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"Crucifix-Imperias" Black Site Facility

- - - - - Judas Cross Artorias Rhi-Yarma

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Judas Cross

Judas Cross

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  • Intent: To create the main headquarters of Rh-Yarma Industries and to create a place from which Judas will receive periodic treatment for his neurological and physical degradation disease
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  • Structure Name: "Crucifix-Imperias" Black Site Facility
  • Classification
    • Industrial Plant
    • Genetic Engineering Facility
    • Bioweapon & Biomodification Facility
    • Cloning Facility
  • LocationArtorias
  • AffiliationRhi-Yarma Industries
  • Accessibility:
    • The facility is effectively closed off from the rest of society, of the greater galaxy. Being located on the edge of Sith space and on the edge of known space the planet itself is difficult to reach, resulting in the facility being equally as hard if not harder to find and reach by any outsiders. Corporate officials are the only individuals who know the access codes into the facility, specifically, to get into the airspace above the facility. The airspace surrounding the facility itself is monitored by a constant array of spread out anti-air defense emplacements exclusively, with droid-brain operated aircraft monitoring the skies themselves to monitor them and to protect the facility from any unneeded outsiders which could cause harm to the facility itself. The facility is only accessible to workers and corporate officials who work for Rhi-Yarma Industries. The only outsiders that are allowed in must be given explicit permission by corporate heads to enter and explore the facility, on a limited basis and reach that is to the extent that they can go into the facility and the extent that they can remain at the facility.
  • Description:


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