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EF91 Nebulon-D Frigate

- - - - - Kuat Drive Yards Resistance

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Intent: To create an updated Nebulon Frigate

Image Source: [x]

Canon Link: EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards | The Resistance

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: EF91


  • Aesthetics
  • Internal Configuration
  • Nebulon-D/Escort Frigate
  • Nebulon-D/Carrier Frigate

Production: Minor



Classification: Frigate

Length: 300 Meters

Width: 72 Meters

Height: 166 Meters


Armament: Moderate

[Very High Full Power to Weapons]

  • Turbolasers (12)
  • Warhead Launchers (6)
  • Quad Laser Cannons (12)
  • ACS Witch Fire CIWS (6)
  • Dual Tractor Beam Projector (1)


Armament: Very Low

[Average Full Power to Weapons]

  • Turbolasers (6)
  • Quad Laser Cannons (12)
  • ACS Witch Fire CIWS (6)
  • Dual Tractor Beam Projector (1)

Defenses: Average

[High Full Power to Shields]

  • Deflector Shields
  • Flares


Hangar: Average

  • Squadrons (1)
  • Dropships, Light Freighters, Shuttles, and Transports (2)


Hangar: Extreme

  • Squadrons (5)
  • Dropships, Light Freighters, Shuttles, and Transports (2)

Minimum Crew: 307

Optimum Crew: 585

Passenger Capacity: 75

Cargo Capacity: 4,000 Metric Tons

Consumables: 2 Years

Maneuverability Rating: Low

Speed Rating: Low

[Moderate Full Power to Engines]

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Backup Hyperdrive Class: 8.0



The EF91 Nebulon-D contains standard features technologically comparable to other escort and carrier frigates in the modern era. Its computers, sensors, and other systems are of similar codes and specifications of other ships.


Some Carrier Variants are equipped with extensive Medical Bays with self-replenishing Bacta Tanks and surgical droids and are used as medical transports instead of combat vessels.



  • Power Converter


  • Power Converter: The new EF91 Models now include Power Converters and a small reserve Power Generator, which allows them to boost one of their combat systems in battle, or assist with a rapid startup sequence.
  • Modular Internal Structure: Given their highly modular nature, they can be internally altered with relative ease making room for more hangar space or additional weaponry, which also makes repair simple.


  • Unassigned Energy: In combat, the reserve power must be assigned by the pilot or droid or it is not utilized or directed. This means when ambushed by enemy craft, the vessel is not able to perform at its full potential for a time.
  • One System at a Time: The frigate‚Äôs power converter can only direct its reserve power to a single combat system at a time, taking several moments to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect it, and begin the flow of energy to the next system.
  • Structural Integrity: The Nebulon series of ships are known for a thin tube connecting the front spire and aft engine block, which is a serious structural weakness. It is much easier to destroy than the rest of the ship as it is a simple tube, and damage to it will separate the engines from the main reactor, effectively rendering the ship immobile and causing immense pressure on the space frame. Knowing this the vessel must rely on its shield system if targeted in that area.


The Nebulon series has a long and noted history throughout the galaxy. The Nebulon-B having started its service as an anti-starfighter escort by the Galactic Empire to reduce the effectiveness of Rebel Starfighter raids on convoys, and later as a support vessel by the Rebellion. Its modular internal configuration has allowed the same hulls to be medical ships, carriers, anti-fighter craft, and cargo vessels for centuries.


The Nebulon-D Frigate is simply a modernized model of the of the Nebulon-B. Using similar layouts and aesthetics the frigate is normally modeled into two variants, either Escort or Carrier. With its modular construction, each hull is able to be mostly completed before the demands for one variant or another must be decided. Even after completion, retooling an existing hull is fairly easy and quick, while engine blocks are able to be exchanged within a day or so as they are traded between ships based on damage.


Often the Carrier Variant is used as a pocket carrier with a full wing of Starfighters in its forward spire and two supporting squadrons held in rear compartment, or a cargo hauler by filling its hangar with large containers of equipment and goods, or as a medical ship loaded with self-replenishing bacta tanks and surgical suites. Its weapons loadout is restricted to only a handful of defensive weapons and turbolasers, able to ward off small groups of enemy fighters but otherwise poorly armed.


The escort variant has far more weaponry by sacrificing its hangar size for more reactor space, compensating for its increased armament. With powerful Turbolaser turrets supported by warhead launchers, the vessel is able to support larger heavy cruisers in battle or ward off enemy starfighters efficiently with its varied armament.


The updated EF91 designs have been fitted with a Power Converter which it uses to modulate the flow of power from its primary reactor to amplify its combat systems. Using this system it is able to boost either its weapons, shields, or engines slightly while in combat. It takes the system a few short moments to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect the powerflow, and re-enable the system once more.

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