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Children of the Dark Lord

Sleepers of Darkness The Sith Empire

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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  • Organization Name: Children of the Dark Lord
  • Classification: Clandestine Spy Organization, Extensions of the Dark Lord's Will
  • AffiliationThe Sith Empire (some secretly, others publicly), Darth Carnifex (some secretly, others publicly)
  • Organization Symbol
  • Description: A recreation of an ancient Sith organization from the time of the Second Sith Empire that current one recognizes as legitimate. They are an incredibly secretive sect of the Dark Lord's machinations, their very existence kept hidden from all but a trusted few. Made up of various individuals of different species, both male and female, the members of the organization are the hidden eyes, ears, and sometimes blades, of the Dark Lord of the Sith across the galaxy.


  • HeadquartersMalsheemDromund KaasKhar Delba
  • Domain: The Children do not technically hold domain over any particular location, army, fleet, or world within the Sith Empire. Their power to hold or command something comes directly from the Dark Lord himself through special writs. Outside of the Sith Empire, the clandestine Children may control companies, governments, armies, fleets, facilities, worlds etc. based upon who they were before being bound to the Dark Lord's will.
  • Notable Assets: The special locations for the Children are the three locations where they are created; their headquarters on Malsheem, the Dark Lord's artifical throneworld, the Dark Lord's citadel on the Sith Empire's secondary capital of Dromund Kaas, and the Dark Lord's private citadel on Khar Delba, where only the trusted few are allowed to even set foot on the planet. Outside of the Empire, it varies upon who has been bound and changed into one of the Children.


  • Hierarchy: At the very top of the organization is the Dark Lord, Darth Carnifex, as he is the one all members are bound to. Directly underneath him are the Chosen, twelve of the first Children created that act much like the First Son did under the ancient Sith Lord Vitiate, concealing their brothers and sisters from detection by their enemies. Beneath that group are the rest of the Children, spread throughout the galaxy.
  • Membership: To become a member, one has to be subjected to a ritual bonding to the Dark Lord. Through a ritual devised by the Lady of Secrets, building upon the work of Vitiate, a potential member is dowsed in a special dark side potion while alchemical machines bind their body, soul, and mind to the Dark Lord through blood. When the joining is finished, some Children are allowed to know what they are, while others have their memories wiped of the incident, becoming unknowing sleeper agents.
  • Climate: While they are joined to the Dark Lord, the individual members still retain free will and have become quite competitive in gaining the attention of their Master. It is not uncommon for power plays to occur among the Children, with the Chosen idly supporting one or another in their small power plays. However, due to the tenets of the Sith Brotherhood, killing each other is forbidden.
  • Reputation: Due to the secrecy around the group, they have not established a reputation, even in Sith space.
  • Curios: For those that know of their identity, they are gifted new armored robes (image above) and masks that conceal their identity and mark them as special servants of the Darth Carnifex. Besides that, individuals in the organization are allowed to develop their own skillsets and equip themselves however they desire.
  • Rules: The organization follows the set of rules espoused by the Brotherhood of the Sith within the Sith Empire.
  • Goals: The goal of the Children is to extend the influence of the Dark Lord, to allow him to view and possibly manipulate events across the galaxy, all for the purpose of eventually enshrouding the entire galaxy under the rule of the Sith and the dark side.



Darth Carnifex - Dark Lord of the Sith, the Father of the Children

Kahlil Zambrano - Son of Darth Carnifex, one of the Chosen

During her time within the Jedi of both the Galactic Republic and Galactic Alliance, Taeli Raaf had begun seeking out information on something known as the Children. She had become enamored with the idea of recreating the Children within the modern era, an organization of agents, both sleepers and those aware of what they were, that could spread the influence of the dark side unnoticed. Her own initial experiments had resulted in Eldaah Aderyn, her primary apprentice, gaining a connection with Taeli that would allow the secret Sith Master to possess her and view events through her eyes.


But it was still not exactly like the old tales.


She began the search for a rumored holocron of the Sith Emperor Vitiate that may have held the key to the rituals needed to fully recreate the Children, but her search only ended in disappointment as the one holding the holocron, unknowingly perhaps, eluded her. However, as Operation Eclipse, otherwise known as Endgame, came to fruition, she began studying devices and echoes of spells left behind in a secret chamber on Korriban. Using her knowledge of Sith Magic and Alchemy, she reconstructed what she discovered, believing she had solved the dilemma.


She summoned the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Carnifex, to a secret laboratory underneath Ravelin, the capital city of the Sith Empire. There, she revealed the progress she had made in recreating the Children, and she had asked for his attendance for the final test. The test, using ancient spells and potions, along with a sample of Kaine Zambrano's blood, was successful as the Jedi Master who was the subject of the experiment was bond, soul and mind, to the Dark Lord and left unaware of the connection, a sleeper agent with his bond to the Dark Lord obscured from the senses of others.


The Emperor decreed that she recreate the creation site for more Children at Malsheem, Dromund Kaas, and Khar Delba. At these locations, the Emperor and the Lady of Secrets could begin the process of converting subjects into extensions of the Dark Lord, all of them able to be possessed by the Dark Lord on a whim, adding his strength to theirs if needed, their memories and thoughts laid bare before him, and their strength available for his consumption if needed.


With the project successful, it only remained to recruit, both willing and unwilling, individuals into the ranks of the Children and extend the web of the Sith unseen throughout the galaxy.

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