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Protector Enclave

Resistance Mandalorians Mercenaries

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Intent: To create an interesting Resistance Strike Group

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Role: Special Forces Unit

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Unit Name: Protector Enclave

Affiliation: The Resistance

Classification: Special Forces Air Cavalry

Equipment: The Protector Enclave often see’s a motley assortment of weaponry and gear in the field, its members using personally owned and maintained weapons rather than issued firearms and so rarely are two members equipped the same. For the most part they all wear Mandalorian armor and vambraces, and use a myriad of high powered rifles, pistols, and rugged close-combat weapons carried on the persons. The unit travels upon a pair of Kom’rk-class Fighter/Transports with their own escort squadron of Fang-class Starfighters, occasionally making use of boarding pods or high altitude drops into a location.





Side Arms

Melee Weapons

Support Weapons


Description: The Protector Enclave is lead by its Warmaster, Saxon Rhal, a fearsome Thrysian Mandalorian convert who has fought with the Red Legion and Ori’ramikade before the Netherworld Rapture claimed most of the Mandalorian territory. In his later years he walked away from the Mandalorian Civil War along with a handful of like-minded Mandalorians and mercenaries from all walks of life, becoming soldiers-for-hire in Wild Space and the Outer Rim. Rhal believed that Mandalorians shouldn’t be killing each other, and rather than contribute to the bloodshed of who he considered to be his family on either side it was best that he strive out on his own, distancing himself from the culture he that had once been his whole life. Those that followed looked to him for leadership and guidance, lost in a galaxy that no longer made sense to them without a home. With no other choice, he bore the burden of leadership and began searching for a place in the galaxy for them to call their own. After several years, Rhal found himself fighting alongside the Resistance, and found a cause he believed in for the first time in a very long life. Freedom.


It didn’t hurt that they let him fight whoever and whenever he wanted either.


The Protector Enclave consists of a mixture of Mandalorian warriors, like-minded mercenaries, and veterans, usually from now defunct governments, or bounty hunters. The group follows similar doctrines to the Supercommando Codex, having a code of honor they adhere to and hold themselves accountable too. In battle, the Enclave’s members operate in loose teams, covering each other in pairs, or fighting alone as they see fit. Most of its members are veteran warriors with a plethora of experience and training before they ever joined the Enclave, usually with a track record of success, and being hot-heads. The group currently operates as a unit of special purpose operators contracted to the Resistance, filling the role of strike teams and direct action squads while deployed.


Three Rally Masters lead the Journeymen in battle and keep them in line while on leave or at a base, keeping them organized and stopping them from burning down a settlement they’ve been paid to guard. Rally Masters keep the peace, issue orders, oversee the maintaining of the Enclave’s equipment. They each command a small group of Journeymen called a Mustering or Muster, which lacks true organization. Each one has a transport, or uses individual fighters, to ferry them group from unit to unit.


The Rooks, the mustering of pilots under the command of Rally Master Rao, consists mainly of fellow Aces who prefer the use of the Fang-class Starfighter, hailing from their Mandalorian roots. It has fifteen Journeymen Pilots at any given time, cycling them between the twelve starfighters they possess. The mustering is known for being hot-headed and high on themselves, not unlike other fringe pilots, most infamous for their post-combat celebrations which is not said to be complete until several people are knocked unconscious and a building is set aflame.


The Condor ferries the Mustering that have dubbed themselves Ravens to and from missions. Thirty one Journeymen Protectors adept at using jetpacks and favoring close quarters weapons such as disruptors, melee weapons, and scatterguns make up the body of the unit. While the Rooks are a rambunctious group, the Ravens are show a measure of professionalism despite the Mandalorian stereotypes they do readily exhibit, such as bar fights, drinking, and having a casual attitude towards war in general.


The mustering of Helions, aboard the Gorgon, seem to prefer demolitions and anti-infantry weapons with either high rates of fire or a spread. Fearsome in reputation, Helions have a fair reputation among the Enclave. They might be rough around the edges, often having good-natured fights with each other, partaking in heavy drinking and feasting between battles, but they do their job well and hold respect for the locals while on a planet.



