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Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

* * * * * 4 votes The Confederacy CIS Mandalorian Empire ME Echani Thyrisan Butcher of Eshan Clans of Mandalore

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Kylo Kyr'am

Kylo Kyr'am

    Clan Kyr'am Alor'ad/Grim legion Leader

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Kylo Kyr'am
Twin Westar Pistols
Custom Blaster Rifle

Objective: Annihilate CIS
Opponent: Kurenai Yumi



Kylo watched the woman Dodge his shots and then active the lightsaber deflecting the shots back at him. Kylo simply side stepped aside from the blaster bolts. A laser sword user really? Kylo thought to himself. He hated those darn swords. But oh well, he'll still kill her anyways. Kylo locked onto her with his HUD watching her activate the shield and then started firing at him as she rushed him. Kylo quickly activated his jet back flying into the air putting his rifle on it's sling and pulling out his twin blaster pistols and in a way of what seemed like a barrage, fired extremely fast at the woman but keeping the shots just slightly ahead of her to have her run into the shots. If she avoided those, Kylo would use voice activation and fired his wrist rock directly a few feet in front of her, so if the rocket or blasters didn't get her, surely the explosion would.

Kylo kept his altitude up and landed on the edge of a building watching the woman to see how she'd react.

Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

    I'll tell you one thing, it's a cruel, cruel world

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Location: City outskirts

Objective: Drive out the Mandalorian Empire

Allies: CIS, Mandragora, Kasca Fen, Fawn Alzi

Enemies: Mandalorian Empire, @Grosck Bah'azet



The cut on her hand was not deep and healed quickly with the help of the Force with no ill effects. She unclipped the bottle of water from her belt with her recovered hand and took a long drink. The ritual was continuing on, with Fawn stepping up this time to summon the spirits for assistance. The spirits beckoned for revenge for their untimely deaths and Fawn was more than glad to summon them for help. Meanwhile, her army of zombies stood guard in front of the ritual grounds, patrolling the ruins for any intruders that would disturb the Coven.


As she finished her drink and kept her bottle, her psychic senses were already sending alarms. Sure enough, the sounds of undead moans were heard, followed by growls of intruders. Fawn was still channeling her spell, gathering the spirits for assistance. It made sense for her to be performing this step, since she was more in touch with the undead and corpses while Veronika and Kasca were better versed in the mental realm. 


"I hear that, Sister. Let's get to work."


With that, Kasca moved swiftly to erect a powerful barrier to shield the Mandragora Coven and the ritual itself. Veronika was more than capable to chip in, to expand the barriers and boost the shields with her own energy. But the blonde had other ideas instead, walking back to the ritual and pulling up the ritual knife again. Another cut to her hand, this time at the wrist to allow more blood to be spilled. 


"Spirits of the realm, hear my call. Doashim, hear my plead."


Her time spent with Maple Harte was not for show. The brunette witch was blessed by Doashim and they had journeyed to Ryloth together to fight against another dark evil known as the Brain Demon. During the time spent, she had momentarily assumed the mentality of her lover due to a cursed water spring. The blonde was cursed with Maple's madness, but it also meant her patron spirit during her journey was switched from the tiny Jart to the monstrous Doashim that had blessed Maple.


The spirits summoned by Fawn drank up Veronika's blood and swirled around the blonde, granting Veronika the necessary energy to reconnect with the creature again. Emerald eyes turned into a brilliant shade of yellow as her own blood continued to drip slowly onto the ground. The purple flames flickered with power and expanded into a portal, connecting back to Ryloth where the spirits lived. Her mouth chanted words of power to keep up the summoning, hearing the vicious roar from the other end of the tunnel. A pair of burning eyes belonging to a skeletal beast appeared from the portal and gazed at the witch who had dared to disturb his sleep. He roared again, displaying his large set of serrated teeth in the process. 


"From the depths I come!"


Doashim had been awakened by the combined power of the spirits and Veronika's personal journey, deciding to answer to her foolish and yet bold move. The red eyes vanished and more roars were heard, replaced by multiple sets of burning gazes that walked into the new hunting ground. The Twi'leks had called them fiends or devils for good reason. A pair of horns sitting on top of a skeletal head with massive teeth was more than enough to terrify most people who had never come across them. Veronika counted thirteen beasts in total by the end of the summoning, with three of them walking over to the witches and growled softly, their tails swirling behind. The remaining ten beasts turned their attention to the incoming invaders, each eager to handle one of the brutes on its own as they roared in unison.


Veronika held onto her wounded wrist, grinning in satisfaction as she channeled the Force to seal up the wound. The nearest Doashim bent down to lick her blood from the ground and she petted his head softly, coaxing it to listen to her before leaping onto his back.


The Witches of Dathomir had once rode rancors into battle.


The Witches of Ryloth would ride the mighty Doashim.

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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

    Darth Omnia

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Location: Eshan [Just Outside of Eshan City]
Accompanying:  Spencer Jacobs, The Avenger, Tellu Talon Darth TacitusElessar Talon....And possibly others?
Add'l Tag: Tellu Talon | Ryndrae Talon 
Allies: CIS + Eshan


It was strange.


Srina always, always, fought at the side of Darth Metus in engagements such as these. His overly protective nature had spun into overdrive when, once upon a time, Adron Malvern had greeted her with a sword through the chest. Regardless of the fact that it had become a fond, albeit, a dark memory, it felt peculiar not to follow the lead of the Vicelord. Especially, when they picked a familiar voice on a transmission. Srina had only spoken to Kaine Australis once. It had been at a wedding.


What she knew of him from then did not match the monster that the galaxy painted him to be now. He had been kind to her then. A gentleman, in a room full of savages, and potential threats. He had been less kind to her Master on Mandalore. Then, almost pleasant during the aftermath of Skor II. And now, as the so-called Butcher of Eshan, she couldn’t begin to fathom what or who he truly was.


At this point—through the bond she held with Darth Metus she knew what he would do. He would fight the leader of Clan Australis, to the death, if necessary. Srina remained silent after his parting words. Focus.


‘Yes, Master.’


Srina’s silvery eyes followed the fight that started in the sky while she awaited her Queen. She knew how much Spencer valued her privacy, and despite the urgency, would not rush her. It would be difficult to see what had become of Eshan City with their own eyes. To see the curious lack of spine in some of their people.


As the young woman had expected, Spencer, affirmed her suspicions. The Clans of Mandalore were a scattered force of heavy-handed brutes. It was simply only now that she saw the true savagery of their forces when left unchecked. “This ends today. One way or the other.”, she affirmed, soft-spoken, but easily heard over the rumble of droids and the rollout of artillery. Her lips seemed to freeze in place while she continued to observe the fight in the sky. The maneuvers were odd. What were they doing?


It was then that she noticed that the ship Australis was utilizing seemed to have a goal, other, than battling Darth Metus. It was impossible to miss the fact that he suddenly seemed to be aiming directly at them. Before she could react, or move, her form was pulled backward by the Queen of Eshan. She caught her footing but her stern tone followed regardless.




