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Mando'ad'jetii (The Clan Gred Force Wielders)

Mandalorian Empire Clan Gred

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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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  • Unit Name: Mando'ad'jetii, Mandalorian Jedi
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian Empire, Clan Gred
  • Classification: Force Wielders, Close-Quarters Unit, Special Operations
  • Equipment: Light Mandalorian Armor, Trayc'kad, Trayc'kal
  • Description: The Mando'ad'jetii are a group of Force sensitive Mandalorians from Clan Gred. These Mandalorians, like all within the clan, are highly skilled melee fighters, but are also well trained in the use of their connection to the Force. Like most in Clan Gred, there isn't really a "clan color" that all share. Instead, each members armor is unique to them. The group is lead by either CLan Gred's Alor, or a Mando'ad'jetii placed in charge by the Alor if he/she is not a mando'ad'jetii themself.


  • Unit SizeMedium (moderately sized units, often specialized)
  • Unit AvailabilityRare (very few, difficult to replace, may have long training times)
  • Unit ExperienceVeteran
  • Combat Function: Melee combat, Force wielding, Spec Ops


  • Force wielding
  • Melee combat


  • Not as good at ranged combat.
  • Like any Force sensitive unit, Force dampening objects and creatures.

The Mando'ad'jetii are a group of Force sensitive Mandalorians from Clan Gred. They're formation started during the Galactic Civil War era, after the clan was nearly destroyed. Among the survivors was a Jedi Padawan who is considered the founder of the group. Over the year, Force sensitive parents would train up their children to skillfully use their abilities, and soon the clan became known for its Force wielders. However, when the Mandalorians were attacked by Force wielders, the group took a major hit by the lose of the then Alor of Clan Gred. Mig Gred took command of the mando'ad'jetii when he took the title of Alor.