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The Lightbane Leviathans

- - - - - TSE Leviathan Sithspawn

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Darth Carnifex

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  • Intent: Create a new Leviathan species
  • Image Credit: Click - Earl-Graey
  • Canon: Leviathan
  • Links: N/A


  • Name: Lightbane Leviathan
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Origins: Corbos
  • Average Lifespan: 150 GSY
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: Towering and monstrous, the Lightbane Leviathan is the latest creation of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Carnifex. Born from the mutated eggs of a captive Greater Krayt Dragon, the Leviathans possess the same enormous length of their mother but move on only four titanic muscular legs rather than the Krayt Dragon's ten. Each limb ends in three clawed digits capable of rending through standard durasteel and other similar materials. A ridge of armored scales run along its back and muscular tail, with less noticeable armored scales running along its flanks and limbs, while its underbelly is relatively unarmored. 

    Its large head is relatively draconic, with a wide mouth brimming with razor-sharp teeth, small keen eyes capable of seeing into both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, and a trio of ultra-sensitive nostrils capable of detecting certain scents from long distances. Underneath its jaw and running down its neck are multiple blister traps, the primary method by which the Leviathan absorbs the life energy of living creatures within its vicinity. 

    Like the Sea Leviathan, the Lightbane Leviathan not only absorbed the life energy of its victims but also their sentience. The longer one of these leviathans lived, the more sentient it would become over time.


  • Breathes: Genetically modified to breath in all atmospheres
  • Average Height of Adults: 48m
  • Average Length of Adults: 100m
  • Skin Color: Pale Cobalt Blue, thought colors can vary from anywhere between light purple to forest green
  • Hair Color: N/A
  • Distinctions: 
    • Genderless
    • Four Powerful Limbs
    • Two Eyes
    • Three Nostrils
    • Blister Traps
    • Naturally produced arsenic combusts to make a purple-blue flame that can be expelled out the Leviathan's mouth
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: 
    • Grunts and Roars
    • Sith handlers can discern basic thoughts through telepathy
  • Technology Level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General Behavior: When not directed by Sith handlers, the Lightbane Leviathan will typically hunt anything it perceives as prey. Being an unnatural predator with no known ecological counterbalance, the Lightbane Leviathan will generally eat anything that it can get its hands on. This ranges from most living creatures including any available animal, humanoids, and even other Leviathans if one manages to slay another. 

    With a long loping gait, the Lightbane Leviathans can achieve incredible speed over short distances despite its massive body, outrunning most smaller creatures. It would then grasp the prey in its muscular forelimbs, ripping apart the body and consuming it piece by piece. Some of the more older Leviathans have taken to playing with their prey, often keeping it alive for as long as possible before killing it to feast on the resulting suffering.

    When directed against the enemies of its Sith handlers, it will typically resort to breathing bright purple-blue flames from its mouth to flush out prey and then either rip them apart with its claws or siphon their life energy into its blister traps. 


  • Living Weapon: Bred by the Sith to serve as force multipliers, the Lightbane Leviathans possess thick alchemized hides, sharp claws, blister traps, and the ability to spew purple-blue flames from their many-toothed maws. All of this was geared towards the destruction of the Sith's enemies on the battlefield.
  • Blister Traps: The most insidious nature of Leviathans is their ability to absorb the life energy and sentiency of living creatures, stealing the knowledge of those they kill that can later be accessed by the Sith controlling them. 


  • Force Light: As with all creations of Sith Alchemy, intense applications of the skill known as Force Light can cause severe harm to the Lightbane Leviathans. Though only glancing applications can burn their hide and cause immediate pain, only through continual and direct application by multiple Light siders can outright kill a Lightbane. 
  • Softer Underbelly: Whereas most of the Lightbane's body is covered with thick alchemized hide, it does possess a softer underbelly where the scales are at their thinnest on the whole body. This can be exploited by crafty opponents provided they survive the onslaught of claws, teeth, flames, and blister traps. 


The practice of creating Leviathans is an ancient one, dating back to Sorzus Syn herself during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Passed down by successive generations and surviving in secret during the greatest ages of persecution against the Sith faith, the knowledge eventually found its way into the hands of the modern successors to the Dark Jedi heretics who boldly defied the hypocritical Jedi Order. 

One such practitioner of this ancient art was Darth Carnifex, the Dark Lord of the Sith who reformed the Sith Empire under the Rule of Order. His experiments in birthing his own Leviathans were numerous, but most were considered insufficient for his vision and were destroyed. 

But his efforts finally culminated in the Lightbane Leviathans, born from the mutated eggs of a captive Greater Krayt Dragon he and his followers had captured from the dunes of Tatooine. Though physically different from their mother, the beasts were gargantuan in size and were engineered to be unrelenting killers.

He continued to breed these monstrous beasts on the desert world of Corbos, away from the public eye of the Empire he ruled over with the intent to one day unleash them upon his enemies across the cosmos. 

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