Unit Size: Small

Unit Availability: Rare

Unit Experience: Elite

Unit Organization:

Warmaster Saxon Rhal, Commanding Officer

Huntermaster Kai-sen, Executive Officer

The Rooks

  • Rally Master Jess Rao
  • Fifteen Journeymen Pilots
  • Twelve Fang-class Starfighters

The Ravens

  • Rally Master Toran Auchs
  • Thirty One Journeymen Protectors
  • The Condor, Kom’rk-class Fighter/Transport

The Hellions

  • Rally Master Vax Dalan
  • Twenty Seven Journeymen Protectors
  • The Gorgon, Kom’rk-class Fighter/Transport

Combat Function: The Journeymen Protectors consist of around one hundred skilled mercenaries, bounty hunters, Mandalorians, and freedom fighters who all hold some individual reputation for their prowess. On the battlefield the Journeymen are loosely organized, relying on their superior skill and situational awareness to coordinate rather than any proper teamwork. A motley assortment of troops from varying backgrounds, all with different specializations and preferences, the Journeymen carry whatever weapons they choose individually rather than being issued weapons as a unit. As a whole they may seem disorganized and unruly, but their years of combat experience allows them to function on par or above the Special Forces of other governments, with wily old men using tricks learned across brutal life times to deal with enhanced soldiers, Force Users, and mutated beasts they encounter.



  • Lifetimes of War: The members of the Protector Enclave are usually veteran bounty hunters or mercenaries when they are approached to train or apprentice under the organization. Even then it takes time and experience in combat before they are considered trusted members and Journeymen ensuring that any that are inducted fully have accumulated several lifetimes worth of experience.
  • Hell on Jetpacks: Journeymen Protectors are known for causing destruction and devastation wherever they go, acting as a skilled Direct Action unit and special forces operators. Sometimes deployed as Special Operations Mission Groups or Special Forces strike teams.


  • Motley Crew: The Protector Enclave is disorganized, loosely controlled by the Rally Masters and Warmaster. They normally operate in pairs, trios, or break off on their own once arriving at a warzone. This makes keeping them focused and supporting one another difficult as they are usually stubborn warriors who don’t want to seek each other’s assistance if they can help it.
  • Rabble Rousers: Unfortunately, many members of the Enclave are hell-raisers, men and women who enjoy fighting one another and others, raising Cain, and causing a ruckus. It isn’t uncommon for them to leave a place in pieces or with scars in their wake. They mean well, but they don’t seem to notice how much damage they cause.


As Warmaster, Rhal is the undisputed leader of the Protector Enclave though he does his best to guide the group of misfits in a direction they desire. Rhal stands tall and broad, almost one hundred eighty-eight centimeters tall with a muscular frame weighing around one hundred twenty four kilograms with dark colored skin, bearing scars on his arms, chest and back. He has dark hair, cropped short with a matching goatee on his chin encircling his mouth. A rather jovial man, taking a casual enjoyment to warfare and fighting with a loud, commanding presence. To him, fighting is a hobby, a talent he has spent his entire life honing into an artform that he thoroughly enjoys. He has his own sense of justice and righteousness that he tries to uphold, preferring the term ‘Mercenary with a Soul’ to Soldier of Fortune to describe himself. Rhal spent his youth in the Red Legion and middle age as a member of the Ori’ramikade, going so far as to earn the rank of Commander before the rise of Ra Vizsla. He is a master of small unit tactics warfare and close quarters battle, capable of using a myriad of weapons to fight at range or melee. Rhal is hardly a sniper or general, exceling in unarmed combat using a mixture of boxing and echani martial arts, boasting that he can keep up with ‘enhanced’ soldiers or Force Masters, making him a very dangerous individual.


At the formation of the Enclave, Saxon Rhal organized his followers into groups of journeymen protectors, three groups each to be led by a Rally Master and a small group of four of his closest friends to accompany him personally. These four are basically just the Warmaster’s drinking buddies and friends that have sat around swapping stories and fighting alongside each other for decades, all old soldiers too stubborn to put down the blade and take their well deserved rest.


Jess Rao commands a squadron of Fang-class Starfighters, twelve of the elite fighters which provide the force with an escort when necessary but also undertake raids when they can. She is on the short side in stature with an athletic frame and muscle definition exhibited across her features. Jess is fiery, said to be one of the harsher Rally Masters when it comes to keep her warriors in line. She is a hardened warrior, having grown up in the frontiers trying to keep up with the men and boys her whole life in an effort to prove herself. She’s quick to anger as an assertive figure over the rank and file Journeymen, but isn’t without humor, though she is said to be dry and dark with her jokes. She makes a rule of refusing to learn new recruits’ names until after their first battle so as not to waste her time. Jess is an Ace pilot, but having grown up in a culture dominated by warriors, she’s no slouch as a gunhand or fighter, trained in how to fight on the ground even if her talents and focus is in the cockpit.



