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Gravity Hurts - Jerek's Armor

- - - - - Jerek Zenduu armor

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Jerek Zenduu

Jerek Zenduu

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  • Classification: Multi-Purpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Low
    • Other:
      • Sonic: Average
      • EMP/Ion: High
      • Radiation: High
      • Elemental: Average



  • Space Superiority - The suit is made both for ground operations and as a flight suit, and thus can function in a vacuum for a maximum of two hours with its limited life support system, which can also function in the cold. This also affords it a high level of protection against radiation.
  • Like Walking on Air - Micro-repulsors enable faster speed, extended jumps and other such ground maneuvers, enhancing those abilities more so than the Force would provide alone.
  • A Blip on the Radar - Intended to minimize detection from most passive sensors by way of the suit's compound armorweave-baffleweave outer layer.
  • Interwoven Safeguards - The layers of duramesh woven with phrik, as well as the outer layer of armorweave, provide a very high level of protection against both kinetic and blaster damage.
  • I'm Rubber - The core circuitry and computing power of the suit are hidden inside a layer of insulation, giving it a high level of protection against EMP or Ion attacks.
  • Weird Flex, But Okay - The suit's lightweight nature and its formfitting design keep it flexible enough for ground maneuvers without compromising much protection.


  • Can't Stand the Heat - The suit's design is intended for temperate climates or in vacuum, and its cooling system cannot handle extreme heat environments.
  • Squishy - Speed and protection is the suit's main goal, not defense. Concussive or crushing forces will still do damage.
  • Technology is a Tool, Not a Crutch - While the suit contains plenty of technology, it's goal is to augment, and not replace, existing abilities. It doesn't have a counter to every problem or situation.
  • Take it on the Chin - In ground mode, the helmet face-shield exposes the chin and mouth region. This is a small area with no protection at all against physical attacks.

This suit was designed for Jerek Zenduu at the behest of Allya Vi'Dreya, who insisted he couldn't continue to go into combat with just his Jedi robes on. She worked with familiar technology, sourced from Locke & Key as well as other contacts in Confederate space to create a versatile armor suit for Jerek, that could be used both in combat on the ground as well as combat in his starfighter in space.

The suit is comprised of two layers, an inner and outer layer. The inner layer is made from duramesh, with a phrik component woven in, and is fully sealed when worn and the helmet is in vacuum mode. It contains the main electronics systems and circuitry as well, embedded in various parts of the suit, and contains enough power for a week of standard usage on its own. It functioned as a bodyglove, but has access ports to remove it from part of the body (the hands, for example) as necessary. It has connections to interact with the outer layer's components, as well as providing charging for the battery and to attach additional life support systems.

On top of that, the outer layer is made from a combination of armorweave and baffleweave, intended to serve as a first defense against attacks and passive sensors. It contains a suite of sensors itself that feed into the HUD system, as well as providing the micro-repulsors used to enhance speed and mobility. The outer layer is removable, but intended to work in close conjunction with the inner layer, so removal would only be useful in limited circumstances outside of dressing.

A repulsor belt, working in conjunction with the HUD system, provides most of the lift when needed. It also contains added pockets for tools and components as needed, as well as a clip for a lightsaber.

Completing the suit is the helmet, made of duraplast, built most of all to function as a critical component of the flight suit aspect. The Minerva HUD system provides sensory data and works with the micro-repulsors to seamlessly provide power when needed. An LK Hermes Encrypted Comlink system is built in as well, allowing the privacy of an open comlink without others being able to listen in. The transparent duraplast face-shield can transition from a vacuum to ground mode by sliding up to expose the chin and mouth area, providing airflow at its base when in a safe Type 1 atmosphere. The helmet can also offer a rebreather mode inside a compatible environment so long as there is a sufficient oxygen content, it functions similarly to the vacuum mode with a sealed system but draws oxygen primarily from the surroundings rather than the built-in life support system. In vacuum mode, it draws entirely from a limited air supply, though this can be expanded through the connections from the inner suit.

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