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J1 Utility Belt

- - - - - Jedi Remnant Resistance

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Intent: Just to organize a few things into one link

Image Source: [x]

Canon Link: Jedi Utility Belt

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: Jedi Remnant

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: Jedi-1


  • Aesthetics
  • Additional Pouches, Holsters, etc

Production: Limited


  • Sensor Blocking Materials
  • Leatheris
  • Leather



  • Resilient: The Belt isn’t exactly fragile. It’s hardly armor or anything, but it can stand up to the rigors of daily life on the fringe pretty well.
  • Hidden Compartment: The belt has two hidden compartments within it, one just big enough for a comlink to be stored within, the other varies in size but is intended to hide a lightsaber. The compartments don’t register on scanning equipment, showing up as nothing when scanned by technology.


  • Belt: It is a belt, not armor or protective in any serious way.


The Jedi Remnant produced their own J1 Utility belt in order for their members and associates to keep their many field tools. It is made to appear unassuming, though bearing similar aesthetics to the ancient Jedi Order. Made from durable leatheris and leather, the belt has been built to survive the rigors of life in harsh climates and warzones commonly visited by members of the Remnant.


The J1 can be modified for different colors, sizes, fashions, and have additional pouches and holsters added at the wearer’s discretion. Many are customized so heavily they no longer resemble the original creation. Created for the primary purpose of holding tools and equipment Jedi use commonly, the belt has several pouches that can be adjusted on it to hold various tools or packs. Most usually have a toolkit, medkit, and utility kit each holding numerous pieces associated with that field.


The only noteworthy aspect of the belt would be the small sensor absorbing hidden compartments within it. One is just large enough for a comlink or other similarly sized object. Often Jedi will use another one of these to conceal their lightsaber if they are able to physically conceal it well enough on their person. These areas do not show up as voids on scans, they simple render the object within them undetectable.

Vigil Rostu

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