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The White Widow

- - - - - whimsy srina talon scherezade dewinter

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Intent: A new armor for Srina Talon
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: n/a
  • Primary Source: n/a



  • Classification: Light armor
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters: Extreme

- Kinetic Extreme

- Lightsabers Extreme

- Other:

Sonic: None


Elemental: Average




  • This armor set includes the Ziedrich Shield System
  • Extremely stylish
  • In line with Echani color codes


  • The Nightshadow used in the construction of the armor ensures the wearer could move with stealth, avoiding many forms of body and heat scans.

  • The Agrinium ensures high resistance to lightsabers and radiation damage.

  • The hexagons on the armor are made of Phrik and increase lightsaber resistance.

  • Boots assure clinging to surfaces with little to no slippage.


  • Armor does not protect against Sonic, EMP, or ION damage.

  • Armor offers only average protection against the elements, so you could technically freeze or boil the wearer in it.

  • Armor is very high maintenance due to sheer number of elements incorporated in making it. Losing sight of regular upkeep can cause the resistances to become nonexistent.


They did not always get along. In fact, Scherezade deWinter, owner of Whimsy, was more than certain during her entire stay with the Confederacy that Exarch Srina Talon loathed her very existence, and more than a few events had occurred to support her thought regarding that. Yet after Scherezade cast a memory wipe spell on herself and many months later returned, both she and Srina had a conversation regarding what she had done and why, and surprisingly, Scherezade discovered that she had been wrong about this for an entire year.


In the attempt to both apologize and thank Srina, Scherezade decided to make the Exarch a new armor, incorporating what she had learned regarding armor making, and invested company resources to ensure the armor would be top notch both aesthetically and in use.


The armor offers several advanced protection systems against lightsabers, blasters, and kinetic damage, while keeping on-par with the demands for white fabric in Echani culture. A shield was added, as well as anti-slippage boots that would add even more protection. Believing that the Exarch might wish to swap the boots or the gauntlets on occasion, the armor was able to come apart from the two, making parts of it exchangeable.


The main worry with the armor was its upkeep; technical progression had a price, and in this case, it was the maintenance. While the armor would easily hold in many situations, it would require gentle care after said situations occurred to avoid it from coming apart and becoming entirely useless shortly thereafter. Additionally, the armor provided absolutely no protection against Sonic, EMP, or ION damage.


Scherezade gifted the armor to Srina prior to the Confederacy's invasion of Eshan, knowing fully well what it meant to go and try to protect your home.

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Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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