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Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

* * * * * 4 votes The Confederacy CIS Mandalorian Empire ME Echani Thyrisan Butcher of Eshan Clans of Mandalore

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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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Location: Aegis Eternum bridge- In front of Amelias fleet

Objective: Destroy/damage Amelias fleet

Allies: Premier William Harris I : Quoron Cadera : Flash Australis : Vanessa Vantai

Enemies: @Amelia von Sorren : Caesar Kenway : Alden Akaran : John Locke : Voph : Anton Delane




Adenn was standing aboard the bridge of his ship, looking out at the battle going on right outside the glass. He had just watched the carrier do its best to take down an Ascensorial destroyer, and it only took down the shields and did a bit of damage to the hull. All in all, it wasn't that good of a run, especially since they all had shot at it. Shaking himself from these thoughts, Adenn got to ordering his fleet to work.


"Hammerheads, focus fire on the Interdictor 2 Carrier. Make them regret going there. Pull back fighter squadrons 3-5, and bomber squadron 4-5. Have them attack the ships above us as well. Let the fighters deal with their fighters, and the bombers focus on the carrier as well. Along with that, have the Kanjiklub Deceivers move to the left of the fleet and broadside their fire at the Uniila cruisers.”


A flurry of activity started once Adenn had issued his orders, and commands were given out. Then the ships went to do what they had been ordered to do. Fire from all the ships ripped through space towards their targets. But it was at this time that the fire from the enemy fleet arrived and hit them.


Adenns ship shook with the fire from the enemy, thankfully the shields held but were seriously weakened. The same couldn’t be sad for some of his ships though. As Adenn watched, he grimaced in pain at what he was seeing. The Unicorn cruiser had been targeted extensively. The fire from the enemy ships hit the already weakened shields of the cruiser. It was too much for it, the shields went down in a bright flash allowing the rest of the bolts past. Said bolts ripped into the hull of the cruiser, causing gashes to appear. The cruiser kept shaking from the hits.


That was until 2 of the Mandalorian Destroyers moved themselves in front of it. Their shields held, if only. They took the rest of the fire from the enemy before returning in kind. Since they were on their sides to provide better protection for the cruiser, they also had their full weapon systems ready to fire. And fire they did, they fire tore through space towards the ships that had been firing at the Unicorn. At the same time, they launched missiles towards the Ascensorial destroyer that had been targeted before.


At that time, more bad news came to Adenns fleet. That bad news came in the form of a massive explosion. The explosion rocked everything backwards, nearly causing the Mandalorian destroyers to crash into the Unicorn cruiser. Thankfully they didn’t, but the knock back caused them to stop firing for a moment. That moment didn’t last long, because immediately they opened fire once more.


This concerned Adenn. If his enemy was so willing to use such destructive weapons, what would prevent them from using something worse? Shaking himself from such dire thoughts, Adenn got back to work. Ordering his ships to fight harder, fire faster. He basically had them go into overdrive. It wouldn’t last long, and could have a harmful impact later, but for now it meant for shots down range.


“Call back our fighters and bombers. What’s left of them. I want them to attack their wings that are closest to us. Have the bombers, have them get back to bombing the destroyers and crsuisers nearest to us.”


With that, more orders went out and the fight continued. Though Adenn had a feeling it would soon be over. The battle had taken a turn for the worse in a way. That would be a thought for later though. For now, his ships continued shooting at the enemy fleet. They would fight their hardest, hoping for the best.



Fleet Actions



Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Location: Eshan City

Kaine Australis Darth Metus Srina Talon Jerek Zenduu Tathra Khaeus Derek Dib Khonsu Amon Darth Banshee Shia Kryze Mig Gred
Objectives: Kill All Enemies

(Commanding Eternal Empire Forces)

1,300 Eternal Empire Troops (1,500 more dropped off from Dropships, so 2,800)


Various Vehicles

3 Sigma-class Heavy Assault Dropship (Two Destroyed) (Five reinforcements more due to fleet size having 1000 meters left. So total of 8)


12 Squadronss: RBZ-12 Heavy Fighter (Bomber)
15 Squadronss: I-3A Lance Fighter
15 Squadrons: TIE/SS


Reinforcement Fighters From John Locke


17 Squadrons: Fangs

10 Squadrons: Mantis


Total number of Fighter/bomber Squadrons: 69 Squadrons.



As the droidbombers began their attack runs, a large number of fighters would swarm them, in an attempt to shoot down as many as they could before they could launch their payloads. When the missiles launched, several would be shot out of the sky by laser fire from the fighters, and the corvettes opened up on them with their laser cannons. One of the Heavy Drop Ships positioned itself in front of the others. While they were larger, they were designed more for atmosphere than they were space, meaning, this was their element, they suffered very little in the way of mobility issues. However, they were still much larger, and much slower than the missiles and droid fighters.


The missiles exploded into the side of the ship, and caused massive devastation to it. Warning klaxons went off on the ship. Several escape pods were launched towards the ground, to get off the burning ship. The captain kept control, barely, and as it crashed, ready to explode, he maneuvered it towards the warfort that Darth Metus was not near. It was a difficult task, but as the ship crashed, it crashed right into the Warfort itself, main gun firing down at it at the same time. It exploded into a ball of glory, the flames engulfing the warfort, hopefully their death took it out as well.


The other Heavy Drop ships took some damage to their shields from the explosions. All over the battle field, hundreds of Eternal Empire soldiers gave their lives to buy time. Two squadrons of their fighters went up in bright balls of gas and debris. The massive Centipede was simply no match for the giant worm. It was being dragged under ground. However, they would not go out without a fight. They strained the machine, and position its large laser into the side of the beast, braced themselves against the strain, and fired, letting the laser try to burrow through the beast. However, no matter what happened, it was to much strain on the machine, it was in the process of failing. The crew disengaged the manual fail safes with their keycards and passcodes. They set the reactor and beam level to maximum, and, the centipede, rather than be dragged down, exploded, right against the worm, with a brilliant light.


It looked bleak for the Eternal Empire soldiers. However, it was shortly after this, that the call came in. “All Civilians evacuated. Disengage safety mechanisms, unleash all payloads. Reinforcements incoming.”


With no civilians in the way, and the city and palace already rubble, there was no more reason to hold back. They would avenge the fallen. The remaining three corvettes, then began to use their turbolasers in controlled, targeted bursts against the last warfort. Their laser cannons would be used to target what was coming at them from the air. It wasn't as effective, as when it was hitting things on the ground, so it primarily used fighter support.


On the ground, the Ultranauts engaged the superior, but smaller in number Striker teams. They used team work and tactics to try and lure the squads into the open. And when they did, Lancer attack teams came in and launched torpedoes into the middle of them. It didn't matter if a few Ultranauts were caught in the cross fire. They all knew the costs. This was now about eliminating a nuisance.


In the air, the Hel fighters were hunted down, barrages of missiles finally being launched at them and swarms of fighters taking each of them on. Fighters began to also engage the Mandalorian craft. While the faster TIES engaged the Mandalorian fighters, the bombers began to drop heavy ordinance on top of the Mandalorian ground forces. The Sky buddies, were then hunted by a handful of TIE squadrons.


In the air, more and more allied fighters, and bombers joined in, twenty seven squadrons in total, and five new Corvette sized heavy drop ships descended on the battle field. They unloaded their troops, and vehicles, before moving on. One of the Heavy Drop Ships and squadrons of the fighters and bombers, then headed over to drop ontop of Banshee's forces. She was being targeted personally. Waves of torpedos, bombs, laser fire, and the blast of a massive turbolaser would light up her area, with the Sith herself the honest target. They would target her ability to escape, and attempt to trap her. Any time her stealth bombers/fighters uncloaked, they would be immediately targeted in kind. However, the forces did their best to minimize ally casualties, and fired carefully, meaning their fire would not be as overwhelming, as it would have been if allies hadn't been there.