The way she was told to stand back almost made her freeze. There was an ingrained sense of authority that caused her to want to obey. A combination of duty and silent concern. Srina could hear the voice of Spencer Jacobs in her head, in her bones, and the spears of midnight black that appeared caused her to temporarily hold her tongue. This was not how it was to be. Srina was to protect her Queen. The Avenger was supposed to protect her Queen. The rightful leader of Eshan was not supposed to break ranks to protect her. She was too important.


Darth Tacitus moved, swiftly, and she also caught sight of another spear whirling through the air at the crimson craft. He seemed just as fierce as the Queen when it came down to it. A rebreather was shoved pushed into her hands and before she could speak the Eternal Emperor turned back to face the battle at hand. There was no question. No nonsense. He simply came and went like some sort of punishing deity. Such, was the nature of a Sith Lord. ‘Kainan….’, the unspoken name wouldn’t find a way to leave her lips. Instead, the crimson smoke that was creeping forward, gave her a terrible feeling.


She turned and reached around Spencer, “Lady Queen, open.”


The instruction would have been followed with a quick flash of the small device. Whether she intended to take the rebreather or not, Spencer, would find the Confederate Exarch feeding it to her. There was too much at stake. The crimson smoke was creeping ever nearer and she had no idea what it did. Seconds afterward, a familiar presence touched her being, and she turned into the crowd.


For a split second, she thought she was looking at her father, Raihane.  


Two steps forward told her that she was not. Father and brother felt similar in the Force, however, when it came to movement? It was all different. She could tell Elessar Talon, Ryndrae Talon, and Raihane Talon apart if they were all painted vastly different colors. “Osu’Tan*…[Uncle…], she exhaled slowly, her focus split, between the sky battle, the crimson smoke, and the sudden fight between a Sith woman and Darth Tacitus. Seeing one of her beloved Uncles drop to one knee before herself and the Queen told her the depth of his sincerity. His faith. His Queen would protect him. 


Spencer still had the two Spears of Midnight Black at the ready. Srina could only hope that would be enough to deal with Australis quickly. The moonlit haired creature would never forgive Kaine Australis for what he had done. There was no apology large enough. If Darth Metus did not destroy him—She fully expected that Spencer Jacobs would. “Annon allen*…[Thank you], she spoke to Elessar, before quickly dissecting the problems they faced. While she wanted to embrace the man and inquire about the rest of their family…Duty came first. Always. “Help me clear the smoke first.”


“I don’t know what it is, or what it does, but we would be fools to inhale it.”


Briefly, she turned, and looked for the member of the Dauntless that had been close by. There was no disruption between them but she needed to check on their numbers regardless. If one of them had been compromised by a stray shot—they would need reinforcements. “Watch the sky my Lady.”


“Dauntless, watch the Queen. Your masks and helmets stay on.”


Silver eyes followed whilst they moved into formation around the armored woman. It was uncanny. He really did move as she did. Spoke, as she did.


Mercurial eyes began to bleed gold when she pulled on the telekinesis she had learned early on. There was so much of the smoke or gas in the area that she wasn’t sure if this would work. This was what she had requested that Elessar help her funnel it away. After that, they could deal with the next thread, and then take the offered route to the palace. Srina turned the air with the Force and did her best to make it act like a cyclone. The idea was to pull the crimson gas up and away from the field of engagement where it could disperse harmlessly far above them. “When we are clear…We move for the palace. Darth Metus and Darth Tacitus can handle themselves.”


Srina had no idea that other forces were already on their way to the bridge to try and turn the tide into chaos. Her logical mind fell to the default solution. One problem at a time.  

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Iapo Sim

Iapo Sim


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Location: Eshan - Planetside

Allies: @Luna Terrik @Pei Ven, @ Rato Hus

Enemies: MI

Objective: 2 "Scourge"

Fighting With: None

Equipment: Armor (phase II trooper) / KC-77N Hybrid Pistol/ BlasTech DL-22/ small tool kit.


Iapo walked silently among the other armored dauntless soldiers.

They’d entered the camp carefully and were just arriving at the first miserable tents at the back of the encampment.


Iapo let her eyes travel among the people who were looking up fearfully at the armed soldiers which had suddenly appeared in their camp. At her right, one of the medics kneeled down and took off his helmet to look at a middle-aged Eshanti woman whose chest was wrapped in bloodied bandages and seemed almost delirious from pain and was surrounded by several kids and teenagers with smaller injuries.


They advanced carefully, entering the camp proper. Something about the place was a little too quiet, Iapo thought. The place was covered in tents. Small fireplaces were peppering the plot of land and she saw various improvised cooking instruments stacked near the tents.

People were living here, close to each other, trying to do their best to survive. Most of them were wounded and others had to be caring for them. This place should be loud and bustling even in the outermost fringe of the camp. However, the camp was filled with a peculiar silence, interrupted by a few whispers here and there. The Eshanti looked warry, the young soldier thought, standing near their tents and tracking them with tired eyes. It seemed to the young woman as if even the children were holding their breath. There was an eerie stillness to the entire situations.

Though maybe this was what war and trauma caused in people, maybe the quiet was the result of fear and desolation.


Iapo looked back at the other commando. Kven, a Zolanian soldier she recognized by the stripes painted on his helmet signed for her to wait. She nodded and remained in tight formation, her coms activated, waiting for further instructions. Most of her attention, however, was on her surroundings, her hands on her newest blaster pistol and her eyes on the camp.


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Quoron Cadera

Quoron Cadera

    The Verdant Immortal

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Objective: Break things
Location: The bridge of the Pitiless Spirit
Resources: 1 Crusader Class 1 MythosaurWWiVkPq.pngHe saw the battle begin to unfold.He saw the fleets jumping in and assembling, he saw the other Mandalorians come to the aid of this suffering world, he saw the Mandalorian Super Star Destroyer arrive and fire, and he saw the first naval casualties with the rockets detonating among one of the fleet groups.The next casualties of this conflict would not be Mandalorian.He saw the CIS fleets assemble by their own Command ship and he was deeply pleased, this would work perfectly according to his plan.
He looked to the fleet that was nearing the CIS Command ship and called to the gunners of the pitiless Spirit.  "All gunnery hands load all hypervelocity cannons and target their star destroyers, prepare to fire on my mark.Prime our turbo-laser batteries to begin firing once our hypervelocity cannons have fired their first salvo. Have our hypervelocity guns target their Munificent-class ships, have our turbo laser gunners target the rest of their capital ships, lastly orbital autocannons fire upon their other capital ships.Be ready to fire on them on my mark.Prepare the war music."  At this moment a song began to bellow in the belly of the pitiless Spirit began to play a song.
At this moment he received a signal from the gunners showing that they are ready. He signaled to the fighters to move into position near the rear of the Mythosaur to protect from incoming fighters.He stood up straight and gazed out upon the unfolding battle and was ready for the conflict.He received a signal from other Mandalorian ships nearing the system.He told them to ready their cannons for battle, and be ready for a fight.As he held up his and indicating that the gunners should have their fingers on the triggers he opened a channel to any device that would be able to hear it.  "All who have ears to hear and minds to reason hear this.Citizens of Eshan look upon your world and see who is protecting your people, who are protecting your leaders, who are evacuating your civilians.The only who can honestly claim this are those of the United Clans of Mandalore.Look at those who are blocking your world, look at those who wish to occupy and oppress you.Those who own that title are the CIS, they are here for domination not for protection.We came here as liberators of those who were enslaved and we return as guardians of your freedom from those who would seek to take that from you.I commit to you my life and the lives of all those who love freedom and liberty."
He turned to face the bridge officers, made his hand into a fist, looked back out the viewport and pointed his arm forward and with a great bellow called out the order, "FIRE ALL CANNONS, DRIVE THESE VILLANS FROM THIS WORLD." At this moment the Pitiless Spirit erupted in flashes of fire as the heavy bolts were sent racing toward their mark.With this, the Verdant Immortal struck at the crusaders against freedom.