Toran Auchs, Rally Master of the Kom’rk-class known as the Condor. He is a tall man with dirty blonde hair, a gruff build, covered with scars, preferring light armor for himself. Toran is a stoic individual, said to be devoid of personality as his demeanor is observed by others. He has a reputation for wearing a poker face at all times, which coincidentally makes him one of the best Sabacc players within the Enclave. His subordinates describe him as grim or overly stern, being a disciplinarian and figure of authority, however he has built up a reputation for having the fewest casualty ratios among his counterparts, so many newer members seek to join his Mustering when able. Auchs is a gunslinger, steely eyed and determined with steady hands. He shows no fear in a light-fight and precision with his paired pistols, though he favors his right hand in a fight. He prefers hit and run tactics, fading away from the most prepared enemies to strike at others in order to quickly accomplish a mission with minimal risk necessary.


The Gorgon, the other Kom’rk-class the Enclave possesses is home to Vax Dalan and his Helions. Vax Dalan is a lithe Icarii of average height, considered lanky with long arms and legs. He has dark hair and eyes, grey skin marked with red tattoos across his back, shoulders, and legs of a tribal nature. Despite being a capable commando Dalan specializes his skills as a sapper, or as a professional saboteur, specializing in hotwiring vehicles and doors to slice security, designing and implementing explosives to maximum effect against structures, vehicles, or people, and creating makeshift catastrophes wherever one is desired. Nothing makes him happier than leveling a building just the right way, leading to his fellows to consider him somewhat sadistic and psychotic. He has a dark sense of humor, but is always cracking jokes and making crude or crass comments whenever one comes to mind. Dalan has been accused of lacking a proper filter, resulting his his accidental dismemberment from time to time, though he lacks the ability to feel pain as a rare genetic side affect from a biological agent poisoning his species long ago.




Saxon Rhal is a Thrysian male who spent his youth on Cathar roaming the deserts and spending time with the local tribes. He participated in several Blood Hunts alongside the felioid Cathar against Kiltik beetles as a teenager, gaining a great respect for the tribal culture he had been raised in proximity with. When the Mandalorians began their conquests anew with the end of the Four Hundred Year Darkness caused by the Gulag Plague, Cathar was quickly absorbed into the warrior culture’s empire. Saxon found himself inducted into the Red Legion before he was truly a man, hungry for glory and battle in the early days of his life. Under the Leadership of Verz Horak and Mandalore the Liberator he fought in campaigns on Junction, Togoria, and Dromund Kaas watching planets burn and reveling in the fight. His skills became honed like a razor and he began seeking out wastelands to continue to test himself such as Vendaxa and Alzoc III, where he met the Talz that would become his closest friend and ally.


When Mandalore the Liberator took to Coruscant to fight the One Sith, Saxon now a greenhorn in the Ori’ramikade, readily took to battle on the Galactic Capital in the hopes of uprooting the One Sith Empire and forcing their fledgling forces back into the deep core. For him it was always about fighting, tempering his artform evermore. There, Mia Monroe was slain by the Dark Lord and the Mandalorians truly went to war with the Sith once more assaulting them at Empress Teta but were once more unsuccessful in defeating the powerful Sith presence. Saxon continued to serve in the army of the Mandalorian Clans, considering it his home through the times of Mand’alor Ra Vizsla until he disappeared. When the Clans dispersed, so to did he try his hand as a bounty hunter and a mercenary alongside a small group of his friends. Saxon preferred to fight for causes he found honorable, and though he felt little hatred for the Sith he enjoyed fighting against them far more than he did fighting against Jedi, his own moral compass more aligned with the Lightsiders in general.


When Ra Vizsla returned and the Civil War began, Rhal and many others were not as devoted as the legions that split and rifted into the opposing sides. Mia was a butcher and corrupted by several deaths to the point she burned her home and slaughtered millions, and Ra was a demagogue putting Mandalorians into internment camps based on their genetic makeup. The fact that both were also vying for power and killing their fellow clansmen for it didn’t appeal to Rhal or his friends and so they walked away from the bloodshed and discord, turning to each other instead.


For a time Rhal refused to lead or accept any official claim, but as they fell to infighting and disunity he understood that the people that had followed him away from their homes deserved someone with clarity of conscience and purity of purpose to guide them. With the goading of a few of his friends within the group, Saxon Rhal declared himself their Warmaster, challenging any of the group that thought themselves more suited for such a burden to prove it with their metal. When the few hotheads that did stand were beaten, the old soldier reforged the group into the Enclave, a mercenary company that would sell its swords to the just and the downtrodden with tenets and doctrines taken from the Supercommando Codex that had helped shape its Warmaster into the man he has become.

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