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Gladiator Katarn-class Armour

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Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

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Gladiator Katarn-class Armour




Exclusively Designed By Veronika Fleischer








  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Low

- Sonic: Low

- EMP/ION: High

- Verpine: High




  • Force imbued with Battle Meditation to increase the soldier's capabilities even if he or she is not Force sensitive
  • Modeled after the classic Katarn-class commando armour to inherit its traits of high resistances for kinetic, EMP and Verpine, with built in deflector shields
  • Environmental protection to regulate soldier temperature in extreme environments
  • Stealth capabilities to avoid sensors


  • Vulnerable to lightsabers and sonic attacks
  • Stealth capabilities are not cloaking devices. Soldiers can be spotted by naked eye
  • Battle meditation effects can be cancelled by in the presence of Force resistant elements such as Ysalimir and Void Stone.


The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) is famous for its droid armies, with the commanders and soldiers being precious commodities. It is no surprise that a special attention is paid to protect its troops on the ground as best as possible. With the help of acclaimed fashion designer Veronika Fleischer, this latest set of armour has been designed to take advantage of her expertise in fashion design and her Force sensitivity, while tapping into the manufacturing capabilities of CIS.


The main features of the armour is modelled after the Katarn class commando armour worn by clone troopers during the early days of the old Republic, inheriting the high resistance capabilities for blaster, EMP, verpine and kinetic. Additional environmental overlay is added to allow the armour to be worn in hot or cold temperatures. However, the greatest improvement that Veronika sought to achieve is to use the Force to imbue them with a permanent Battle Meditation effect. 


The overall aesthetic design is a not a throwback to the earlier days of the Republic's Katarn armour. Rather, Veronika Fleischer sought to reinterpret the design of the Mandalorian armour. The helmet was redesigned to look like an ancient gladiator of unknown origins, yet the T shape visor was distinctively Mandalorian. The body was covered with duraplast, while laminanium with higher percentage of quantum fiber is used to cover the legs to slightly increase movement agility.



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