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- - - - - whimsy scherezade dewinter factory

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Structure Name: Glitz'n'Glamour
  • Classification: Weapons Factory
  • Location: Krant
  • Affiliation:
  • Accessibility: Glitz'n'Glamour is situated in the industrial district of Krant. On the outside, the factory looks like a little childrens' toy factory, attracting attention only rarely. However, its location is far from hidden, and can be easily seen from the roads around due to its sheer size
  • Description: Glitz'n'Glamour is a gigantic rectangle-shaped structure, with see-proof glass decorating the few windows it has. Various murals and stickers of princes and princesses wearing pink and playing with glitter can be easily seen on the ground level, and occasionally, those who walk by note the smell of fresh baked cinnamon buns. The exterior is a cover for the interior;; mot floors are below the ground and deal with the creation of acidcoverd glitter and weaponry that can make use of it.


The Lobby

The Lobby of Glitz'n'Glamour is wide and fancy, offering lavish couches for guests to sit on while they wait. While nearly anyone can access the building itself and wait here, it is incredibly hard to get deeper into the building without proper clearances and passes. A small bar is situated along the wall, offering guests the best of hard and soft drinks that can be found on Krant, as well as a few imported labels. The deco could easily fool those who do not know any better that this is a children's animated holoseries studio and not a weapons factory. By the droid secured elevators are the receptionists. Aside for the large doors that are used to come in or leave, there are two elevators that offer an exit from the lobby - one to the main office and one to the factory proper.

The Main Office

The Main Office is where Scherezade deWinter conducts her business from when she is on the planet. It is a lavish office, with the main color being ancient pink. During her absence, only the maintenance and cleaning droids are permitted entrance. All information found in the factory runs directly to the Main Office on a closed circular network, and any access to external networks, HNN included, is blocked. The only route for information to get out is from the main office directly to Twinkle Doom, who updates his own data files on an irregular schedule. The main office is above ground.

The Factory Proper

The second lift takes employees to the factory proper. Before entering, they must wear protective suits that cover every single inch of them to ensure that no flying glitter melts parts of their bodies. Upon exit, the suits are removed and employees are made to take special showers with custom made chemical blends to ensure that not a single spec of glitter accidently remains on them. The various floors deal with various aspects of Whimsy's creations; acid creation, glitter creation, combining the two, packaging, postage, and various handling for different weapons that make use of the glitter. The safe components (durasteel and plain glitter) are created on the floors that are above ground; the rest is underground.


Security: Maximum

  • Cyber Security
  • Inside Security
    • Anti-personnel Blaster Cannons
    • Heavily guarded - both droids and organics
  • Perimeter Security
    • Death Fence
    • Military-grade, facility deflector shield generator
    • Laser, Missile, Power, and Ion turrets
    • Heavily guarded - both droids and organics
    • Wind Machines - machines that can direct the direction of the wind within the facility's range and a little bit beyond that to control the glitter in case of malfunction.



When Scherezade deWinter returned after being stuck between dimensions as a result of the spell she'd cast on herself to have Madalena Antares replace her, she decided to take a more active approach towards business. What had begun as an idea for glitter bullets so long ago when she was still fresh and innocent developed into the idea of creating an entire line of widely produced weapons that would be based on the technology she had developed - acid covered glitter.

To do this, she needed a factory, and an investment. Several people had seen her Glitter Bullets in action and were willing to invest substantial sums in her idea as well as offer comfortable loans. Due to the friendship she'd developed as Madalena Antares with Krant's Viceroy, Dianah Vi'Dreya, she chose Krant as the first location to open a factory.

The first weeks were interesting, and included a lot of accidents. Compiling safety protocols took some effort of trial and error before a way to keep the employees safe was finally created. And bit by bit, the factory became function. Very functional.


To offset overly curious visitors, the exterior of the building as well as the lobby were made to look like the factory deals with children's animation and toys yet for some unfathomable reason deadly guarded, and special scent chemicals were purchased to cover the stench of acid and plastic.

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