The CIS began to use pure numbers, to attempt to devastate the enemy forces, along with tactics and strategic targeting.


Four of the new drop ships would use seismic sensors to track the worms. When they surfaced, they would be targeted by the heavy turbolasers on them, as well as the laser cannons. However, due to the proximity to allied forces, they once again used selective targeting, only firing when they knew they had a hit on the bodies.


As the Hel shards and dropships fell, the fighters immediately began to target. Several were destroyed before ever making it to ground, (With permission from Tathra) however plenty made it down. The ultranauts began to push forward, to reinforce the sunguard's rear, while a small group of a hundred moved in to protect the Vicelord, Exarch and the Echanni Queen.


The recently dropped in troops merged with the old, and began trying to reinforce them and push forward, to destroy the enemy forces. The new fighters and bombers targeted the drop ships and pods that did land to the side of the battle field. The Shamans as they left their pods would find themselves under fire by two squadrons of FANGS, and the tanks that dropped would be hit by three squadrons of the Mantis bombers, as they unleashed their unused payloads atop of them. Drop ships, pods, everything that Tathra had would be targeted, in an attempt to deny him the area. Without the civilians in the area, they unleashed hell upon his forces as best as they could.


As for Tathra himself. Two TIE/SS came in hot, screaming as they approached the ruins of of the bridge, where the monster was. A quick burst of laser cannon fire was aimed at the monster when the allies were at a bit of a distance, and it allowed for a clear shot. They then zoomed off.


As Kaine flew off, he was chased by a handful of fighters, trying to catch his transports. However, they were unsuccessful in doing so. The Butcher of Eshan managed to escape...luckily, the entire thing had been caught on a holocamera in the armor of the troops, and from the air craft, it would be uploaded to the holonet shortly, for the comic viewing of all. It would probably go viral in a matter of days. It was hilarious.

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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Location: Eshan Valleys

Objective: Defend Eshan from the CIS Invasion in the valleys.

Equipment: Light Mandalorian Armor, Lightsaber Trayc'kadTrayc'kal

Allies: M.E., Sanya Val Lerium

Opponents: CIS, Celiana , Kat DecoriaTathra Khaeus


Mig anger built up a bit, and he finally had to let it out. He had tried to kep control of it, but it came out in his words. "And the C.I.S. are any better!? They say Mando'ade are hiding in medical centers with even thinking that we could have doctors and medics that stayed to help, and every one of my vod in the centers should be slaughtered! Saying we had prison camps when there aren't any! When many of the Dar'manda under them would probably have done far worse to this world!" Ilik quickly grabbed the alor's shoulder tugging it and speaking with some wisdom on his tongue.


"Mig, don't give in to your anger, you know what happened to...."


"I know." One think Kat would quickly notice about Ilik, was he was Force Dead, something that wouldn't seem to be natural. Mig meanwhile took a few breaths, recentering himself. Everything he had been fighting against in his mind had come out at once. The Force finally began to go back to being grey in him as Mig opened his eyes again. The alor looked at the Echani. He actually seemed a bit calmer, but he knew that he could explain everything. He couldn't answer for the other clans. Only the Mand'alor herself or their alors could do that, but she did ask a good question. Why would his clan continue to follow the Mand'alor when he hated this so much. Mig shook his head, finally answering with a calm, honest tone.


"Jetii. I stay because the Mand'alor wants to stop this! Asking me to answer for a clan's actions that aren't my owns is like ask the governor of a world to answer for the actions of another. I would ever let the actions of a few allow me to judge a whole people. The Mand'alor... she wouldn't want this. She would want to protect this world and its people at all costs, and I'm sure those demagolka who have done these things will answer for it." The alor then pulled the Trayc'kal and scabbard from his belt. He looked at Ordan's old weapon, then to Kat. "What is your name, jetii?" 


Meanwhile, Vipers swung around over the city, attacking the massive worms when they could.


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Kat Decoria

Kat Decoria


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Location: Eshan Valleys

Allies: Celiana and CIS

Enemies: Mig Gred | Sanya Val Lerium and ME


Kat shook her head and laughed slightly. The man seemed to think he knew Kat, knew of what she thought of the CIS and the Mandalorian Empire. However, he was far from wrong, she knew that not all of them were bad but that they had honour, it was however, increasingly apparent that the actions of a few were overshadowing the goals of the many. "No, I don't think the CIS should be in control of us. I don't think Spencer Jacobs deserves to be our queen any more. She failed us and left us to be taken over in this manner, so I wish that we could be given time to recover, sort ourselves out and make a democracy, no longer depend on a single monarch." Kat stated, her sister viewed it slightly different, wanting a strong leader in charge but Kat thought leaving that power to one person would lead them back into this situation.


"I only know that the CIS were the first to allow me to come back and take my home world. I couldn't be here and be a Jedi, your people hate us. Especially as I am a Silver Jedi, I would be captured and even killed by some of you. Don't try to deny it, there are some Mandalorians who would kill me, just like there are some Jedi who would fight you and kill you right now." Kat was not against admitting the flaws of her own people but so many were blinded to loyalty they refused to see the flaws of their people. "I know that you want to be better and do better but you have people within your empire that still hunger for war, destruction and death." Kat placed her Force Staff onto her back and crossed her arms against her chest.


Kat sighed as the Mandalorian explained that his leader wanted change. "No leader can control someone who does that, how many times has your empire committed over the top violent acts against innocent people, it is getting higher. Your Mandalore is either not trying hard enough to control the people who commit those types of attacks or she is a bad leader whose people just ignore her. Either way, you need to realise that people will judge your clan by those actions." Kat pointed to the destruction of her city, she controlled herself feeling on the verge of a breakdown but refused to let the Mandalorians see her cry. "Doesn't make what good you tried to do today, all people will remember is the destruction of my home by your faction. Remember that. Remember that thousands people died today because your people bombed a city with civilians still being evacuated. Remember that just because you lead a different clan doesn't mean people will view you different. Every faction has separate sections but only yours seem to be so disjointed that you don't know what other people are doing within your own faction."


Staring the Mandalorian down, she took a deep breath, refusing to let the devastation break her. She maintained her cool. "I'm Kat Decoria. Silver Jedi Padawan." Kat stated in a neutral tone then turned to leave. She couldn't bare to be on Eshan any more.