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ToKola Bakari

ToKola Bakari

    I am a son of the Mountain.

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Location: Eshan City, Outskirts

Objective: Support Naedira

Tags: Naedira Darcrath Alkor Centaris


So much of this Confederacy was new to Lucien. However, in the end there were the things that never changed. He'd been assigned to stand with Naedira Darcrath, his 'Master' in all things as well as Commander. For Lucien it had been difficult to get used to being subservient to another, much less a woman. Even now as he stood behind her his eyes scanned her form, taking her in for what she was. There had been an understandable rough phase between the two. They had two personalities which did not go well together at face value. However, Lucien would be lying if he said he disliked the woman. Naedira was powerful and beautiful and inspired some amount of respect from the man, but not much. 


He stood behind her, his spear draped over his shoulders in a casual manner. He had deep brown eyes which almost seemed to be as black as his hair. The man had elected not to wear his Obsidian armor. It was unknown to him and wearing it in the field here could slow him down. Instead he wore a simple battle tunic laced with an armorweave, to keep him relatively safe while still allowing him some freedom of movement. When Naedira demanded he secure his gear he glanced from one side to another. He hadn't brought a bag or a duffel to keep some gross amount of weaponry in. Only his warspear was needed for him to accomplish his mission. Planting the tip of the weapon into their ship's deck he spoke casually as his hands wrapped around it. "Secured." He said.


He stepped from the back of their ship, his eyes falling on the red mist that hovered in the skies not far from them. "Oh? Thought I might go frolic in the blood-red mist a bit. Next time, I guess." He retorted, his tone had the touch of highborn silk that showed his upbringing, yet his whit came from his time as a military commander. He was not as green as the grass beneath his feet and being treated that way was an utter pain. As Naedira marched off, moving away from the cloud of mist and looming battle, Lucien glanced back with a deep exhale. He would follow behind her, his spear cast over his shoulder as he moved with equal speed. "I'm not quite an expert at war however it's usually prudent to head the direction of the battle." His whit showed itself once again as he followed Naedira with an almost boyish tone to him. 


Nae's order to bring himself to focus was met with a curt nod, yet when finally they found themselves staring at their target, Lucien pulled his spear from his shoulder, planting the butt of the weapon into the ground beneath them. In his gut he could feel something stirring, pulling at him from a place he could not comprehend. He placed a hand to his chest, eyeing the being who stood before him. Was he the cause of this? Was this his doing? The Force pulled at Lucien violently, to the point where his grip on his spear tightened and he brought it even in his hands, the tip of the weapon protectively set in front of him. 


"What the hell is going on? Is this The Force?" He asked, his eyes locked on what laid before him. He was still so fresh to the concept of this power, still unaware of its limitations. Does it even have limitations? 





Premier William Harris I

Premier William Harris I

    Grand Premier

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Objective: Break things

Post: #2

Allies: Mandalorian Empire

Enemies: The CIS

Location: Engaging enemies over Eshan



“If you find yourself in a fair fight – you didn’t plan your mission properly.”
David Hackworth






 Harris watched as enemy ships opened fire and Mandalorian ships returned. He looked out, past the combat, past the world, past even the system, to something far, far beyond. He reached out with the force and concentrated heavily. His eyes shot open, "Enemy port side!" The throne had banked right and the battle had shifted to port while a squadron of bombers charged his ship. "Shoot them down!" There was a charging off in the distance as the turbo-lasers readied. "Fire!" Harris' voice echoed as the entire ship slightly rocked starboard. The vessel slowed to a near stop, relative to the other ships, and unloading volleys of fire towards the combatting fleets, aiming towards the CIS fleet.


 One of the Imperial-class Star Destroyers began moving to attempt to flank the combat zone by dipping below the fighting plane and aiming all weapons directly ahead as it shot upwards from underneath the combat. Harris watched as his plan began to unravel. Quickly, his 3,000 meter capital ship rolled leftwards, no longer broadside, and exposed the entire weapons deck to the combat happening far above. There was a momentary pause as the loud alarm sounded and the ship rolled before, charging and continuing to fire. The fight was only just beginning, but mentally Harris was planning to end it, or at least give one hell of a try.


"Send Acclamator 1432 down to the surface, unload the 3rd division. Tell General Vickers he is in control of our landing fleet. They are to push through regardless of resistance, tell them to put all power to their modified shields and engines!"

