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- - - - - Planet Clan

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  • Astronomical Location Name: Tracyn
  • Classification: Planet
  • Location: Unknown Regions. In the empty hex above Osseriton and Bintir.
  • Rotational Period: [ The length of a "day" on the astronomical object. If not applicable put N/A. ]
  • Orbital Period: [ The number of local days of each complete orbit. If not applicable put N/A. ]
  • Size: Medium
  • Affiliation: Clan Mortui
  • PopulationModerate
  • Demographics: Mandalorians. 90% Human Mandalorians, 10% assorted Xenos Mandalorians
  • Accessibility: Tracyn is extremely hidden, no one except members of Clan Mortui know where it is. It is iosolated, deep in space. The planet is private access only, as only members of Clan Mortui can find it.
  • [ Describe logistical information on how easy it is to find/access this location. Is it hidden? Is it isolated from society deep in space or is it in the middle of civilization near busy hyperlanes and star systems? Is it guarded? Open to the public or private access only? ]
  • Description: Once one enters the system, the first thing to be noticed is the massive wreckage/debris field around a planet. If one makes it past this field, one can see a large piece of the planet floating above it. Along with this moon piece, there are 3 moons orbiting Tracyn.


Collapsed planet

  • Within the system, and most prominently around Tracyn, is wreckage and debris. The wreckage/debris acts as a natural barrier to Tracyn. To reach Tracyn, one must pass through this wreckage. There is a specific route that changes little, though only members of Clan Mortui know the way through. Those who do not know the way must attempt to fly through the wreckage, which is filled with various destroyed vessels and asteroids. Alongside this, on many asteroids are laser turrets designed to shoot down ships.

Moon Base(s)

  • These bases are simply that, bases. Nothing special here, just some more anti-air and anti-ship weapons. Standard sensors and comms. Nothing as advanced as the FOB, though each base acts as area denial. They are meant to prevent ships from entering orbit in their immediate areas.

Contritione Pervalida (shard in Latin)

  • The Contritione Pervalida(Contri for short) is the shard of the planet floating above Tracyn. The shard was quickly noted for its strategic value and a FOB was set up on it. Other than the FOB, there is nothing else on the contri.
  • This FOB was created once Clan Mortui arrived at Tracyn. The FOB has the best sensor and comms arrays the Clan has, along with several anti-air and anti-ship weapons. It was designed to be a semi forward warning base, and area denial base. Forward warning because the sensors can scan throughout the entire system, and will immediately alert the clan if anyone jumps in system. It is area denial because it prevents anyone to be able to remain in orbit, or even near orbit, on that side of the planet.

Oriya be Tracyn

  • The city of fire. This is the main base of operation for Clan Mortui and the capital of Tracyn. Built where the member s of Clan Mortui first landed, the city of fire is named so due to the amount of fire there. In the center of the city is a literal geyser of fire shooting up from the ground. When Clan Mortui first landed, they were attracted to the geyser and made their city around it. The city is expansive and spreads out from the geyser in equal proportions. There are weapon smiths, armor smiths, bars and other shops spread throughout the city.
  • Within the city, there are no allied factions, no other mandalorians. To be in this city, or even in the system, one must be of Clan Mortui. Thus, all who walk the streets have Clan Mortui markings.

Beskar Mine

  • Beskar, one of the rarest materials in the galaxy, and one of only a few found in select locations. The greatest deposits of Beskar are on Mandalore and her sister planets. However, Clan Mortui struck gold, ahem Beskar, with Tracyn. There is a cash of beskar within the core of Tracyn. The only reason it was found is because part of the planet is in orbit of the planet, and not attached to it.
  • Upon discovering the cache, Clan Mortui immediately set up a mine on the planet. They have not extensively used it, as beskar is rare, and they wish to use it when it is necessary, until then take/buy from Mandalore.


  • 100 active AT-ADs. 1000 deactivated AT-ADs, take several minutes to activate
  • 100 Titan Tanks. 300 in reserves
  • 10k Mandalorian troops from Clan Mortui


During the times of the Galactic Empire, Clan Mortui left civilized space. They decided to travel to the Unknown Regions and find a new place to call home, and they found that home, in the form of Tracyn. Upon arriving in the system for the first time, the members of Clan Mortui were astonished. There floating before them was a massive debris field, and within that field was a planet. It had gone through some cataclysmic change because a piece of it was floating in orbit.


After several attempts, Clan Mortui eventually made it past the wreckage and towards the planet. Once they scanned the planet, they discovered a deposit of beskar in/near the core. This solidified the belief of not only the Alor, but the clan members that this place should be their new home. So, with all due haste, Clan Mortui set down near a geyser of fire and began to build. It took several years, but eventually a city took shape around the geyser. From there, the Mandalorians spread out across the planet and built other things.


At the same time, bases were established on the planet piece and the moons. These bases had the most advanced tech at the time, and they still do to this day. Each base receives new tech every 5 years which allows them to remain ahead of the game in the tech department.