Kyli Graf

Kyli Graf

    Daughter of the Iron Chancellor

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Kyle Weir

Eshan Surface, Eshan City, Outskirt Suburbs

Nearby: Alkor Centaris ,Rhaegar Nemesis Dib, Ryndrae Talon, Naedira Darcrath, Lucien Rayne

Duel Music (Kyle PoV): Aviators - Paralyzed (feat. Lectro Dub) (Dance Rock)

Their conflict fought upon untenable footing, Kyle and Alkor fought and struggled against the veteran Rhaegar who despite being outnumbered seemed in Amur's gaze to fight with a frustrating gentlemanly grace exploiting his natural gifts for the force without shame or pause to wisely slow the possessed Kyle's advance, the Sergeant drunk in fury snarled and howled like some primal reptilian beast straight from the frightened nightmares of children who cowered and shivered in their beds to the fear of such creatures. Blood-curling maniacal laughter leaves Weir's mouth with a pitch that simply couldn't be Human even before it passes into a damaged annunciator to become decidedly monstrous in character, though the pavement softened and swallowed Kyle's knees like a hungry mistress the warrior's feet powered with a simple fury the pleasurable spirts and gentle tingles sent snapping between synapses of brain causes their broad body to quiver, rage rewarded with addicting bliss. "We should plunge our thumbs through his beady eye-pits! Snap those skiny arms from their sockets." Amur's serpentine forked tongue flicks and sneers through their metallic teeth, Kyle however remained wordless although their grin could be heard on every madness-filled chuckle. Even as Rhaegar's weapon furiously strikes Kyle several times across torso and limb, the blood-crazed Sergeant Weir controlled by Amur's sadistic consciousness in their stubborn insanity ignored the deep glowing lacerations burning several inches into their body to pursue the Lord as he assails the Outcast.
Mouth froths and bubbles between the tiny gaps between teeth, Kyle's limbs power through the liquid crete-filled shifting ferrocrete river that rose to be waist height the sting of this colloidal liquid against open wounds neither concerned or is perceived by nervous system. For a fleeting moment, Kyle's consciousness enjoys the cacophony of war and desperation of wading through some repugnant liquid reminding the former Death Trooper distant as their mind is in this current moment of First Imperial Military training. "Yes." Lips dragged out the last consonant with an aching excitement teeth clamped together tightly, Amur stares at Rhaegar's throat as a short blade hald in Alkor's gauntlet thrusts into the Lord's fleshy gullet a thin stream of rich arterial blood squirted from the wound wildly and as the second personality licks its' lips hungrily Kyle is forced to mimick the motion while steadily closing the distance. "No! We must kill them, attack, attack!" Amur's frenzied voice growls in an absence of outwardly spoken words in impotent futility unable to reach Rhaegar as he exchanges dying words with his former Brother. Kyle would soon regain control in the absence of a life-threatening hazard though Amur would be sure to atleast draw a schooner of the dying fiends rich blood. One fist was closed around Alkor's throat and Kyle stared at it with concern even as Rhaegar's life slipped away in a pair of eyes steadily being vacated by their soul. "Y-Youuu wiiilllll nauuuught contrrooool." Amur's gurgling thirsting throat with a whirlpool's appetite eagerly contracts and relaxes desperate to taste the brightly coloured steam arching across the pair of entwined men.
Instead of de-helmeting and sinking teeth around the line through Rhaegar's throat that spurred wildly as Amur thrashed and demanded, Kyle's hands steadily seized back control over their motor control from a fading monster that coiled up more with each passing moment. With a pair of gauntlets putting down more than twohundred kilograms of grip power upon Force Pike's hilt. Kyle, near in full-control over body once more swung it down in a precise motion of Rhaegar's arm at the elbow hoping to separate the corpse's slackening fist from Alkor's throat who still yet breathed in a miraculous display of celestial favour and rage. Clear Hazel eyes blinked together firmly with the warrior immediately spiriting away the active force pike in a single swift motion, the coppery unpleasant tang of blood wet Kyle's pink-stained teeth and tongue. That isn't good. Neither is the fact I can't remember the last ninety seconds, that aside. One-hand goes to pull Centaris' lightsabre from his loose fists and secure it before hauling the dwarfed Alkor over one-shoulder, though Kyle wheezes loudly in a tell-tale gasp symptomatic of a collapsed lung. Rhaegar had seriously hurt the Coruscant Security Force Non-Commissioned Officer between their thrown debris and that titanically brutal melee. Even with air escapaing through a hole under left arm and Alkor perched over deltoid like a child the heavy Kyle manages to heave themselves from that liquid pool sparing a glance towards Rhaegar's body before standing on their feet with a not unsubtle sway.

"Colonel." A cough follows the plea into a dead-comlink. it'd been too damaged to create a live broadcast. This realization costs the visibly wounded Sergeant a few more hacking coughs, their powersuit covered in a dense weighty fetid sludge mixed with the man's own acrid-smelling blood leaking from innumerable cuts that oozed dark coagulating blood. "Hold on Centaris, don't you die on me." Kyle's initial weakness is rapidly replaced with a steeled resolve and strength, their left-hand pulled a vial filled with dark-green liquid from webbing, and immediately it caused alarm in the retired albeit never sleeping Amur. Kyle knew they had taken over from the scene behind them, only Amur's bloodthirstiness could have driven them to willingly charge and engage in a melee like that. "No, not that, not uh-" Kyle's gabled annunciator made a deep 'hng' as the relieving counter-mutagen fluid cooly permeates through muscle tissue absorbing into bloodsteam, once empty it is discarded thoughtlessly towards Eshan's sanguine-red stained ferrocrete and soil. Taking a knee, with a careful almost parental motion the six and a half feet tall giant laid down the broken Centaris against the ground before harshly pressing down a knee atop the man's arterial member running up the centre of stomach, clamping down the blood-flow to his lower body. Kyle's brass-coloured helmet lenses flickered in the evening's dusk, compassionately jamming a cocktail of bacta and analgesic solution sufficient to drug a rancor into painless bliss into his slack body, they had been intended to provide pain relief to the utterly painless death trooper such is their potency they were designed to suppress injuries even the supersoldier could have felt. "You're going home to your family, little man." Kyle's usually hard and stoic expression softens somewhat and it could be heard on their metallic voice. 
Looking down upon Alkor's face Kyle's orbs could still detect pain, fury, sadness, and loss in their weary pained expression and touched something within Weir that had been buried in almost three decades of service; their humanity. Although it was buried beneath the identity of a dutiful soldier it existed none the less. Dour and serious Kyle presses an open palm with something approaching the affection one kindred spirit might offer to another. "My duty here in this life is not done yet." The statement bites with chilling finality "To punish the wicked" Kyle thought inwardly of their fate. "And neither is yours." Their voice intoned in a glowering inflexion. "Rise!" Kyle's voice commands cold and certain putting both hands under Alkor's shoulder as a parent does to their child. "Rise, some strength remains in your broken body and I command you now as one warrior to another to use that burning fire in your breast and touch your soles to this burnished soil with the pride you should know." Again the challenged is uttered this time in a deep mechanical growl with the grim conviction of a Chaplain, Kyle's gauntlets offering a steadying guidance to Centaris' boots waiting to feel the tiniest struggle of life in Alkor's knees before delivering the man upon a perch over shoulder. "Look to the sky Centaris, you will pierce that veil again and do penance for your sins, just as I have." Their kindred bond fills Kyle too with strength to follow a steady stream of screaming Echani Citizens in a slow plod of a jog, twenty kilometers an hour even wounded sufficient to pass the frightened Echani who funneled steadily to a nearby evacuation point.

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Darth Banshee

Darth Banshee

    Queen of Serenno

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Objective: Survie 

Allies: ME Kaine Australis
Enemy:Shia Kryze Srina Talon
Equipment: LightSaberArmourHealing AmuletEchani Shield
Ship: H.M.S. Carrnia


Her droids where getting hit hard and fast by the enemy, but they where holding up to it. They would last for a while longer yet, and their enemies would be getting a headache form the gunfire. As the droids blasters where a new version of stealth, make so much noise they deafen you. She could here the fight in the distance, while she made her way to her defensive spot. She was still concentrating on her amulet, she was still healing up. The Noctuals had made a mini fort, three a breast forward facing, so their guns will fire into the enemy as they come forward. Then another two where on a where facing inwards, to stop the royal guard from being flanked. Then least one was just touching, both rear of them two, so they could not be attacked in the rear. This was about five hundred meters from the droid line, which was now fighting in close quarters with CIS forces. As she reached it, she went inside to finish healing, while her guards took up positions on the front facing noctuals, and the two flanking ones. She did not care about the droids, and she had more of them to come yet. She only cared about staying alive, and the sith empire holding its promises to mandalorians. These troops where good, but where they another wave in their rear good. As that what was planned next, she did see an issue with her ship, getting the waves of troops in quickly was difficult. She may have to add new ships, to augment this one day, but that day was not now more the pity. Her remaining squadron of pipistrelles, took up a postion to attack if and when they broke through the line of droids.Their stealth field also failed, radiation from star destroyer, was interfering with it. 