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Ayda Elisantra

Ayda Elisantra

    Angel of Mercy

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Location: Field hospitals on the outskirt of Eshan City
Objective: Medical provider to all, including enemy wounded 
Allies: CIS + Eshan 
Interacting with: None at this time, Valencia Hadley 
Post: 1
The percussion of the aerial bombardments were getting closer and closer by the minute...
Ayda could only guess it were a systematic attempt at clearing anything surface wise and below grade, like the bunker they were in. This was their second makeshift attempt at a field hospital close enough to the fighting to have the wounded get medical treatment as soon as possible.
But the fighting was relentless and non-stop as the seismic shock-waves they were feeling intensified by the minute. 
"Just give me another minute..." Ayda replied, stitching up what had been an evasive operation in saving the man's life.
"...I'll get to the other as soon as I complete the internal sutures.." It were a soldier of kind, she were working on. 
His boots were still on as her assistants had prepped him for her..removing his battle armor. He were said to be Mando. many Mando's had come through the field hospital the last three days. many were able to be saved. the others, she could only alleviate their pain till their time to depart the world of the living called for them.
This one would live.
"I'm done with the internals... Jay, close him up..." And so she moved to the next soldier...another Mando. Only this was supposedly the counterpart of the previous one. The two had fought against one another before a stray aerial missile blew right next to them.
To Ayda, it mattered not whom was under the colors of the CIS, the same colors that she had to register under to enter this war torn system.
Ayda had come to Eshan under the white and red flag of Doctors without Borders'. But despite that organization being neutral, neither sides would allow or accept their humanitarian aid without committing to one or the other's cause. Out of the two factions, the CIS were more receptive in accepting 'Doctors Without Borders' in helping the affected civilians and the wounded, both civilian and soldiers.And the CIS would allow the organization to even treat the aggressive Mando Clans (enemy wounded) whom were claimed to be attacking Eshan get medical treatments. The only stipulation was that after the enemy wounded were treated, that the CIS had the authority to transport them to their holding facilities.
"How many synth liters has this man had already?" She could see that he were mostly synthesized as far as blood went.
He was on his 10th liter of synthetic blood.
"I'll have to open him up... lets get some tracer elements in the transfusions. I'll give us a better clue as to where he's bleeding out internally, STAT" She said upon a quick examination and evaluation before she moved on to another-
A child. 
Ayda's heart skipped a beat. it were a 5... maybe 6 year old girl. Her left thigh were in a tourniquet with the lower portion below her knee...missing.
"Why hasn't she been cortorized yet?!" Ayda shouted, more to relieve her anguish than reprimand her staff. her staff were an amazing group of volunteers, just like she were. But the amount of casualties were overwhelming.
"NO...give it to me here..." Ayda took the laser and worked to close up the girl's thigh, cutting what still hung in shards to create a smooth stump.
Then she were informed that the Mando's internal laceration were pinpointed. It were his left ventricle to his heart.
Ayda finished with the little Eshan child and before she were taken away, she placed a kiss through her surgical mask onto her two fingers and placed that kiss on the child's forehead. in silent prayer she aked her Creator to have a Guardian Angel visit her. The child was owed.
Back to the Mando.
Ayda worked as fast as she could while the seismic tremors now rocked their makeshift bunker hospitals. they were running out of time again. they would have to move in less than 20 minutes or the bunker would give in to the approaching bombardment.
"Doctor...we're going to have to start dismantling our operations. We've been ordered to evacuate." An orderly had rushed in the surgical chambers with the news.
"What's our destination?" she asked, for this would be the third time they had to evacuate in the three days they were down on Eshan.
"We haven't gotten word on that yet, Doc. At least I don't know at this minute. I was just told for us to evacuate to another safer location. The CIS ground coordinator's awaiting field reports....sorry." he replied apologetically then rushed away to continue to spread the evacuation command. 
Ayda was listening while furiously getting the Mando's artery fused shut and in working order. she were successful and the internal bleeding seemed to have ceased. 
Then just as she were about to call for an assistant to seal up the man's chest, the security team entered the room.
"What are you thinking?This area is sterile!" She and a few staff members were shouting in various degrees.
"You finished with him?" the man whom seemed to carry a few more stripes than the others asked?
"Yes....er, no, he still need to be closed-" Before she could finish, the officer signaled for his team to take the Mando away.
"Wait, wait!... You can't just go and take him away like this!" She shouted, while attempting to push aside with her small frame the soldiers whom were trying to take the open chest Mando away on the stretcher he was on.
"Halt guys...give her a moment." the officer then got his men to move aside from Ayda's patient.
"Doc..you got 2 minutes to close him up or where taking him to our holding stockades as is...understand?"
Ayda didn't reply, simply elbowed her way toward the Mando and sutured him up close, herself. It took but two minutes and as soon as he were closed up, the security team hauled him away to their prison stockades.
This wasn't the first, nor the last time an enemy prisoner were taken away after treatment.
Then a large percussion caused the ceiling to crack, with dust raining down on the operating tables.
"Damn it..." It were time to move..time to evacuate to a different location...

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ToKola Bakari

ToKola Bakari

    I am a son of the Mountain.

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Location: Eshan City {Main Streets} 

Objective: Strike back

Tags: Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs The Avenger

Equipment: Echani Armor {Concept}



It was only now that Elessar saw his Queen, Spencer Jacobs, stand before him and his head would once again fall in respect. He was, in many ways, a humbled man who saw the power behind the mistress of the Echani. When his silver orbs rose once again he looked between the two, his eyes settling on his niece as he listened to her words. He looked to the smoke which had continued to blow in the wind. It strafed above them, lingering dangerously close. Elessar would nod at his niece before raising his hands to the sky. He was a simple man, practiced in few arts, but he had mastered them all. The Force was a weapon that he used in it's basest forms, elegantly. 


With a subtle push of his mind, the Force would explode from his hands just as they had done earlier. The invisible barrier pushed the red mist far from them, assuring that they would be without disruption. 


With the help of Srina Talon, it seemed they were safe from the red gas for the time being. Elessar could not help but wonder why on Eshan they would make a weapon like that bright red. Would it not have been better to make the gas invisible to the naked eye? He was no scientist, perhaps this was an impossibility with that exact concoction. Still, it proved a successful enough distraction as even his own men had their eyes raised to the sky, watching closely. "Guard your Queen." His words were low and icy but received with a militant silence that rang louder than any acknowledgement could. The Echani soldiers who had accompanied Elessar created a loose formation surrounding Srina Talon and Spencer Jacobs. Once they were in place and the mist above had parted, Elessar turned his gaze to Srina Talon. "Shall I escort us?" He said, careful to understand her strategy before they were led down the streets of Eshan city. 


Silver hair fell down over his shoulders as the man's hand wrapped around the hilt of his sword. He drew the brilliant blade from it's metallic scabbard. A low ring echoed out as the blade fell from it's host and seemed to give off the faintest glimmer. The Echani General had been embarrassed once during this invasion, there would not be a second time. 





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Location: Eshan Flatlands

Objective: Deny reinforcements and make life difficult

Tags: Sanya Val Lerium, Mig Gred , Kat Decoria

Equipment: In Bio

Post 2


As the troops had been landing I'd been having Ares, shift weapons around aboard The Morrigan. The Black Lotus Guard had split into groups of two each, and headed to multiple point around the battlefield. I was getting reports to my gauntlet of sniper teams posted by medical outposts and other areas. I gave the order to eliminate Mandalorians which hadn't identified as allies, a complete cleanse to water Eshan with the blood of those foolish enough to have claimed it as theirs. Seras would be proud at my use of guerrilla tactics.... As it was I had my Verpine rifle aimed at the landing area where troops were beginning to be organized by what looked like an advisor who didn't seem to thrill her senior. Sanya Val Lerium.... and another Mando. Looked like Sanya wasn't thrilled with a supervisor in any way... While it may be useful to simply remove the advisor from the battlefield completely I wanted to have options when I caused chaos.


As it was The Morrigan was in an ideal position to begin bombarding their troops, but I wanted controlled chaos....Tanks and armor first then I could remove support and simply bring hell to them. Speaking into my secured comm I said "Ares, please engage the warfare sensors of The Morrigan. I want ideal firing solutions for bombardment of the enemy tanks and armor. Prepare combination salvos of ion charges, and explosive charges. I want tanks and armor disabled then fired into slag." I zoomed in on the advisor peeling off to organize things... typical bureaucrat. Unfortunately fro her she'd be used to make a point as well. Take out support and the advisory bureaucrats tended to take cover. Looked like she was wearing armor though.... which meant I'd be opening her up like a can of fish....


