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- - - - - Power Armor

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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  • Manufacturer: Valdus Bral
  • Affiliation: Valdus Bral, Closed Market
  • Model: MAPS-SCP
  • Modularity: Yes, the weapon systems can be changed out. It is not easy, but it can be done over time by a team of technicians on the battlefield.
  • Production:  Limited 

  • Material: Turadium, Power generator components, molecular shielding components, life support system components, commlink components, repulsor lift components, automated targeting assistance system code.


  • Classification: Power Armor
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Resistances:
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • EMP/Ion: Average
    • Sonic: Average
    • Cold: Average
    • Heat: Average
    • Electricity: Very Low



  • Turadium construction allows for a high resistance to energy, lightsaber, and kinetic assaults at the cost of extreme heft.
  • Molecular Shielding in conjunction with the duo of MFCR-200 Power Generators on the back allow for this armor to actually perform better when under heavy assault from energy based weaponry.
  • Each arm has a mounting system for specially designed super-heavy weaponry, allowing this suit of armor to transform the wearer into a terror on the battlefield.
  • Standard life support systems and airtight seals.
  • Repulsor lifts that enable the suit to travel up to a vertical ceiling of 1 kilometer and transverse distance at 5kph (3mph)
  • High output joint motors that enable the suit to reach a maximum charging speed of 19kph (12mph) and give the suit immense strength.
  • High output visible light lamp that creates a beam of light up to 100 meters long and 50 meters wide
  • Computer-assisted targeting for mounted weapon systems provided by an on-board computer.
  • Sensor system able to operate fully in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Visual amplification on par with that of a pair of electrobinoculars
  • Medical system that tracks the wearer's vitals and can give a one-shot single dose of Bacta and Adrenaline 
  • Ejections system that is designed to blow the armor apart into predefined segments and launch the wearer in a given direction. These segments can be recovered later to be resembled.
  • Maneuvering thrusters that allow the suit to maintain maneuverability and flight capability in zero-gravity
  • AV-1A standard power packs (6 of them) in addition to the 2x Power Generators enable this suit to maintain standard operation of several days, unless the generators are destroyed and then the suit has an effective time of 12 hours.
  • Consisting of multiple alternating layers of Armorweave ,flexible Anti-blast material, and insulation fabric this suit has a thick multi-material gambeson covering the entirety of the suit under the plates as well as where the plates are not present.


  • Built Bral Tough: This suit is made of 10cm (4") thick, overlapping Turadium plates and therefor can withstand a massive amount of punishment from all weapon types. This suit is effectively a walking blastdoor. 
  • Molecular Shielding: This suit is immune to infantry portable energy weapons and transfers the energy into power for the suit.
  • Computer Assistance: This suit's weapon systems are assisted by a targeting program, increasing accuracy, and giving a full read-out of the current weapon system status.
  • Motor Head: This suit is assisted with servomotors that allow the suit to move at an acceptable pace as well as provide the suit with an immense amount of physical strength.
  • Galileo: This suit's HUD systems also include visual magnification that allow the wearer to see as far as if they were using elctrobinoculars.
  • Adaptability: This suit's weapon systems can be changed out during ongoing battlefield conditions, given that there is a team of technicians assisting in this pit-stop.


  • Extra-Wide Load: This suit is easily classified as a Large Infantry unit and takes up double the space of a normal infantry personnel.
  • Custom Made: Due to the nature of this suit and how expensive it is, suits are made for pilots, not the other way around. It is unlikely that a person will fit in any suit they pick up that is not their own.
  • Junk Pile: If the motors are destroyed or the suit runs the course of its battery life and generator's fuel, then the suit loses all ability to be moved except by those wearers with the highest tiers of physical strength - even then the suit is nothing but a burden.
  • Blind Spots: Beyond sensors, there is a large visual blind spot reaching 180 degrees behind the wearer.
  • Slow Start: This suit may run at an average speed, but it takes a significant amount of time to gain enough momentum to reach top speed.
  • Picky: Weapons for this suit must be custom designed, the mounting systems and computer interfacing is too exact for generic weaponry.
  • Cost Prohibitive: This suit is, on average, 75,000 credits per unit.
  • Training: In order for this suit to be used effectively the pilot must undergo extensive training.
  • Made With Love: each of these suits are made by Valdus Bral & his craftsmen in his workshop, thus the amount of these suits in circulation are not high and never will be high and normally will be limited to Veteran+ small squads within Bral's militia.


Dubbed the "Mythosaur Assault Powersuit" (MAPS) , this power armor transforms a pilot into a one (wo)man army. Capable of carrying two super-heavy class weapons powered by a duo of MCFR-200 Power Generator units located behind a segmented Turadium shell on the back, the amount of firepower is unmatched by any infantry unit as of now. Much has changed since the AV-1A was created and reflected in that is the changes in the spin off design in the MAPS. The MAPS removed a weapon mounting system in order to accommodate a power generator complex as well as a molecular shield emitter. This allows the MAPS to perform remarkably in long engagements, without needing to worry about running out of ammunition for energy based on-board weaponry nor the prohibitive 12 hour effective battery life from the AV-1A. This suit is currently being developed as a way to bring vehicle grade weaponry into confines that would normally be impossible to do so.  


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Kurayami Bloodborn

Kurayami Bloodborn

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Found the picture on deviatart. Link here.  




Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

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Awesome job, thank you very much, Kurayami Bloodborn .



Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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