It was hell over the city, as her fighters approached. The CIS had the skies wrapped up tight, above the palace and the city. Though they had no idea that a group of six squadrons, with six elite fighters in each was approaching. As they where cloaked as they descend from the space, they had one mission destroy the troop carriers above the city, and them come back to the carrier again. To reload and then help again above the city, as this is where they where more useful now. As they came into the battle area, their cloaking device failed, possibly due to radiation from the dead star destroyer, nonetheless they carried on, towards their target. 


Their orders where to fire on the engines of the three corvettes above the city, they had been assigned two squadrons to each one. This meant twenty four ion torpedoes, being aimed into the engines. They hoped to disable them for a moment, this would make them crash into the city, which was already burning with the wreckage the star destroyer. So it would not do much more damage. They came in level with the engines of their assigned targets, then as they decloaked they fire ion torpedoes at the corvettes, and began an attack run across the top of them. Then when reached the end of the strafing run, they would break and attack, anything in the immediate area.



Her dropship boarded the H.M.S. Carnnia, and as it was the body of Darth Tacitus was taken to med bay. So it could be properly attend to, and given back at a later date. As it was taken off, the next wave droids began to march on. The pilots where quickly refueling the dropships, and receiving their orders, it was to land in the rear of the queens current enemy, the plan was to surround them. Though they would have to be quick, as they currently trying brake through the line of droids.


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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Location: Eshan Valleys

Objective: Defend Eshan from the CIS Invasion in the valleys.

Equipment: Light Mandalorian Armor, Lightsaber Trayc'kadTrayc'kal

Allies: M.E., Sanya Val Lerium Allya Vi'Dreya ?

Opponents: CIS, Celiana , Kat DecoriaTathra Khaeus Allya Vi'Dreya ?


Mig actually nodded to the Echani as she explained her reasoning for being with the CIS, and he could honestly understand it. If something like this happened to Concord Dawn, or Mandalore, he'd be ready to take the first way he could find to free it. When he saw she put away her staff, Mig followed with his Trayc'kad. He then looked at her, speaking plainly.


"And nothing will change if you just run from problems. If I were to leave the Mand'alor because some don't change, then what do we accomplish? Change is never quick, never easy, and almost always has some pains. Mandalorians will always be warriors, but I continue to hope some clan's tactics will change. That's why I stay." Mig then sighed as she insisted the Yasha was a bad leader. He grumbled a bit. He eyed her, sighing again.

"Do you know what every jetii leader's planning? And I know this reflects on my clan too. That why with everything, it why my anger almost got away from me. Like I said, change takes time. I'm sure our factions will be strained for years, no matter how this goes in the end. I know people will see us as the monsters no matter what really, but we will be changing how we do things. Punish those who would bombarded this world." Ok, he was sounding like some actual speaker now, but he was happy when the jetii said her name. Kat Decoria. A jetii padawan. He could feel how much she wanted to leave right now, and he couldn't blame her one bit. Mig, though soon walked closer, extending the hand that held the Trayc'kal in his hand. He then spoke calmly, but with a tone that showed the weight of what he was doing.


"Well, Padawan Kat Decoria, I am Mig Gred, Alor of Clan Gred. I know this can never replace your aliit (family), but from one aliit who has lost to many to another, I want to give you the highest honor a Gred can give someone outside our clan. A clan weapon. My cousin's, to be exact, but with a promise from you. No matter how this battle ends, return. Help to rebuild Eshan, cause it need people like you rebuilding it. The clans know how attached Gred's are of our weapons, and most will at least not attack you if you come back, jetii or not." 


Meanwhile, in the city, one of the eight Vipers was blasted out of the sky. The flight command was quick to come to the comms, yelling out to the CIS fighters. 


"CIS, we're only here to kill those beasts of worms. Perhaps we could work together for a second, and then after that we'll leave. At the very least just know we'll go!"


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Kat Decoria

Kat Decoria


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Location: Eshan Valleys

Allies: Celiana and CIS

Enemies: Mig Gred | Sanya Val Lerium and ME


The Mandalorian stated his intent to remain with the Empire, stating that running away from the problem does not solve the problem. Kat saw the sense in that, she had run away to Eshan from her difficulty in Jedi training but then again, perhaps she was meant to have run back home if only to protect those left in her family that she could have. It meant that she had some family at least. It didn't mean that sticking with this faction was a sensible thing to do but she understood his side of things, no matter how much she didn't want to. "Well, sometimes you must leave before becoming the very thing you seek to change. I hope you are right about your leader, I do not believe that she will stop men like these do the damage they have done. However, I wish you luck in trying to become something else."


Kat then blinked in surprise as she was offered a weapon from the man's cousin. Some form of protection and acceptance. Everything in her body screamed out at her to refuse it, to spitefully deny this man. However, she looked at her home, the destruction and shook her head. She couldn't give into hate, into spite just because things out of his control lead to this. Taking the weapon from Mig, Kat looked at him. "Thank you, I know how much this means to you. My family will return someday, when this invasion has ended, either way, we shall return. My niece or nephew will walk on their homeworld." Kat looked at the weapon then paused.


There were two weapons on her person, the Force Staff that was her fathers, but she could never surrender that. It was the only thing left, the other possessions likely destroyed in the destruction of the capital. However, her second weapon was an Echani vibrosword. Unsheathing it, Kat looked at the weapon, she had been gifted it by her brother years ago. She had intended to use it to kill today but somehow was thankful it did not happen. She pushed it into the arms of Mig. "This was my brother's before it became mine. He died protecting his people. He died because his leader was not there to protect him and she did not stop those that sought to destroy us either from within or outside. I want you to have this, think on that, think on the fact that a title doesn't make a leader. Actions do, he lead his people to defend us. He should have been safe." Kat paused before continuing. "If you ever think that your Mandalore won't change or that your faction won't then find me. Perhaps there is another way that isn't with them or the CIS."


Kat placed the Mandalorian weapon on her belt and walked back to Celiana's ship.




Alkor Centaris

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Location: Eshan City- somewhere
Allies: Kyle Whir

He watched the life leave Rhaegar and his own world darkened. Alkor watched the fallen warrior fall away into an abyss of shadow, but he was not far behind. The pain, the fury- all of it grew cold and numbed as he relaxed into the welcoming embrace of the darkness. He lost the feeling in his fingers and his grip on the lightsaber fled. His mind swam through haunting memories, faces of people he had never met who burned simply because he was told they should. He recalled having his name cursed, and the feeling of hate that was always cast in his direction. He had always been alone. He always knew he would die alone, too.

Then, he felt a stinging sensation that became a warm tingle. His body tensed and reeled at the introduction of military grade bacta and a sedative that was never meant for a normal man. Miraculously, it tore away the lingering talons of Rage that had engulfed him, and he could see a light at the end of all this.