"Mistress, I've begun calculations for firing solutions. Along with that, I feel I should advise you even if all the armor is neutralized those ships do in fact have more aboard. Also troops will be there to support fallen armor..." Looking through my scope I popped out the magazine of my rifle. Opening myself to The Force I felt for the different residue of the rounds... Acid mist rounds, explosive rounds, incendiary rounds and just plain rounds.... tapping the mag against my left palm I popped it back into my rifle. Racking a round into the chamber I could feel acid through The Force, then the incendiary round behind it... "Ares, load sand rounds into the bombardment as well. The variety load if you please? Red sand, metallic sand, and sand from the lakeside I grew up by here.... Alert me when the enemy armor is in range. Provide the command for firing to my gauntlet." There was a pause and then "You're very scary Mistress Celiana.... prepping firing solutions and loading the mobile desert rounds for a follow up bombardment. Happy hunting m'lady...." Looking over towards my right I hoped to see Kat there. Everyone deserved to see a great fireworks show from friendlies on the battlefield....  


I understood why Seras was Dar'manda....in a rare moment of utter clarity I saw how she enjoyed battle, how she brought more than just Mando mindset to battle. "A warrior is more than simply their armor cya'rika never forget your most lethal tool is inside your buy'ce...." Aye Seras I understood. Oya Vode, you taught me well....

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Cynthia Solus

Cynthia Solus

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Location: the CIS Medical encampment
Objective: Why are you here? (BYOO) 
Allies: ME, Helly Reyne
Enemies: Cis
Gear: In sig
Cynthia looked at her and felt a siring pain in her chest. Helly was right to be shocked, and well so was Cynthia. How could she be involved with murderers and monsters. "I could ask you the same thing..." She said looking at her hand over the blaster. "You should know by now I'm not going to hurt you Helly. You know I would't harm anyone Innocent." Cynthia lifted up her hand's to remove her buy'ce. The look on Cynthia's face was one of confusion and sadness as her pink hair fell into place. "You disappeared on me. No note no anything as to why. I feared the worst, now you're running with the people who are invading this world causing a war. After what what happened already with what Kaine pulled don't you think these people have had enough?" She sighed running her fingers into her fringe, her head resting into her palm. "It's lucky we got the civilians out that day, it does not excuse the direct order not to bombard though, It's lucky the entire city isn't flattened." 
"The slavers how ever, they met their fates that day, but we lost the information on who they sold to." Cynthia's eyes opened to look into Helly's. "To answer your question, I'm here because clan Solus was providing aid to those that lost their homes and possessions. Hunting, medical giving them a place to rest. Someone from the empire even sent droids to help in rebuilding and has ships filled with food, I was about to leave today to issue a swap over of vod ensuring that my people are not exhausted. then Echani's distress signals went off calling us back here because of the CIS ships and landing forces in masses."

Her eyes moved away her head now hanging low slightly to the right. "Now your turn. Why did you leave Helly? Why did you leave without a good bye or even a reason? You told me you'd stay with me, I let you into my life and heart... then you abandon me." A voice that was speaking strongly before washed away leaving one that shook and quiet. Tears swelled up in her eyes till it could no longer be contained, an over flow of water running down her face. "I'd have done any..." She stopped as her buy'ce dropped to the floor and both hands came up to cover her face. The one that was unable to contain the emotions any longer.

Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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Location: Eshan System Star → Eshan Orbit

Objective: Engaging Landing Acclamator-class Assault Ship (Premier William Harris I)

Attire: Flight Suit (W/ Helmet and Gloves)

Armament: KC-95 “Ace of Spades” Blaster Pistol

Ship: T-77 “Talon” Stealth Interceptor

Allies: CIS & Allies

Enemies: ME & Friends

Tags: Voph | Amelia von Sorenn | John Locke | Quoron Cadera | Adenn Kyramud | Vanessa Vantai | Premier William Harris I | Caesar Kenway | Flash Australis | Anyone else in orbit that I may have missed

Post: 3


It hadn’t taken long for the Eshan system’s star’s immense gravity to take hold as each of the four shieldships’ engines were rendered inert. A shame, really, that the four vessels had been left unattended by the Mandalorians in their cowardice and thinking the darkened skies would actually sway the tides of war. No, they had been nothing but foolish in their exploits here. As the moments waned on, and the four ships began their expedient descents into the raging inferno of combusting gases that breathed light into the system, faint bursts of emergency transmissions began to filter into the communications frequencies. It made the Sky Marshal frown that such life had been wasted in such feebleness, but he deep inside, he knew he was right in his actions here. The moment these defectors of Eshan and Thyrsus allowed themselves to be conscripted into the ploy of the Mandalorian tyrants, and committed to acts to stem the tides, they’d relinquished their right to claim “civilian non-combatant.” The moment they had aligned to the will of the Mandalorians in the moments after the conflict began, they’d become lawful combatants. Nothing more. Nothing less.


As the final of the four ships aligned to the Mandalorian regime vanished into the fiery abyss, Alden reahed out with the Force once more, touching the mind of each of the members of Saber Squadron. <<It’s done, let’s rendezvous with the Confederate fleets back in orbit.>> It was almost instant that all the members of the squadron began to key in their navigational computers. It Wouldn’t be a far jump to make, and it would take them no time at all, but the jump wouldn’t not be an exact return to the place where they made the jump here in the first place. It was too much of a risk that their previous jump would have been noticed by the enemy and that they would have forces immediately waiting for them there. No, their coordinates had to deviate slightly if they didn’t want to be ambushed as soon as they came out of their respective jumps.


<<Jump in 3…2…1…Jump!>> The eight fights flashed into hyperspace and away from the star’s warm embrace. They left no sign that they had ever been there.


Moments later the eight Talons reappeared near the orbit of Eshan. A little more than two thousand meters above them the battle raged on. More and more ships from both, the savages and the Confederates had come into the fold, doing whatever they could to influence the seesaw of warfare in favor of one or the other. It was easy to see one ship, a ship targeting Confederate ships with volley after volley of fire had dropped below the plane in which much of the battle was waged. Elsewhere, Alden’s vision narrowed of something else as it was far too easy to tell that the prior plan of making the run at the Mandalorian super carrier had been thwarted. The stern of the ship now swarmed above with wave upon wave of starfighters


Off from the main body of the engagement, a single, un-escorted Acclamator-class Assault ship attempted to move in the shadows, unseen. Man was that a heavily outdated ship, a relic from bygone years. It was almost laughable to see brought into a modern engagement now, and perhaps that is why it seemed to be scurrying away. But no, that didn’t make logical sense. The ship was heading toward the planet’s surface and that led to the high probability that they were delivering legions of troops and whatever other mechanizations to contribute to the battle that took place there. Now that, my friend, could not be allowed.


<<On me,>> Alden commanded through the Force to his pilots as he pushed the throttle forward. Practically in unison, the eight fighters lunged forward, quickly gaining on the descending vessel. They’d practically be impossible to detect, having been designed as they were.


