely limited variant of an artificial intelligence acting in support.
  • Biorestorative Underlay: Lining the primary portion of the armoured bodyglove composite, the Biorestorative underlay seeks to regulate and soothe the wearer whilst the power suit's in operation; by automatically injecting adrenals into their system or keeping them alive through an integrated AED should they suffer cardiac arrest. The underlay was also capable of sealing any punctures in the lining, as the layer of impact gel that was slathered atop the underlay ran the risk of terminally poisoning the wearer - should skin contact be made. This process also had the added benefit of safeguarding the Operator from rapid, and explosive decompression, should their combat suit be damaged during void-based operations. 
  • Limited Lightsabre Resistance: Through the combination of the Armourweave bodyglove and the reinforced Duraplast plating, the Hoplon Power suit is capable of withstanding glancing blows from a lightsabre. However, repeated and penetrative strikes would render these defensive measures useless; grievously wounding or killing the Operator outright, depending on where they were struck. These defensive properties allowed for the Wearer to engage Hostile targets armed with plasmatic weapons at close range, and offered a moderate survivability rating - depending entirely on the operator's skill in combat.
  • Limited Electronic Warfare Resistance: Although the Hoplon's systems are hardened against electromagnetic devices, the Power suit was by no means immune from their effects. Dependant entirely on the device used, and the Suit's proximity to the electromagnetic detonation, anything from static dancing about on his visor to a total system's shutdown was possible. Should the latter occur, it would take several moments for the surge of ionic energy to subside and to be shunted elsewhere for dispersal, before the system would reboot. It is also possible, should the hardening be defeated by a strong electromagnetic pulse, that through the connection between the suit and the wearer - that the latter's mind would burn out from the electric discharge; effectively killing the Operator beneath.
  • Flex-Armour: As much of the armour's protective barriers focused on the primary points of contact, there were several expected gaps within the overall design. Although these portions of the Power suit offered a modicum of protection from harm, they were significantly less than what was offered by the burnished metal plates. It was a necessary sacrifice in order for the operator to attain that heavenly middle-ground between the armour's protective qualities and natural human mobility. 
  • Retractable Gorget: While a relatively new, and untested addition to the Hoplon Powersuit, the retractable gorget serves as an added measure of protection in the midst of combat; safeguarding the wearer from decapitations. However, while this system is automatically and reactively deployed by the combat droid brain, it's not a perfect system. When extended, the wearer's movements are marginally restricted and can result in a fatality; should they be unable to react to a hostile threat in time. 
  • Compact Fusion Reactor: As the Hoplon's primary power supply, the armoured and externally mounted generator fed the majority of the suit's internal and mechanized systems. Should the reactor be breached, or compromised in some manner, it was unlikely that the wearer would be able to operate the entirety of the suit; as they would be forced to endure its dead weight unassisted to various degrees of success.
  • Hydrostatic Maneuverability: While the hydrostatic impact gel is nothing like its inferior thermal cousin, the Hoplon power suit suffers from a limited restriction in movement, and maneuverability should the contained substance activate. This process would last a matter of moments, while the internal electrochemical catalysts went about undoing the crystallizing procedure and returning full mobility to the wearer. 
The Hoplon pattern Combat power suit was conceptually designed, field tested, and inevitably produced by the technical architects within the Golden Company; with measured assistance from various other organizations outside their own. The myriad conglomerates that were contracted to assist in the production of the Hoplon were heavily regulated with direct oversight at every stage, as the Thyrsian architects were overly cautious in their attempts to keep a firm grasp on their advanced, and technical marvels. They couldn’t afford to have their progress find its way onto the open market, eventually forcing them to go back to the drawing board, as their enemies would utilize their technology against them. Thus, with blood, sweat, and tears, the conceptual foundations of their newest generation of powered armour found itself moving through the varied stages of production. With much of the technical work supplied by the Thyrsian Enclave, the first phases of production were relatively simple; as all that needed to be done was to translate the coding into basic and ensure that there were no errors lost in the process. When that phase was complete, the design crew moved towards producing the first power suit - as while there were hardships when creating the model in the digital realm - it wouldn’t compare to what they encountered when the schematics were ported over to a physical suit. 