Eshan City returned to focus. It was still burning, indeed, it was only burning more. Had they managed to save the Echani? Had the Mandalorians lied from the very beginning about their intentions? Why had it come to this, an entire metropolis brought low due to the machinations of some political leader?

How many more people had to die so that people who fancied themselves powerful could have what they wanted?

Alkor's fists clenched at his sides as his hearing returned. He saw the man who intended to arrest him. He was carrying him away from certain death, toward where the last of the Echani were being spirited away toward a new, safer home.

The man challenged him to rise again, to walk, and to look toward the sky. His gaze cast toward the burning sunset, a mockery of beauty but gorgeous no less. He looked down at his left fist, a deathgrip locked around- was that Rhaegar's sword?

Alkor closed his eyes and sighed.

"The only thing I can do," he spoke, his voice little more than a whisper, "is try to make things right."

There was always more to say, and for Alkor, it was a lifetime's worth.

"And I'm not done yet."

Dethroned King

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OBJECTIVE: Report on the Invasion of Eshan, try to not get blown up in the process

SHIP: The Impassive Sky, GNN-licensed civilian transport




NOTE: All Galactic News Network personnel are neutral in combat and are considered civilians, protected from harm by Intergalactic War Laws. Any damage to GNN personnel and equipment is a violation of aforementioned Intergalactic War Laws.



The clashes of battle flashed through space as Lorril Hjalri, GNN War Correspondent and her cameradroid, ECM-42 watched the invasion of Eshan unfold from their comfy seats aboard the Impassive Sky. Lorril had situated the GNN ship far out from the battle, hopefully out of range of even the long range cannons from the massive ships that were in the process of tearing each other up. Technically, Lorril was protected from combat under Intergalactic Neutrality laws, but in the heat of battle you never knew if a stray blaster cannon would target her ship accidentally, and no amount of repercussions could undo her body being incinerated in the void. 


The Impassive Sky was truly an impressive ship, though its offensive capabilities were essentially nonexistent. It had a hardy shield projector for a civilian ship, and its sensor and image-capturing systems were state of the art. Currently she had all of the ships hypersense holo-projectors trained on the orbital battle; for now, she would stay out of the ground conflict. At least up here, she could report live and not have to worry about getting blasted apart. She would interview the combatants (and the victors) after the battle, whoever they were. But for now, she would cover the fleeters with the same excitement. She turned to ECM-42 and nodded for him to get his holorecorder ready, striding over to the field-newscaster room that took up a third of the Impassive Sky. With several seats, a round table and a wall that could project whatever image she wished, Lorril was set to cover any news story just from the ship. She tapped her fingers on the table, waiting for the cameradroid to finish getting the holoprojector ready.




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Location: Southern Eshan City
Objective: Surviving
Allies: ME and their allies
Enemies: CIS and their allies
Engaging: Khia Varad
What losses were happening on either side were unknown to Talimet. Inside she knew countless warriors had perished today. There would be time to mourn them later, but not right now. 
That moment of distracted thought about the deaths around them was all that was needed. Khia took advantage of it and grabbed her knee in a tight grip against her body. However, the pain from the connection was a score on the side of Talimet.
With her legs securely under herself, Khia was able to propel both of them into a wall behind Talimet. The crash was hard. VERY hard. Her back rammed into the wall and through it. The building's construction weak to begin with had been weakened more by the battle in the city. 
Attempting to double herself across the back of Khai to keep her head protected, she was soon thrown to the floor of the building and slammed around several times. Dazed enough she was unable to prevent herself from being pinned by the other Mandalorian with her forearm and couldn't breathe for a few moments while the pressure was there.
A sound reached even her still ringing ears and she knew this building was going to come down on them when those shockwaves hit it. Arching her back, she hoped in the brief seconds Khai was distracted that it was strong enough to push her off. If that worked, she would attempt to make it back outside before the building came down. 
She wasn't quick enough and the shockwave hit before an escape outside could be made. Turning around as fast as she could, her eyes searched for a place to hunker down in to survive this collapse. Her fighting companion would be on her own. Sighting a shadow in the corner, she made a dive for it and covered her still exposed head.


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Location: The bridge of the Pitiless Spirit 
Objective: Win the day, and not die in the process
Allies: CM
Enemies: CIS, Derek Dib John LockeKiff Brayde @Amelia von Sorenn
Resources: 1 Crusader Class, 1 Indomitable Class, 1 mythosaur class




The bridge shuddered as the bombardment intensified from all sides.Orders were being yelled out from officer to officer and the ship shuddered violently.The captain called for all hands to brace as a shocking development came to him, that three star destroyers were set on a collision course for the ship. The shields were strong but they were getting close to failing. At this moment a brilliant idea came to the commander.  "ALL POWER TO THE ENGINES, WE WILL OUTRUN THEM.DROP THE GUNS AND OUT RUN THEM."  


Suddenly the ship lurched forward and escaped the first two ships that were pursuing it, but the star destoryer that was off its starboard side scraped against the engines rendering the engines heavily damaged. Once passed these damages the captain called out again to use the ships as a barrier between the guns of the ships to its rear.He called for all mass driver cannons to rain hellfire upon those that would seek to slay the noble Mandalorians on this glorious battle. But doom called as he saw the warheads streak toward the main battle fleet of the Flag Admiral.The Indomitable was able to fend off most of the onslaught aside from the star destroyer that rushed at its engines.The captain sent out a frantic call but it would arrive at the moment of suffering.








The Indomitable would hold the Flag Admiral was certain of that but how would his own ship fare.He looked upon the vastness of space and saw that it was beautiful despite its image of warfare, he looked to the planet below and saw that it was a paradise in ruins due to war and conflict.  




At that moment the first of the projectiles neared the ship. "ALL HANDS BRACE FOR IMPACT."  The admiral knew he could not do much but he would try his best to minimize the suffering to his men. He looked around the bridge to see brave officers holding tight to their stations awaiting the impact.The defense systems sputtered to life and managed to stop the initial salvo but the power had not fully been restored and the guns were draining vital power from the shields.


The Flag Admiral pounded on the rail and bellowed, "Damn them! DAMN THEM ALL! I hate having to do this. divert all gunnery power to the systems near to the bridge and make sure nothing else gets......"  


Suddenly the first thermonuclear device was intercepted by a cannon and erupted in a fireball that stunned the crew and all those that were watching the spectacle unfold. How could such weapons be used even against an enemy?This act was vile. Then the guns began to run out of power and more and more impacted the ships failing shield. He saw a second device streaking straight for the bridge, he grasped his post tight and saw a cannon fire and stop the missile, the missile exploded at the close range and flared like a miniature sun. 












The last sight he would ever truly see, the flash of light that almost ended his life.He collapsed on the floor. He began moving his hands frantically to see if he could see them, he tried to open his eyes wider to receive some sort of stimuli but there was nothing but darkness.He heard his men rush to his side but he could not speak because the shock had still not set in.  


He was picked up and the men began to carry him away.As they did he pushed his comlink and uttered a message before he fell asleep, 


"My sight and love have been taken, my dreams and hopes have been taken.No cybernetic could ever truly replace what has been stolen from me.You have robbed me of my great joy and my command for only this moment, I will return and you will see what mistakes you made." 


With that the Flag Admiral fell asleep. The Spirit sprang to life and the guns roard back to life in hopes of taking vengence for that which was stolen from the Emmerald Immortal.




