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Witches of the Mist (Open)

- - - - - Dathomir Open

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Rorschach often very seldom traveled throughout the galaxy, having never been deep into the Outer Rim territories, only going as far as Coruscant.Yet for someone like him, a Chiss far from his home, he had often studied and was very curious of the galaxy that existed outside of the now budding Ascendancy taking shape.Why did he come to Dathomir? Of all places in the galaxy filled with nothing but red mist and swamps, and most of all witches. 


That was precisely why he had come here, the witches of Dathomir was one of the many Force Sects he had often heard about.He only had heard rumors of them, beings who willed something called "Magicks" A varient of the Force perhaps that was unique to Dathomir. Even he couldn't explain, as someone who studied both the Light and Dark sides of the Force, he often viewed the Force with the Vitizer philosophy as not being wholly separate from dark and light.He only saw it as a weapon, a weapon to be used to establish a free and independent Chiss people. 


As he wandered from the Lambda-class shuttle, he carefully approached through the Red mists, the Elder Chiss always remaining vigilant. Not knowing what could happen, he for all he knew could be walking into an ambush. Carefully stepping forth through the mists keeping his senses sharp. It would have been a rare sight for anyone to see a Chiss. It was true his kind wasn't particularly seen in the galaxy and most easily mistaken them for a race that was similar to their species. 


The Force for all he knew was on his side today, and even if he should meet battle, he had hoped to seek out these witches, curious on how they had interacted with the Force. 




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The opportunity to travel the galaxy was a rare one for the Chiss, largely due to the past isolationist attitude the Ascendancy kept. But in more recent years that stance had lessened some, allowing for exploration and expansion of knowledge, even if in small steps. One particular group that had benefited from a more open stance on galactic relations was the Viziters, with their focus on the Force and learning its secrets to control and master. So when a mission required some representation of the Viziters to travel to a well-known Force occupied planet, Chaf'ivl'oarrou couldn't help but step up and offer his services!


Now, on the mysterious planet of Dathomir, Chaf'ivl'oarrou wondered if he had made a mistake. Not only was the surface eerie, almost as though it was only half alive, but there was a red mist that flowed throughout the area. Chaf'ivl'oarrou looked back toward the Lambda-Class Shuttle the small group had arrived on, before letting out a slow exhale and looking forward once again. Beside him the older and more experienced leader of the expedition was moving ahead, seemingly undisturbed, prepared to tackle the task head on.


Chaf'ivl'oarrou wished he shared the same optimism.


"Do you think we'll have a civil reception, Exarch Vero'rschach'brast?" Chaf'ivl'oarrou asked as he jogged to catch up with the other Viziter. "I've heard some disturbing things about the witches on this planet... something about large monsters with huge teeth and claws, and how they feed unwanted trespassers to them."


While Chaf'ivl'oarrou wasn't sure what to believe, since records were slim on specifics, it still remained a concern that the mere mention of such monsters likely had some element of truth to them...

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