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Teroch-Class Assault Frigate

- - - - - Frigate Assault Lander Mandalorian Mandalorian Empire Capital Ship MandalMotors

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Zeke Farthen

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  • Intent: To create an assault landing frigate for the Mandalorian Empire and future Mandalorian factions
  • Image Source: Teroch-Class Assault Frigate
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: None


  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Affiliation: Various Major and Minor Mandalorian Factions; Closed-Market 
  • Model: Teroch-Class Assault Frigate
  • ProductionMinor 

  • Material: 


  • Classification: Transport
  • Length: 400 Meters
  • Width: 90 Meters
  • Height: 160 Meters
  • ArmamentHigh
  • Defenses High
  • Hangar Low: 1 
  • Maneuverability RatingVery Low
  • Speed Rating Average
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 2 


  • Standard Navigation Computers
  • Standard Starship Safety Systems
  • Med Bays
  • Other Standard Military Grade Ship Systems


  • Battalion Barracks
  • Vast Storage


  • Atmospheric Assault: The Teroch-Class could land in atmosphere and unload a large amount of its invasion force quickly and efficiently.
  • Concentrated Fire: The Teroch-Class' heavy turbolasers could effectively focus fire due to their limited firing arcs, creating a devastating rain of energy capable of quickly whittling down shields and destroying vessels.


  • Limited Firing Arcs: The firing arc of the heavy turbolaser cannons was limited to forward facing, boradside, or up for the single turbolaser on the ventral hull.
  • Poor Maneuverability: The Teroch-Class flew like a brick and often had to rely on its powerful shields rather than avoiding direct attacks.

Description: Centered around old Mandalorian naval doctrines, the Teroch-Class Assault Frigate was a powerful barrier in space. Originally designed for MandalMotors, the Teroch-Class was meant for internal use of the company in order to defend investments throughout the galaxy. The ship fell into service with the Mandalorian Empire after the Mand'alor ended her relationship with the Sith Emperor in a violent fashion, which saw tensions rise between the two Outer Rim nations. While all out war with the Sith Juggernauts was still a far flung fear, the Mandalorian Empire began consolidating their naval forces shortly thereafter and as a result the Teroch-Class became another cog in the Mandalorian naval machine. 


Four hundred meters long and ninety meters across, the Teroch-class was meant to act in groups. Utilizing its powerful shields and heavy armor plating, it was able to take a substantial amount of damage at the head of a formation and act as a bulwark for a friendly fleet. The armament of the Teroch-Class was also designed to function as part of a larger formation. With five huge forward facing heavy turbolaser cannons it was able to lay down an impressive amount of firepower, especially when in a line or blockade which helped to create a lethal crossfire and deal an impressive amount of damage to large warships over a short time. The cannons had limited mobility, but could could face for broadside assaults and the single ventral turbolaser could fire up, should vessels attempt to engage at short range. Also doted across the surface of the vessel were 5 quad laser cannons for use against smaller capital vessels and starfighters. Despite its powerful weapons, its poor maneuverability and lack of a true fighter complement left it vulnerable to more agile vessels or when caught out of formation. 


The secondary purpose, and one of the reasons the vessel was chosen for service in the Mandalorian armada, was its ability to function as a super heavy troop deployment craft. Originally designed as an armored transport for various goods and starship parts, its interior space was heavily modified to accommodate large amounts of troops and armor. With its powerful shields and large landing gear, it was able to make planet-fall in hostile territory and deploy its embarked battalion. These troops were supported by mechanized units which were all stored aboard the vessel in its vast storage bay. These included speeder bikes, a single AT-AE walker, deactivated DX-Series Battle droids, I'dadr-Class Bes'uliik, Meteor-Class M Carriers, and various other heavy ordinance. With its extensive cargo bays and integrated barracks, the vessel could make for a makeshift forward operations facility. 


Untested and with a long service life ahead, the Teroch-Class assault frigate had an important role to fill. It would go on to serve the Mandalorians in future wars until its retirement.


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