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Location: Entering Palace through sewers
Allies: The Confederacy of Independent Systems + Allies
Enemies: ME
Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets
Tags: Cay-Yo | Tathra Khaeus | Spencer Jacobs | Srina Talon




Madalena tried to make herself comfortable on the throne. Truth be told, despite her very empowering and self-confident speech, this whole throne thing was seeming slightly… Uncomfortable? How was one supposed to be comfortable on this thing and sit on it for hours? Was it something especially designed for actual royal butts? Were new Kings and Queens permitted to make alterations? This throne could definitely do with a cushion or something. Were throne cushions available in pink?


She hoped the actual Queen of Eshan would be able to arrive soon. There were fights happening outside. The noise traveled all the way over the lake and into this very throne room, alongside the noise of and vibrations of things happening above them. It was almost like a wild amusement park ride, but one that had a better probability of you ending up dead.


But what was there that she could do? To evacuate herself (and Cay-Yo. And Lancelot) wasn't an option, not when she had to hold the fort down. She could get out there and fight the worm, sure, but what were her odds of surviving that? Even with Big Cay-Yo on her side, unless she could magically come up with a weakness the worms had that she could exploit, that didn't seem like an overly good thing to try either.


"Cay-Yo, Lancelot, to me," she said, her hands gripping the throne. If they were closer and things got really bad, she would be able to throw her barrier over the three of them. Would that be enough?


Trying to force her mind to calm down, Madalena began to focus on the details around her. Considering the rumble and noise coming from outside, the Sithling found herself admitting that the throne room was… Okay?


Sure, it didn't look pristine anymore. There were cracks here and there in the wall, though a close inspection showed that it was only the paint and the coverings that were bad while whatever it was that lay underneath was fine. "Shouldn't we be squished by now?" she asked out loud, still looking over at everything.


And then the big bada-boom happened.


Something had fallen on them.


Madalena was a Warrior. Warriors did not scream when they were scared or surprised. They were tough, they were made of strong stuff, they were the best there was – and they, or in this case, she, gave a little yelp as she jumped in the throne. The sound of the worm falling (though she had no idea that it was the worm itself) along with most of the place (though she had no idea it was most of the palace) was noisy and scary business. Business that you could not make go away by putting the pointy end of your sword in. Her heart was racing so fast and so hard that she was sure it could be heard within several miles worth of a radius.


But the throne room was still standing. A bit dusty, a bit more cracked, but still standing. And while the noise of worm and Palace falling began to subside, another sound began to take over – silence. Complete and utter silence. She couldn't even hear the noise of the war and battles from outside anymore.


Only now did she rise from the throne, and walked herself to the door. It wouldn't budge open, and neither would the few windows that were in the room.


Clicking her commdevice again, Madalena coughed. "So this is the Pathfinder again. The Throne room is intact, myself and the Gizka Knight are alive and well. We're all still standing. But I think the rest of the palace fell on top of the throne room and please Force let this room be sufficiently be reinforced like a shelter bomb sort of a thing or we're gonna be squashed later'ish. Don't suppose anyone's got a rescue team that can come dig a way in or out?"


Madalena swallowed hard. They needed diggers. And after the last few hours spent on Eshan and all the things she had done and experienced there, she wasn't enough of a fool to think she could Force Punch he and Cay-Yo's way out.

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Location: Eshan City, crashed SD
Allies: CIS
Enemies: Darth Banshee



Communication was proving difficult, with commlinks suffering from the radiation of the crashed Star Destroyer and the sheer noise of the droids weaponry. The vast majority of Mandalorians were helmed and had integral hearing protection, but that didn't make it any easier to shout to someone, or to hear surprises coming.


For the moment at least, this was a line fight. Mandalorians were falling back in good order from the front lines as they were damaged or wounded, here and there one would fall under sheer weight of numbers, but the Shrike's were confident that despite their moderate losses, they were containing the droids and pushing forward to a breakthrough.

Shia was entirely unaffected by the noise - a happy side effect of her armours anti-sonic properties, she could barely even feel the thunderous noises beyond her little world.

"Ravens, engage, focus fire on that guard force that is moving forward. Fire'alor - hold back and wait until a breakthrough happens, then hammer any heavy units they have in reserve."


"Alor? What about their air support?"

"We'll take the hits, they don't have much left and they'll need it to escort them off-world."


The now comfortably hidden and well positioned forces of the Raven Owls obeyed their orders, opening fire with verpine sniper rifles all across the line, aiming for the human forces to the rear of the droids. Given the silent nature of the shattergun and the overwhelming noise of the conflict, the first sign anyone would have of their fire was when the rounds began to impact.


Behind the Mandalorian lines, the remaining heavy bes'uliik made haste to form a central reserve, their towering forms visible even over the height of the engaged Mandalorian cavalry, but they held their fire - marshalling their reserves for a potential breakthrough.


Around Shia, the Stryx closed in - the most lethal fighters Kryze had to offer, few in number but not in battlefield force.


"They're not leaving, alor." Her second said, ducking under a droid and blasting it in the chest at point blank range, even as Shia unloaded a shotgun into the head of another. "Waiting for their friends at the tower, you think?"

"Maybe, just focus on bringing these droids down."

"Wish we could hit those transports." Her second sounded almost amused.


"Noted. I'll deal with it." By which, Shia meant she'd speak to Gil and have him come up with something for Kryze.


Around them, the battle continued to rage, the point of decision not yet reached.

Mig Gred

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Location: Eshan Valleys

Objective: Defend Eshan from the CIS Invasion in the valleys.

Equipment: Light Mandalorian Armor, Lightsaber Trayc'kadTrayc'kal

Allies: M.E., Sanya Val Lerium Allya Vi'Dreya ?

Opponents: CIS, Celiana , Kat DecoriaTathra Khaeus Allya Vi'Dreya ?


Mig gave Kad a shocked look as she handed him an Echani Vibrosword. One that was her brothers. She gave her own words on it, which Mig agreed with. Her brother shouldn't have died that day. She also reminded him of something Mandalorians knew all to well. A title doesn't make one a leader. Probably why Mandalorians had a way to take leadership. To challenge the Mand'alor for the title. Mig still trusted Yasha though. Plus he was barely Alor material, let alone Mand'alor. She also gave him an option if he ever felt things wouldn't change. To find her, and they could find a way without the CIS or the clans. He simply gave her a nod, quickly speaking up as she left.


"And if you ever need help, me and my clan will be more than willing to provide it." He clipped the vibrosword to his belt as she left, turning to Ilik. "We need to start rounding everyone up. The battle's done." The medic nodded, quickly calling out on comms as Mig placed his helmet on his head, and sent out a call to all Mandalorians. "This is Alor Gred, we need a ride out of here." And with that, the Gred forces not being used by others began to leave Eshan. Oddly enough, it wasn't as hard of place for Mig to thing on now. He was almost... at peace with what happened to Ordan, though it still pained him to look at what had happened to the world. Ilik looked at the younger man, patting him on the back.


"Mig, we did what we could. You've already blamed yourself for Ordan. Don't blame yourself for this." Mig looked over at Ilik, nodding.


"I know. Doesn't mean I have to like the sight." 


(And with that, I'm finished with the invasion. Been fun.)


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

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Location: The Capital, Eshan -> Rendezvous w/ Palace Bridge Team
Accompanying: Srina Talon, Adron Malvern, Spencer Jacobs
Tag: Kaine Australis

Spencer Jacobs was living proof.

