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- - - - - Laira Darkhold Lightsaber

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. An elegant weapon... for a more civilized age.” - Obi-wan Kenobi





Intent: Laira’s primary Weapon

Image Source: [x] | [x] | [x]

Canon Link: Lightsaber | Exar Kun

Primary Source: The Sentinel | Jaxton's Retrosaber | Dral’tomad



Manufacturer: Laira Darkhold

Affiliation: Laira Darkhold

Model: Not Applicable


  • Crystals could be Exchanged

Production: Unique



Classification: Dual-Phase Lightsaber

Size: Average

Weight: Average | 0.96 Kilograms

Overall Length: 125.73 Centimeters | 85.09 Centimeters

Blade: 91.44 Centimeters (Standard) | 50.8 Centimeters (Shoto)

Hilt: 34.29 Centimeters



  • Intense Blade: Vanquish has a modular blade intensity setting, allowing its cutting power to be adjusted from simple training saber, to intense enough to rend and melt through Mandalorian Iron and Phrik, and several other Lightsaber Resistant materials with relative ease.
  • Force-Imbued Blade: With some concentration and a little effort, Laira can channel her Force potential through the weapon so that it’s blade is able to harm spirits, demons, and other Force related apparitions.
  • Non-Dimetris Circuitry: Constructed without the normal Dimetris circuitry, the weapon’s electromagnetic sheath that contains the plasma, is not shorted out by Cortosis like normal Lightsabers would be.



  • Cutting Power: The blade, at its highest intensity, is capable of slashing through Beskar, Phrik, and several other Lightsaber Resistant materials with relative ease, making it easier to overload power-glands found in Yuuzhan Vong biots, and allowing it to cut through normal materials significantly faster than standard lightsabers.


  • Active Imbuement: The weapon requires Laira to focus on channeling her presence through the crystal in order to imbue the blade in order to damage Dark Side spirits and demons.
  • Blade Instability: At its highest blade intensity, Vanquish emits an unstable blue-white blade that crackles with energy and sparks along the blade, and is much more prone to shorting out.


Vanquish, the Lightsaber constructed by Laira Darkhold for her use throughout the War with the imperials of the Galaxy. The hilt is made of finely crafted silver-polished Dallorian Alloy with a few brass secondaries such as the activation stud and connection to the ring that allows it to be held on a belt, and a black rubber grip around the top of the weapon. The internal mechanisms within the weapon have been constructed of high grade metals, containing the primary Krayt Dragon Pearl which acts as the main focusing crystal. She crafted the weapon after acquiring a Krayt Dragon Pearl of pure white from one of the beast’s gullet, that she happened to be eaten by. The young would-be Jedi spent time researching Lightsaber while she possessed the pearl, focusing on information found within the Holocron of Darth Caedus, where she found stories about Exar Kun, after whose Lightsaber she created her own. When she turned to the path of the Jedi she included a blazing blue Kyber crystal focusing lense, which turned the blade from white to blue.


The blade is projected through a refined and polished blue-white Krayt Dragon pearl, giving the energy blade a shining azure edge and bright white central core. Like many Lightsabers it features a dual phase setting allowing the blade to adjust from a standard long sword style to a shortened shoto with a simple twist of the handle; a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse to allow the weapon to function underwater; faraday caging around its electronics to provide limited resistance to Ionic interference; an adjustable power output, adjustable blade length settings, and a biometric pressure grip tuned to Laira’s genetic signature as standard modifications made from the baseline Lightsaber design.


What makes Vanquish special is not its appearance but its function. Lightsaber wielding warriors in the modern age have found themselves encountering opposition utilizing powerful materials such as beskar, phrik, ultrachrome, and yuuzhan vong biots which limit a Lightsaber’s offensive capabilities in vast quantities throughout the galaxy. To compensate for the inevitability of encountering enemies equipped to resist the power of Lightsabers Laira included a secondary energy source situated below the primary diatium powercell in the handle containing a tiny amount of Isotope-5 to provide the energy necessary to sustain an power cutting blade for any amount of time. Based off information detailing Exar Kun’s lightsaber and the modern weapons based off its original design, Laira built her lightsaber in order to vastly increase the cutting power of the blade at the cost of destabilizing it. The blade draws significant power from the energy cells, much more than usual, which reduces its battery life considerably, even using Isotope-5 forcing her to be careful with how often she uses the highest power setting.


While at maximum setting, Vanquish has been known to cleave beskar, phrik, and other normally Lightsaber resistant materials with much greater ease, such as slicing through beskads and electrostaves with single strikes, slashing through Mandalorian armor, and overwhelming the power fields projected by vong biots which allows the Lightsaber to damage those lifeforms much easier. Ultrachrome is more difficult given its ability to disperse heat across its whole facing, but is still cut much easier than with other lightsabers. Items treated with significant applications of Sith Alchemy are normally too much for this blade to cut or sever, however some of the simplistic applications which provide only the basest forms of lightsaber resistance and increased durability can still be cut.


While the blade is set to its maximum potential the blade becomes unstable, wavering with energy, crackling and surging with plasma arcs making it look visibly different than in its normal setting, prone to shorting out due to electrical surges and ionic interference. The power surges and arcs cause issues with the weapon, making it to where the Lightsaber doesn't function properly underwater, despite its bifurcating cyclical ignition and allowing it to be shorted out by Cortosis despite its construction without dimetris circuitry that would normally provide a resistance to the material's effect. Blaster bolts deflected by the blade bounce much more randomly off the containment field as it shifts to contain the unsteady energy.

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