Nevertheless, Alden reached out with the Force to touch the mind of his master, Adron Malvern, on the surface. <<Just a heads up, you have Acclamator for of enemies inbound. Engaging now, but be aware, Master.>> If anything, Alden simply wanted to make sure his friends and allies on the ground were aware of any potential threats, though he had complete and utter faith in their ability to manage whatever these brutes could throw their way.


Once the all too familiar glow of atmospheric entry was evident around the Acclamator as it descended, the eight Talons began to unload with a tempest of ion fire. The vessel’s engines were the primary target, hoping to do enough damage to eventually cripple them and send the Acclamator falling at an ever increasing speed to Eshan’s surface below. 

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Objective: Defend the city against CIS forces.

Location: Main City on Eshan

Enemies: Allya Vi'Dreya | Jerek Zenduu | Micah

Forces: Fedrig with 12 NPC Mandalorian soldiers

Armour in Sig.


The Confederacy of Independent Systems had decided to invade Eshan. The Mandalorians were letting the planet get back into normalcy after the initial resistance to their control. Fedrig was armoured with his Havoc armour, helmet donned as he wanted the most protection that he could want for battles ahead. He was carrying his usual Z-6 rotary blaster, with two heavy blaster pistol and a vibrosword and dagger on his limbs and waist. With Fedrig was 12 other soldiers armoured in beskar armour. It was a normal patrol with the soldiers as he maintained lead, moving through the streets slowly as his eyes scanned around for movement.


"Pfft, these CIS idiots don't have a chance getting past us!" One of the soldiers commentated behind Fedrig as they wandered. Turning around, Fedrig shook his head firmly. 


"Don't underestimate these opponents, they got Force Users, Sith ones too." Fedrig growled darkly as he moved closer to the one who talked. "Need to make sure that you are ready for anything, they will slaughter us all if we aren't careful!"


Force Users were the worst. They would slaughter without thought and Sith were especially dangerous to fight against. There was movement to the left of them, all the soldiers moved sharply and held their guns ready to fire. However, it was just a small rodent scurrying around. Fedrig chuckled and watched the rodent. "Keep calm boys, we can let the rodent live." Fedrig commented as they moved forward.

Subject 5

Subject 5

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Allies: Cynthia Solus 
Enemies: Helly Reyne | Valencia Hadley 

Objective: Stay Awake 

Location: CIS Medical Encampment.

Five's head swayed slowly from side to side, his eyes struggling to stay open. The approach of a woman, kneeling before him, was met with a weak attempt to raise his pistol, but he didn't have the strength for it. The weapon fell down to the side of him, into the dust. She was pretty though, mighty fine looking with them bright blue eyes of hers. A small smile pursed his lips, Fives' sighed, "I'm fiiineeee....." He drawled, closing his eyes briefly. He could feel the strength sapping from him. His entire body slowly losing consciousness. "Loook..." He continued, reaching up and cleaving his sunglasses from his face, "I'm fine."

The bounty hunters face was, despite the grievous injury, youthful. Muscles, relaxed, a sense of weary calm having come over him, his green eyes somewhat faded. "It's jussa flesshh woundd." He accentuated, cackling, his voice dry and croaky "I've 'ad woorse...: He mused, before looking up at the sky, watching it turn a deep shade of red. He reached up, and rubbed them, not sure if it was blood, but the sky had turned red. "Don't, don't look so good..." He mumbled, as two men began to help him up. Fives resisted them only slightly, before just grabbing onto his briefcase, and then letting them wheel him away. It was only once there, that he drifted off. 

Aedan Miles

Aedan Miles

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Location: Nearing Capital City Palace.

Allies nearby: None

Enemies nearby: Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Tellu Talon Elessar Talon

Objective: Meet an old friend and most likely fight.

Theme: Omnia: I don't Speak Human

Equipment: Scythe of Bikadinir'ChaabarRing of Deimos-ChaabarBeskar'gam


Aedan sighed as they neared the palace inside his helmet his eyes were closed as he focused and centered himself before suddenly he was shaken from his thoughts by the fact that his friend had stopped its relentless charge. Through the force bond Aedan could feel a sense of curiosity from it slowly his eyes opened and he turned to look the same way it did a small savage smirk parting his lips inside of his helmet as he saw a group standing near the cross roads he had entered some them clearly distracted by other combat before two of them turned to deal with the red mist above them. Taking a moment to observe it he ignored it confident that his armor would protect him before he turned to the group again taking note that one member held two spears of midnight black ready while the others seemed to have vibroblades judging by their appearance they would be of Echani make. His helmet zoomed in on the two that had blown the mist back taking in their appearance before a sigh left his lips and he tapped the Dragon's neck with the haft of his weapon. Lifting its head up it walked into the center of the crossroads planting itself firmly between them and the palace before it let lose a savage hostile roar letting it echo off of the building faces around it.


Standing up Aedan reached up and pulled his helmet off shaking his shoulder length hair out as he held the helmet in his off hand looking out at the group moving forward he called out enhancing his voice through the force so they could clearly understand him. "Srina I am going to have to insist that you stop. None of you shall move past me today." He strode up the beasts neck using the force to keep his balance placing a hand on the Krayt Dragon's crest as he looked at her the helmet resting on top of its head as it stilled. His scythe was held in his dominant hand the dark blade gleaming dangerously as it curved forward and if they neared they would feel the starts of the rings effects fear starting to cloud at their minds as Aedan held back on feeding his power into the ring leaving it in its almost dormant state of passive aura. His mismatched gaze slowly dragging over the group as if judging them his armor gleaming black and gold as he perched on the back of his war mount its own armor gleaming a deep depthless black color. As he finished speaking the dragon's lips curled in a snarl that echoed forward its claws digging into the ground underneath it.






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Objective: Drive the Mandalorians from Eshan, Evacuate as many Echani as possible
Allies: CIS and Friends
Enemies: Mandalorians, and any who would seek to cause more harm to the Echani people.
Above the planet, Chaos reigned. The Arbitration and her fighter compliment had been creating a bubble of safety around the battlegroup. But that was no longer the case. The Arbitration had sustained minimal damage, but the smaller ships were not so lucky. Quoron Cadera had opened fire. The Destroyers were already sitting in defensive positions, ready to intercept incoming missiles with their point defense arrays. Fortunately, the Covenant vessels did not seem to be the target of this barrage. But it wouldn't be long until they were the next under fire. 
"Get the carriers out. Now. We can't afford to wait any longer." The officer left in charge of the evacuation operation was looking over the information coming through his feed. "Redirect all remaining shuttles to the Arbitration. And prepare for hyperspace." He looked to the coms officer, and nodded. A silent prayer was offered up as the Covenant ships sprang into motion. A channel was opened. Mass hail. He could only pray the Mandalorians were listening. "Admiral Cadera, this is the Arcane Scion. Broadcasting on all normal and distress frequencies. The Octarchy Covenant ships are in retreat. Any attempt to fire on us may result in the loss of innocent life, as we are attempting to evacuate civilians. The Arbitration and Destroyers mean you no harm, and only serve to defend the carriers. If you fire upon us, we will be forced to return fire in an attempt to defend the civilians aboard our vessels. If you have any honor left: Do not fire on Octarchy Covenant Vessels." The transmission ended. It was now or never. 
The carriers and destroyers were able to turn far before the Arbitration did. "All hands, full retreat. Protect the carriers at all costs. You know what to do." Engines flared as the carriers began to slide through the void towards the exit point. But they were in a precarious position. The Preserver stood in their way. And with their position near its target, the Fortressa, it was likely that they'd have to make the journey under fire. What remaining fighters the Arbitration had began to swarm around the carriers, as the Destroyers took up positions to either side of the carriers, in a desperate attempt to shield the vessels from incoming fire. The Arcane Scion fired its own engines, and engaged its cloak to move down into the atmosphere. It was still needed here. But for now, the brave pilots of the Covenant could only pray that they would be able to sacrifice enough to ensure the safety of the civilian laden carriers...
Voph watched quietly as Cardinal exerted himself to dispel the red fog. Gas. Were the Mandalorians that desperate? "Gas? Here? The Mandalorians must be desperate. I hope there's no civilians in the area. Otherwise they're in trouble." Voph turned to glance around at the others. "Best we keep moving for the palace. If the 'cans find us, they could cause more collateral damage." As they walked, Voph kept his lightsaber at the ready, scanning in all directions. He could already hear the sounds of blaster fire in the distance. They were close to the palace...