There was a moment...when the alabaster apprentice whose soul had become intertwined with the Sith's quivered with doubt. It was a finite, fleeting second following the most traumatic experience of her life. As a faithful child of Eshan, Srina Talon was no stranger to the fury of combat. She had fought since she was old enough to carry a blade - and in light of this, it was not the battle itself which planted the seed within her heart. No. It was the capital ships which tore upon the metropolis known as Coruscant. It was the way their mammoth forms broke apart every semblance of civilization as they rose from underneath the surface. It was the way her lungs were caked with ash for days following the fall of the Galactic Alliance. It was...the way those who called themselves Sith made war. In light of this day, Srina had a second of doubting what her Master would call her to do. He made promise after promise that he would never require of her what the traditions of yore demanded.

He swore that she would never, ever, need to raise her blade against him to prove herself a Sith.

From what little she knew of the Sith culture, this nugget latched onto her mind. And Darth Metus did his absolute best to dispel it. Yet, as the Queen of Eshan looked upon her former pupil, there was now living, breathing proof that what he said to her was absolutely true. For as fallen as the Sith was, there was never a moment where he would raise a hand against the woman who had mentored him many years ago. Her Majesty was but one of three people who had cultivated his walk alongside the Force - and there was none among his tutors who he would ever raise a hand to destroy. Quite the contrary, in fact. He would gladly move heaven and earth if it meant championing their causes or saving them from harm. For that reason, liberating Eshan came naturally to Darth Metus. For not only was it the home of one he loved dearly - it was the home of his Master.

And he would gladly break and bleed to defend it.

Yet no mentor would ever stand to see their student broken before their eyes. And as the Sith extended his helm so that she could address her people, the bond they shared shone brighter than ever before. Her touch was grace. Her words...he would cling to them until the day death finally bested him for the last time. She addressed him by the name she knew - by the name he desperately attempted to leave behind time after time. But it was okay. For she knew him. The whole him. I admired that about you. With both did. he knew about whom she was speaking. And for but a moment, his head lowered in respect at the thought of that woman. She who made the heavens themselves tremble at her presence. Yet he found his head lifted by touch of her lips upon his own. The rush of energy which invaded his being at the moment of their connection saw the most grievous of his injuries laid to waste.

When she stepped back and began to address her people with the voice of a Queen, the Vicelord was strong enough to keep up the fight. Focus burned within his sulfuric eyes as he pressed the assault. His beast marched forward alongside the cadre of droids, with a portion tarrying to ensure the continued protection of Her Majesty and the woman who was most precious to him. Darth Metus set his fury upon one of the Bral and decimated it in tandem with the assault of his automated companions. All the while, Her Majesty erupted in the Force - shining as a beacon for her people to see. They would bear witness to the fact that their Queen lived and that a pretender now profaned her throne. Who could praise the name Manu in the face of their monarch? Who could side with the Mandalorian subjugators or turn a blind eye to the wanton destruction when their regent demanded they remember who they were?

For but a moment, such thoughts colored the Sith's mind as his assault continued against the enemies which laid before. But for the enemies which were less obvious to the naked eyes, sensors were the tool of choice. A beast of the enemy drew its blade in the hopes of stealing glory, but automation moved far swifter than organic. By the time the sleuthy beast made its move, its blade would be impedded in a body of durasteel. It would have the glory which came from felling a BX Commando which had sprang forth to give the Exarch time enough to save herself. Now it was no more than a hunk of durasteel in the enemy's way - but hopefully it was enough for Tatooine not to repeat itself.


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Kiff Brayde

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OBJECTIVE: Destroy that big fricken battlecruiser

SHIP: The Benevolent Pride, an Adjudicator-class Star Destroyer

ALLIES: Derek Dib | John Locke

ENEMIES: Quoron Cadera


"Looks like that Battlecruiser is trying to run from our superior tactics. Let's see who's faster, eh?"


The Indomitable-class Battlecruiser had rather smartly lurched forward just in time to save itself from being rammed by the Valiant I and Valiant II Star Destroyers. It was close, though; one of the Star Destroyers had scraped the battlecruiser's rear engines and although Kiff couldn't make out the damage, he had noticed that the speed of the battlecruiser had slown down. Plus, the size of the battlecruiser and the momentum that required to get it moving required a lot of energy, and the fact that the Benevolent Pride had already been moving at its top speed meant that the little Star Destroyer had gotten a head start on the Indomitable, and it was in range that it had passed the careening Valiants and had been able to keep the battlecruiser within the range of the Benevolent Pride's guns. 


"Captain, we've cleared the Valiant I and Valiant II Star Destroyers and the Indomitable is still in range. All of our batteries are ready to fire,"  Veryk stated as he walked up next to Kiff, a datapad he'd retrieved from the gunnery pit in hand. He handed the holographic pad to Kiff, who briefly scanned it over before handing it back.


"Instruct the gunnery to focus all of their fire on the battlecruiser's engines. If we are succesful, we may be able to cut off their retreat and leave them as a target for our bigger ships." It wasn't a brilliant plan, really, but if the crew of the Benevolent Pride worked fast enough, they would be able to land the Confederacy Navy a nice juicy prize and in all likeliness, bragging rights for Brayde. But future medals were not what was on Kiff's mind. Right now, he needed to focus on making all the right moves to put his prize perfectly in place, and that began with a look towards Veryk as if he was saying, "Well, what are you waiting for?"


Veryk nodded, taking the hint and immediately the order was relayed to gunnery command and to the batteries of the Benevolent Pride, all wrapped up in a nice package of utmost urgency. The crews went to work, figuring the calculations into targeting computers and warming up the massive turbolaser batteries of the Star Destroyers. It all happened in the span of a minute, and by the time that Kiff had turned back from the crew pits to the viewports of the Star Destroyer's bridge, turbolaser fire was already echoing from the batteries of the Benevolent Pride and they were nearly all hitting there mark. The massive engines of the battlecruiser were not a small target, and Kiff's men were trained to the point of perfection. 


It wouldn't be long before the shields of the Indomitable were fully depleted: they were already extremely weakened and spread thin. It was only a matter of time before Captain Kiff Brayde had his catch. And boy oh boy could he not wait for when he caught it. 



Darth Banshee

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Objective: Survie 

Allies: ME Kaine Australis
Enemy:Shia Kryze Srina Talon
Equipment: LightSaberArmourHealing AmuletEchani Shield
Ship: H.M.S. Carrnia


She was almost healed up, and now regaining her strength, it would not be long now before she was fully ready for battle again. The droids where doing their job, they where holding back the tide. Though their losses where mounting up, it was no big deal, the only big deal was her and her royal guard. They where still sniping away at the enemy, if one broke though they where shot at. The particle rifles where more than capable of penetrating, all but the most powerful armour. The line was holding for now, though it would not do for much longer, if reinforcements did not come soon. She had gotten what she wanted, and would not be dying here, as served no purpose. So if they did break through, she would run for it, like a bat out the neverworld, she be gone gone gone.


She could hear the din, the droids where making from inside the drop ship. The enemy must have a headache by now, she theorised. As she finally stood up, fully healed and combat ready. She made her way out, and looked at her on coming foe, they where fresh and numerous. Her line would not stop them, the question was could they hold it, once they broke through. The answer was no, they could not. She was not a fool, and was not into dying, as it is a painful experience she had to go through before. She gave her captain the order, If they break through in numbers we run. He nodded in agreement, and did the count.


The Palace Allya Vi'Dreya

Her fighters did strafing run against the corvettes, and picked up some tail as they did. The dog fighting began, they pilots where good at their job. Though they where outnumbered, they could hold their own. The cloaking system where still offline, and permanently so. There would be no more retreating under cover, so the reloading option no longer available. They shot flares into the sky, to use the smoke to distract their opponents, as they weaved their way into an attack run. As they did all this twelve of them where shot from the skies, and where sent crashing into the city below. They went down in a blaze of glory, though they bailed before the fighters hit the deck, somewhere caught in the explosions that came up afterwards. The ones that survived, would try and find cover and shoot at the cis forces where they can. The rest began leveling up on one the corvettes, they wanted to break the view ports. As that way they could no longer, go into space and live. 



