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My my, what a year it has been. I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting to give my character here so many overhauls. But I think I've settled on something I like and has room to grow. The droid formally known as SYN, and SN-1411 before that was my introduction to the site. I choose two of my favorite things in Star Wars to make a character out of. Droids, and bounty hunters. After that SYN developed into STaCLO and gained Force Sensitivity. Now that's quite a bit from when I joined in the beginning of January last year.


Sadly I haven't written this character as much as I'd like to. Often hopping between other alts of mine. But still being my oldest character on Chaos I wanted to hear some general feedback from those I've written with, and maybe even those I have yet to write with. For STaCLO, any of my alts, and me as a writer.

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