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Vilaz Munin

Vilaz Munin

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Location: Eshan

Allies: CIS | Whatever Fits the Boot

Enemies: Mandalorians | Whatever Fits the Boot

Objective: Purge

Gear: Here




Rather than joining the main forces that seem to have concentrated their focus on the capital of Eshan, Vilaz and his warriors had their eyes settled for a settlement that was miles away from Eshan City. Not exactly on the outskirts of the capital, and it was big enough to house residents in the near hundred thousands. Maybe a hundred thousand or more than that. They were simply near estimates from the scanners and sensors from his capital ships in which the flight officers would inform their Alor. There was also some activity there from Mandalorians and possibly Echani. What were they doing there? Only one could imagine. Other information reached Vilaz's ears, knowledge that the Mandalorian Empire spilled slanders and lies of their actions here. That they did not lay a single finger on the Echani. 


"Pathetic," the Warlord said with disgust, his face painted with disappointment. "I would have gloated about decapitating the heads of these lab mutts and leave the filth of Eshan desolated with their blood and corpses."


His warriors sneered in agreement with him. They were not ones to shy from their actions unlike the Mandalorian Empire. No, those of Munin would make monuments of their marauds. They would take trophies from their prey, sing lyrics of their raid, relish the moment with liquor and recreational drugs, and pit each other in fights. Had they been in the stead of the Mandalorian Empire, they would've thrown a huge festival to celebrate their affliction against the Echani. That was how one of the Mandalorians should act, not like the joke of the Mandalorian Empire.


"Akaan," one of the Warlord's officers said to Vilaz, using that alias as the Concordian had once been an important general and executioner of Mand'alor the Undying, "there have been reports of small enclaves of Echani aiding the false Empire."


That was interesting and surprising. That was something he didn't expect from the fallen Echani. Something his mind tried to figure out why they would go to the extremes. Maybe agents of the Empire? Or people that were against the previous Queen? The question was as confusing when the Mandalorians attempted to block Eshan's sun, dimming whatever light it could do. Another useless tactic that would do nothing but confuse those on the offensive.


"Then we will take no chances of any Echani that are alone and not with the Confederacy."


He cared for the lives of his warriors and was not one to have a mood for surprises when in combat. One single surprise could cost one many troops for not being vigilant. 


The Alor and his soldiers were nearing the mentioned settlement from their land vehicles. They did not bring as much armor and vehicles as the Confederacy, but they had brought a decent number of landspeeders, speeders, and repulsorlift tanks for this mission. 


"Honor resides with one's family and clan, not to the enemy. Slaughter your foes like agol."


War cries followed with his statement. All is fair in love and war, and Vilaz was not unfamiliar with going to extreme measures in ridding his enemies. Sometimes the extreme was the most efficient method in battle.

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Ryndrae Talon

Ryndrae Talon


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Location: Easter Eshan City (suburbs), Eshan


Attire: Phrik Cuirass, Bracers, Pauldrons

Armament: Echani Vibrosword (x2) LINK

Allies: CIS & Allies

Enemies: ME & Friends

Tags: Alkor Centaris | Kyle Whir | Rhaegar Nemesis Dib | Naedira Darcrath | Lucien Rayne

Post: 3


 This constant volley of blaster fire had faded into little more than background noise as the squads of troops pushed and pulled at one another. Each of them fought and fought, but they all struggled to gain ground in what seemed to open as a stalemated conflict in this area of the city. Even the explosions of some kind of ordinance fired down from orbit above seemed to draw little attention as it, too, had become nothing more than a backdrop. However, the red mist, an ominous kind, seemed to waft thickly into the air. What it was, exactly, was impossible to tell, but there was the foreboding feeling that whatever it yielded, was not pleasant. The winds that swept between the fractured and carbon scarred builds seemed to pull it in his direction, which more or less put the Echani on edge.


His brow furrowed and he let out something of a primal growl in a retort to solemn conditions. Haven’t these mongrels done enough? Was devastating our city and ripping our people apart not enough to satisfy their lust? The thoughts spread through Ryndrae’s mind as he continued to take it all in. That was when a voice entered his mind whose owner he did not recognize. It was feminine and encouraged him to remove himself from the conflict, an action he simply would not take. He would not allow these blasphemers to go unpunished for the slights they had laid upon his people. For the thousands of lives they’d stolen. No, that simply could not be.


He reached back to the woman who brushed her mind against his own. <<Civilian or not, I will not stand down. I will not bend the knee to tyrants and criminals who have done nothing more than bring pain and suffering to my home. Much as I would not expect any other Echani or Thyrsian to do. I will fight to reclaim what was lost and drive my sword through the flesh of every beskar-clad imbecile I see. They will rue the day they ever thought they could conquer my people.>> The was a seated anger and hatred behind his words, though it was not directed at her. In a sense, Ryndrae has been broken emotionally by the events that led up to this very moment. His anger was so deep seated that he would not even allow himself to differentiate between one who wore the bucket in support of the Mandalorian Empire and the one who represented the Confederacy. He had moved far beyond the realm of rational action at this point.


Still, the mist was coming ever closer, carried along by Eshan’s winds. It did not distinguish between combatant or non-combatant. Friend nor foe. It simply aimed to engulf all, military and civilians alike. Yet another act that breathed a new life into the ire that burned within him. The Mandalorians cared not for the people of Eshan, even with the lies they spread through their incessant propaganda.