The droids where finally loaded, the ship sent them off again. Their cloaks failed, the stygium shields where overheating, due to overuse. They have to make this run without it, so it meant they would be seen coming. This was dangerous but necessary, as the queen needed reinforcements. They where heading stright for her, as atleast their they had only fighters available.




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Location: At a field medical encampment headed by Valencia Hadley 
Objective: Medical provider to all, including enemy wounded 
Allies: CIS + Eshan 
Interacting with: NPC enemy wounded
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There had been little time for proper intros or even a small tour of the workings of the medical camp at which Ayda and her surviving med team found themselves joining. 


Ayda were able to get her patients unloaded from her remaining ambulance and into better accommodations which were basically cots in the medical recovery tents. At least they were no longer being tossed about in the ambulance trying to avoid getting hit by both friendly fire and that of whom were indiscriminately bombarding every possible ground target.


There were certainly a few non civilian and non-CIS patients that she had brought from their last encampment that Ayda had evacuated. Three had definitely been identified as being enemy wounded by the markings on their armor. But Ayda hadn't discriminated who she would care for or not. She were a doctor under an oath that superseded the color of one's flag by which they stood or fought under. To Ayda they were all her patients and no one had a tag on them, other than their statistics.


She had little time to check on the patients she had brought, making sure their statuses had not worsted, but progressed. She were checking over one such Mando whom in the CIS eyes were an enemy, one of the aggressors, when he suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed her arm.His grip were hard, despite he were half still sedated and weak from his wounds sustained, but nevertheless still got a good hold of her arm.

Ayda didn't pull away, nor call for help in restraining the man, just merely looked into his eyes. 

The man seemed to know where he was, only not know on which side of the battle lines. 


"You...you're in a field hospital.." Ayda struggled with her words as his grip ever so tightened on her arm, but she didn't fight him, didn't try pulling away.

His eyes then made out her scrubs..the emblem with the red cross on white. It were alien to him, but he seemed to recognize it as he loosed his grip somewhat. maybe he were failing, weakening. But his eyes showed otherwise. No, he were recovering and coming out of the anesthesia.


"We're on the ground..?" his raspy voice asked, giving her arm a slight shake as he wanted a fast reply.


"Yes...on the outskirt of the city. Please let go of me. I'm not going anywhere." Ayda replied.


But the man didn't let goof her arm, rather he tried to get his self back up on his feet.

Ayda placed her hand on his chest, over his heart.

"Calm down... you don't have any identifying marks on you ...you're safe here." She tried to relay to him. 


"My beskar...where's my beskar?!" He demanded, still trying to get up on his feet.


"I don't know where it is...it were removed to attend your injuries. It and everything else were left behind in the evacuation, before the aerial bombardment took out our camp. I removed any markings on your person that would identify your clan, during the evacuation..." Ayda explained. 


"You the medic who dressed my wounds?" he then asked, eyes looking about at all the other patients recovering from the war.


"Yes, I'm the doctor who treated you... your wounds were serious. You had died for a few minutes, before we could stabilize you. You're lucky to be alive." She replied, giving her hand a tug which was still in his grip.


"Lucky? There is no luck in war, only honor.

You're with the slavers then..." he more said it with accusation than a question.


"This is a medical camp...there are no slaves here...just volunteers....doctors, medics, interns, people who-" She were trying to explain when he cut her off again, giving her arm a momentary jolt to stop her from talking.


"Why you here? Why are you on their side?"


"I'm here on my own accord.

Now please...let go of me...you're hurting me." She replied.


The man looked over her small frame a moment, then released his grip altogether, dropping his hand to his side. He seemed defeated, like that of a captured game awaiting to be slaughtered.

"Why did you even waste your time on me. I should have died in battle...not-

...not in a death camp."


Ayda had remained by his side as she had said, rubbing her arm which now had his hand print on it. His eyes saw that and he lowered them a moment in what she could only construe as an apology. Ayda couldn't blame him, for he had been sedated and had just opened his eyes to find himself in what he considered enemy camp.

"This is no death camp..."

She then leaned closer to him to speak in a lower tone... " I haven't records...I haven't reported any enemy wounded.

Only patients."


"I'm a doctor sworn under the Hippocratic Oath. I am on no one's side but the side of life.

Now if you won't mind...lay there quietly and rest. I'll have an orderly bring you some food and drink..." She then reached for the i.v. which was nearly depleted and took the needle out of his arm.

"I would appreciate it if you don't treat those whom attend to you as you've treated your doctor.."


The man seemed to have realized that even if he managed to get on his feet, his weakened state would do little but have someone with a little more mass than Ayda knock him back down.

"What are you called?...what is your name?" he then asked.


"Doctor Ayda Elisantra...but you can call me just 'Doc'. 

Please, don't hurt any of my staff...we're all here to treat the wounded equally...no matter who they may be."


"You have honor and virtues... I'll comply with what you ask of me." he then said, before his hand reached up to touch her arm.


"Thank you...Doctor." he then said, before closing his eyes to rest and recover.


Ayda then patted him on his shoulder and went on to her rounds. There were still many wounded coming in, but she had to first make sure the ones she had brought here were doing alright.


Perhaps when she were done with her rounds, Valencia Hadley the doctor this encampment spoke about would return...


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The brutes fought on. That it was what they were bred for. What they were made for! They knew no meaning of surrender and would show the enemy no inkling of mercy. They pressed on. A brute overrun by zombies primed a grenade and using his thrusters flew forward like a live missile towards one of the witches before detonating in a mess of purple blood and green scaly gore. Zombie guts erupted from the warriors detonation point and flew every which way with their limbs and cranial matter tossed about like salad.


Another brute having run out of ammo used his lmg like a club and swinging multiple home runs in a succession that not even Babe Ruth could compete with. Crushing zombie skulls like the grapefruits they were. The last of the Brutes had packed plenty of ammo however and was making a hay day of it. He jammed his weapon into the gut of one zombie and let rip. The superheated laser expanding the zombie to the boiling point and causing it to expand like a cartoon balloon till it exploded in a combine of super heated flaming giblets. Then he wheeled about hosing the room down with a one handed firing arc as his other hand shoved aside any who got too close.


Grosck himself swung his massive axe into enemies indiscriminately. He cut down huge swathes of them as he charged on. Wave after wave of enemies fell beneath the warriors attack. They would fight to the bitter end... At least till the bombs dropped. Their was a shock wave followed by a moment of silence. Their was no right or wrong in the rapture of flames that followed. Only glorious destruction. Then came the sound. An ear deafening screech. A lamentation of a million lives lost in one beautiful second. The Brutes roared with this explosion, their war cries mixing in with it's glorious sound and for a moment achieving the nirvana of a glorious death they had so desperately sought.


The building collapsed upon all within. Witch, Zombie, and Brute.... When the dust had settled a Single hand shot out of the rubble and wrenching itself from the destruction stood a massive nine foot tall being. He was bruised and battered, but defeated? No. The battlefield was completely leveled. The Mandalorians would stay as hated conquerors or the CIS would come as vaunted saviors... But, this day... Only the Bryn'adûl won. Grosck stood tall as he marched towards the rendezvous through rubble strewn streets. He would never forget this day. For it was as the galaxy should be.


Tathra Khaeus

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