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Native Son

- - - - - Motorcycle

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  • Manufacturer: Crimson Dragon ( http://starwarsrp.ne...crimson-dragon/ )
  • Affiliation: Faction Name (Clan Akaata)
  • Model: 96
  • Modularity: Minimally
  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Neutronium and Durasteel


  • Classification: Speederbike/Motorcycle
  • Role: Transport
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight:Average
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 1
  • Propulsion: Wheels
  • Speed:Very Fast
  • Maneuverability:Very High
  • Armaments: Very Low
  • Defenses:  Average
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Cargo Capacity: Small

Technical specifications
- Wheelbase: 2.0574 m (81 in)
- Seat height: 0.73660 m (29 in)
Weight: 500 kg (1102.31 pounds)
Crew: 1 (Minimal)
Passengers: 2 (Max)
Maximum speed: 750 kph / 466.03 mph
- (Estimated, never pushed over 625kph / 388.36mph in field tests and not near the red line.)
Maximum altitude: Land based
Fuel Capacity: 47.318 L (12.5 gallons)
Maximum Distance: 965.606 km (600 Miles)


  • Military grade and highly detailed HUD (Wrap around variant).
  • Has two areas on either side of the back wheel for weapon attachments, nothing larger than a heavy repeating blaster rifle. The firing arc is vary limited. This attachment area can also carry extra cargo if needed.
  • Minor deflector shields that wrap around the bike and it includes the pilot and passenger, but it's cramped. This shields have various nodes placed all around the vehicle and can shield up to a heavy repeating rifle, most hand grenades, RPGs (one before the shields need time to reload) and mines for extended periods of time. The shields have be redirected and flexed to maximize the aerodynamics of bike.

Cargo capacity: 1.3 m^3

Primary: Ground Transportation
Secondary: Transportation of people of interest.

Tri Layered Reinforced Durasteel Frame with a Neutronium armor underlay.


  • Excellent Speed, and Maneuverability.


  • Limited Shields and Armour
  • Limited Weapons

The vehicle is perfectly balanced and can be driven solidly with one hand, though two hands are preferred. The HUD, can display battlefield readouts of troops and position, city plans, typographical information, and can interface with most military HUDs, programs and other wireless data, and other digital platforms. This bike, has been triple copper plated to help combat against EMP, and it's defense is up to vehicular in scale.

The tires, the ones that come standard, are heavy tread and are great for outdoor use and street use. The type of transmission for the bike is a seamless shift automatic 6 speed transmission, which allow almost instantaneous changing of gears with an absolute minimum loss of drive while shifting between gears. Shift times for the Native Sun is in the area of 0.04531 seconds. The mix of fuel for the bike is that of Methanol, Gasoline (Petrol), and Nitromethane. The pockets for storage is space equally over the bike so that items can be placed to help balance the bike. There is no Repulsar lift technology on the bike.
The designers of the bike wanted to create a throw back machine. Something from the "Old Days" with new technology. The designers wanted, essentially, a modern twist on an old favorite.

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