After a moment of watching the mist grow and expand, engulfing anything and everything that it could, Ryndrae changed his course, ducking into one of the many fractured structured of the hemorrhaging city. Once inside, he would call on the Force and reach out, reaching as many minds as he was able. <<Beware the red mist. These tyrants in beskar seek nothing more than our slaughter.>>

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Grosck Bah'azet

Grosck Bah'azet


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Enemies: CIS | ME | Veronika Fleischer | Kasca Fen | Fawn Alzi

Allies: Tathra Khaeus | Bryn'adûl

Objective: Secure forward command post


Grosck watched as enemies were cut down beneath the continuous fire of Wendigo light machine guns. The five undead fought without care for the loss of limb or wounds that would normally kill most sentients. The only thing that seemed to put them down was a clean head shot or the total evisceration of their bodies. Still as they charged forward Grosck met them with gravity axe. His powerful swings and sharply honed weapon cutting through the corpses like butter, the gravity crush from the blade smashing to bits anything that remained. The Draelvasier pushed on. 


":Draelvasier: We can't hold out!" 


":Draelvasier: Coward, by the end of this i'll have your head on a spike! No push! Fire grenade launchers! Ten meter arches! Danger close!" Grosck cried over the din of battle, but the brutes heard his orders and fired.


Grosck blasted the zombies back with his gravity weapon. Five brutes holding up the rear arched their weapons to a range that would bring the explosions at about ten meters. Shortly after, the five Brutes that were providing cover fire up front arched their own weapons and fired almost simultaneously. So fast and cleanly was the order given and carried out, that their was always suppression fire before, during, and after the grenades were launched. The resulting ten explosions blasted the small horde to smithereens. Support beams exploded and small sections of wall collapsed, bodies and limbs flew everywhere, painting the walls a new color of crimson. Grosck would bring down this whole building if he thought he could not have it...


Smoke clung tightly in the halls and small fires had started in the area the grenades had landed. Some of the undead continued there suicidal push forward. Clawing their way towards the Draelvasier with forearms or meandering on wobbly legs. They were on fire and the explosions seemed to have rocked the senses out of them, but it was only for the moment, as soon enough their charge began again. Through flames and on shattered legs they ran forth. The undead knowing no meaning of pain or retreat. The Bryn'adûl warriors admired their foes, and even now Grosck was wondering how he too might harness these enemies for might of the Draelvasier.


But, that did not stop him from caving their bodies in with the might of his axe. Nor did it stop the other Brutes from firing upon them with continuous lasers from their LMG's. After the warriors had gained some ground, pushing the undead back through halls and rooms, they found something peculiar began to happen. Strange growls and roars that were not their own... These cries sounded demonic even by Draelvasier standards. It seemed the Brutes had only begun to breach the first depth of this hell. 


":Draelvasier: Mighty foes, but I fear what lies around the next corner..." 


":Draelvasier: Leave fear to the weak, the only thing that lies around the next corner is honor and glory,"


Grosck replied stoically, but in his chest he felt something he had never experienced before. Not even during his test and trials had he felt something so strange and foreign. It was an alien thing that seemed to bother him greatly, as the growls grew louder and more in number. Later in his life Grosck would come to know this feeling as fear. But, for now he assumed it to be a foreigner and did not recognize the need to run... That is until he found them. A beast with motley flesh and horrid eyes like the grasp of infernal hell. Grosck spied it first, but only by a second. It growled a deep guttural sound that made Grosck echo it's menacing voice with his own, albeit his didn't carry the weight. He charged, but was stopped by a strange invisible barrier. He hammered at it with axe, atempting to reach the beast on the other side to no avail...


He needed a way in, so that he might destroy his foe!

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Axe - Armor

Anton Delane

Anton Delane

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Allies: CIS
Enemies: ME and Allies Vanessa Vantai
Location: Eshan System, flanking the Heresiarch

Objectives: Destroy the Heresiarch

Eternal Glory | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Path Maker | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Et Ata | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Angelic Fury | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Dominion | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Veralis | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Verdun | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Voracious | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Avarice | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
Defiant | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%
The Boom | Shields: 100% | Hull: 100%

(5) Sigma-class Heavy Assault Dropship


14 Squads: RBZ-12 Heavy Fighter (Bomber)
18 Squads: I-3A Lance Fighter
18 Squads: TIE/SS

Anton stared into the inky blackness of space. The black was deeper than the soul of greed itself. He liked it. Eyes closed for a brief moment, meditating on his rage and hate, letting it fill every inch of his being, until it almost overflowed. Eyes opened up and right after, the comms officer shouted out. “Sir! The Defiant reports the field is at the !” With a smirk the Sephi nodded. “Good. Tell them to hold there. Just at the edge of where the ship is. We don't want our allies caught up in this. All hands, prepare for hyperspace jump! I want all systems go, and all pilots out of the hanger the moment we land!” This would be fun. Oh the look on their faces when they realized what was just about to happen, and that there was no longer a thing they could do about it.
The ships arranged themselves. Each had a slightly different hyperspace path, and were spread out accordingly. This had to be exact to work, but that's where the Defiant came in. You see, it was the very thing, that would tell them where to stop, not any preset coordinates. The planetary gravity well made it far to difficult to precisely calculate this type of jump. But if you set your hyperdrive to shut down immediately when it entered this type of gravity well, well, frankly, you would be right onto of your target if you had been able to plan accordingly. And they had.
“Engage Hyperdrives.” On his order, the fleet launched itself into hyperspace in sync. The troops of the Eternal Empire were among the best trained in the galaxy. Barreling through hyperspace, the group could only hope its equations were correct, or, frankly, they would be barreling right into the planet itself. It was a high risk, but a tried and true maneuver. After two minutes the ships shot out of hyperspace with a jolt, their hyperdrives shutting down as they entered the Defiant's gravity well. “Status report, check on the positions of the ships!”
The fleet had exited hyperspace around Eshan. Each ship was around Vanessa's Heresiarch, in flanking positions, out of the way of the main guns, meaning it would need to maneuver to bring to bare any of its heavy fire power. As the fleet exited hyper space, the Angelic Fury, and the Defiant moved up, and joined with them. The Defiant kept its gravity well small now, so that it only effected the Heresiarch and the ships immediately surrounding it. The escort ships covered the flanks of the larger ships.
Several of the smaller ships were a bit off, however, over all, it had worked even better than Anton had expected. “All ships, full power to weapon systems. Charge the Composite Laser to full. Cruisers prepare to fire broadsides. Eternal Glory, and The Boom, prepare for the attack. Adjust position to bring full fire power to bear. We are targeting the largest gun on this ship, and will rip apart so much more. Fighters, launch you have your missions!”
Swarms of fighters left the ships. Interceptors moved in fast, to attack ANY shuttles or transports that were launched, as well as to swat down any fighters and bombers it released. Bombers were on their way to attack the bridge of the ship. The fighters began setting up torpedo runs against the secondary beam weapons onboard the Heresiarch and to defend the bombers. The Sigma-Class Heavy Drop Ships moved off towards the planet. The Emperor was fighting, his legions would crush any who dared raise their hands against him. The trap had been laid for the Heresiarch. They had waited for it to engage another ship, time to even notice that it was slowly getting caught in a gravity well, for the Angelic Fury to get attacked, or the Defiant. For extra mines to get set up. None of it happened. Now, it was time to slaughter the Sith vessel, at point blank range.