When the first suit was constructed; it was done so in layers, to allow for multiple tests during the assembly process. The armour’s first layer of defence was that of its composite liner, which comprised of several items that sought to supplement the user’s strength and innate combat prowess. Acting as the direct point of contact between the sentient being and the armour itself, was the bio-restorative underlay and the environmentally sealed body glove. These two items were meant to support the Operator by keeping them alive in the vacuum and hostile environments, as well as offering them a regulated system of minor healthcare whilst on the battlefield. The underlay was outfitted with a remotely controlled and automated adrenal injection system that can, on command, administer a dose of combat stims directly into the wearer’s bloodstream. In addition to the automated injectors, and the puncture sealant dispensers, the underlay was outfitted with an integrated AED or defibrillator that would activate if the wearer suffered a cardiac arrest. This system was remotely controlled through a direct connection to the helmet and would suffer from limited response times as the system would have to be manually activated- if the connection was non-existent. 
Acting as the second layer of the composite power armour liner, the hydrostatic impact gel formed the foundations of the power suit’s protective capabilities. It was a newly minted item that was added to the Sun Guard’s arsenal and was closely guarded during the production process. The reasons behind this were because of the aqueous solution properties when dealing with the lethality of kinetic projectiles, and how rare the process of reversion was in comparison to the mass-produced drivel currently flooding the market. Unlike other impact gels, the hydrostatic variant was able to not only crystalize and disperse the force of the impact, but it was capable of reverting back to its original state after a small period of time. While this would momentarily hamper a soldier’s mobility, it was ultimately worthwhile, as they would still live to fight another day - rather than becoming a corpse. In addition to the gel, the second layer was outfitted with a combination of electro-reactive fabric, electro-motivated fibre bundles and servomotors; constituting the base of the power suit’s power-enhancing capabilities. It was through these components that allowed the suit to reflexively react to the Operator’s wishes - either enhancing their speed to run faster than the average human or boosting their strength to a factor of three.
Lastly, the third and final layer of the Hoplon power suit was comprised of several components - many of which rendered the entirety of the combat armour as a fully-sealed and enclosed environment. The first of these components were the combined mixture of the TYI Flex armour and armourweave, as they formed the outermost layer of the mechanized suit - before being cloaked and fitted with the reinforcing armour plates. This provided the suit with an additional layer of protection that safeguarded the vulnerable bodysuit beneath, as, on its own, it wouldn’t be capable of safely dispersing the lethality of projected plasma weapons. Thus, through the armourweave and the TYI Flex armour, the hydrostatic gel’s protective graces are enhanced further, allowing the warrior entombed within to move without the fear of inflicted wounds from a myriad of external sources. After the bodysuit, comes the armour plating itself; where every plate was magnetically affixed and chemically sealed to the fortified glove beneath. These armour plates were specially fitted to offer the perfect ratio between mobility and defence, without sacrificing either in the hopes of creating technological harmony. 
As the first suit was complete, and there were little hiccups reported throughout the entirety of the process, the architects moved forward with bringing a handful more off the production line. If they were to test the armour to its fullest capabilities, then it would need to be pitted against another of it’s kind - rather than the sub-par outfits their Thyrsian overseers currently wore. It wasn’t long after that the Sun Guard were fitted with neural interfaces and adorned in their new armour, that they began pushing themselves - and the suit’s thereafter - to their nominal limits. Aside from a few minor incidents, where the neural nodes shorted out and caused irreparable brain damage to a handful of Mercenaries, the Hoplon was ready to be outfitted with a myriad of external attachments and sent off to battle. With the suit being aesthetically designed to match what passed for ancient Thyrsian armour, uplifted into the modern age, the hoplon was the spiritual manifestation of their warrior culture - reborn in black and gold.

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