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Elessar Talon

Echani General

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Elessar Talon

Elessar Talon

    "Wait and watch."

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"You all make things so complicated..." ~ Elessar Talon







NAME: Elessar Talon


FACTION: The Confederacy




SPECIES: Near-Human {Echani} 


AGE: 54 


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6ft 10in


WEIGHT: 220lbs


EYES: Silver


HAIR: White


SKIN: Fair







  • War is an art unlike any other: Like any proper Echani, Elessar has a deep respect for the ways of war and battle. Through experience and study he is able to decipher his enemies intentions through the implementation of their actions. 
  • We speak through action: Elessar is a quiet, composed, man who most mistake for often being deep in thought. It's actually more simple than that, the man merely has nothing to say using his mouth. He can communicate with other Echani using barely any words.
  • My blade has been refined, time and time again: Living a life surrounded by war has both it's advantages and disadvantages. Elessar benefits from advanced training, making him a cunning warrior even when unarmed, but he is particularly deadly with a dual-bladed vibrosword. 
  • My eyes see all: To become an accomplished tactician there are several things one needs, however Elessar attributes his war record to keen eyes which taking in every detail they can.
  • I will protect them, all of them if I must: Elessar believes in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It is not uncommon for the man to act as guardian to those who are in need.


  • Silence is not a bad thing: Not usually one to waste time on idle chatter, Elessar can be considered difficult to talk to due to his quiet personality.
  • I stand without equal: Humility is a trait that Elessar does not posess. He believes the Echani are the most superior race within the galaxy and he counts himself as one of the greatest among them. 
  • When I do speak, I speak my mind: Never one to censor himself, Elessar is extremely blunt and forward, although he does not mean to be malicious it can sometimes come off as such.
  • I fight as I live: Although it is a chosen weakness, Elessar seldolm wears heavy armor. He believes it willonly restrict him in combat. He prefers to rely on his speed and cunning to keep him safe from harm. 




The eldest of three brothers Elessar was born on the planet of Eshan, deep in the inner rim. At an early age Elessar was considered to have a keen intellect. Most of his days before and leading into primary school were spent toying with difficult puzzles and creating all sorts of fascinating riddles. This fascination with challenges continued into primary school where Elessar would often challenge his classmates. Not only would he challenge them to see who could finish a puzzle or understand a riddle the fastest, he would race, climb, and eventually spar with them. Years would pass and Elessar would complete his schooling, usually staying at the head of his class.


When it came time for Elessar to attend Larinkáoi he was quickly identified to be sensitive in the Force. Although neither his father nor mother were particularly strong with the Force, Elessar and both of his younger brothers were identified early on to have this talent. The Larinkáoi was a difficult time for Elessar, as it was the first time in his life where he did not excel, not as he had in his schoolings and not as he had during his challenges with his friends. Even though he was maintaining the standard that the Echani people enforced, it was not enough. The young man had grown used to excelling and being the best to the point where he felt that was his lot in life, to be the greatest. This focus, this obsession continued and caused him to grow colder, more self-reliant so he would not hinder his own progress with things such as friendship or companionship. Years passed and as Elessar grew close to his late twenties he would be given a choice. Either the man could continue to devote himself to the military and serve his planet as a warrior or he could transition himself into the civilian populace now that huis required enlistment was at an end.


As a youth Elessar had hopes and dreams of becoming a secondary school instructor. He had always respected those who passed their knowledge on to others and had hoped to do so. However, in the end he felt hollow, he felt as if his accomplishments in the military were lackluster. So Elessar would commit himself to the Larinkáoi, serving in the military until he reached a point where he believed his peak had been reached. As months turned to years, Elessar slowly grew more proficient in the art of war. In time Elessar was transferred to the Officer's corp, his whit and intellect giving him the tools he needed to lead warriors himself. 


As a young Nikerym, or Captain of a thousand men, Elessar found his mind was better focused towards the bigger picture. The man was capable of sensing the flow of battle as if it was water flowing down a stream. Perhaps it was his connection to the Force, or being born into a world that put so much focus on the flow of war, whatever the reason Elessar was able to use this ability to his benefit and it led him to victory after victory. From Captain Elessar rose to Kano, or Commander of ten thousand men where his efforts were most notably recognized by the members of Echani Command. Elessar had been essential in the destruction of a criminal syndicate spread through the Echani worlds, the six sisters. His actions brought his family ascension among the nobility and more notably won him the chance to take his trials to become a General of Eshan.




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